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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel) - Chapter 314: I Can Never Be Washed Clean

Chapter 314: I Can Never Be Washed Clean

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Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at the woman. When she recognized who this woman was, she took a look at her pajamas and a cold gleam flickered across her eyes. She looked back at Tang Hao and sneered. “As I expected… your taste is always so terrible.”

The woman looked at Tang Xi and her eyes had a gleam of surprise and shame. She clutched her clothes, looked at Tang Xi and coldly taunted. “I heard that you could never come back. I didn’t expect I would meet you here.”

Tang Xi looked at her and smiled as she said, “Well, I didn’t expect I would meet you here either, and in such an awkward situation. It’s really disgusting.”

The woman narrowed her eyes when she heard Tang Xi’s words. She turned around to enter the inner room. When she came out again, she had changed clothes. Just then, over a dozen hotel maids in gloves came in and began to clean the room. The woman took a look at Tang Xi and the latter smiled. “You know I don’t like when other people touch my stuff. It seems that this room should be cleaned up thoroughly…” She paused and then continued. “No, I should renovate it, because…” She glanced at the two of them and snorted. “I won’t keep anything that has been stained by you.”

“Tang Xi!” The woman jerked her head towards Tang Xi and asked coldly, “Do you still hate me because of that matter?”

“What matter?” Tang Xi raised her eyebrows at that woman, and thought for a while. “Do you mean you dumping my third brother? Sorry, a woman like you doesn’t deserve… to be hated by me!” Tang Xi took a breath and coldly said, “You, Xu Fang, doesn’t deserve to be hated by me. You are just a b*tch… who will sleep with any rich man.” With that, she took a look at Tang Hao and sneered. “You two really make a perfect match.” Then she looked at Manager He who wished she could disappear from their sight, and coldly said, “I’ll give you a week to renovate this room. Now take me to another room. There is a b”tchy smell here. I don’t think I can fall asleep if I stay in this room tonight.”

With that, she turned to walk outside, and gave herself a thumbs-up in her heart as she strode out. She was still good at annoying some people, especially her enemies.

However, she might not be able to fall asleep… after seeing Xu Fang.

It was rainy in the evening. Tang Xi was standing in front of a grave holding an umbrella. She looked at the spooky tombstones, shook her head with a smile, and turned her eyes to the tombstone in front of her, on which there was a photo of a handsome, sunny young man. She looked at the photo and squatted down, reaching out to wipe off the water on the photo she whispered, “Third Brother, it’s been a long time.”

The only person in the Tang Family who disapproved of his parents’ behaviors and treated her as family, was was lying here, because of that Xu Fang.

“Third Brother, when I broke up with Qiao Liang, you comforted me that it was Qiao Liang’s loss to break up with me, but why couldn’t you see through Xu Fang’s fakeness?” Tang Xi said, took a disdainful look at the tombstone and curled her lips. “I saw her together with Tang Hao today. Why did you like that kind of woman? If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother taking a look at her, but you gave up your life for her.”

Tang Xi said and burst into tears. She then sniffed and snorted. “So I didn’t want to come here to see you. Every time I come to see you I will cry. Why don’t you come back to life like me…” Why could I come back to life with another person’s identity, but you had really gone?

She looked at the smiling boy in the photo, took a breath and pursed her lips. “Sorry, Third Brother. I can no longer forgive them for your sake, including your parents. I came back this time to make them pay for what they have done.”

At this time she heard footsteps. She frowned and looked back only to see Xu Fang standing behind her with an umbrella. Tang Xi gave a mocking smile. “Oh, look who is here! Why did you come here?”

Xu Fang took a look at Tang Xi and walked over to the tombstone with a straight face. Gazing at the words engraved on the tombstone “My Beloved Son Tang Qingyu”, she touched the tombstone and bent to put down a bouquet of red roses in her hand in front of the tablet, then she straightened up and stared at Tang Xi as she said coldly, “It’s none of your business.”

“None of my business?” Tang Xi stared hatefully at Xu Fang. “Since you’ve broken ties with my third brother, don’t show up in front of him again! You make me sick doing this!”

“I don’t care!” Xu Fang looked coldly at Tang Xi. “By the way, isn’t it said that you had died? Why did you suddenly show up? You’re in the graveyard at night. Are you a ghost? Have you come back to take revenge on them?”

Tang Xi squinted at Xu Fang and the latter shrugged. “I heard it from Tang Hao. Since you want to take revenge, I wish you success.”

Tang Xi clenched the umbrella handle tightly, and stared coldly at Xu Fang. Xu Fang sneered. “But you are so stupid. I don’t think you can succeed. Perhaps you’ll be set up again and… die once again.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about, Miss Xu.” Tang Xi held the umbrella, walked up to Tang Qingyu’s tombstone and bent to pick up the roses in front of the tombstone. She looked at the roses for a while and suddenly threw them away. Xu Fang took a breath and was about to speak, when Tang Xi suddenly said with a smile. “My third brother likes balloon flowers. He told you he liked roses just because you liked roses, and… if I could be murdered so easily, I should have been lying here like my third brother, instead of standing here and talking to you, Miss Xu.”

Xu Fang clenched her hands and glared at Tang Xi. Tang Xi snorted, stepped on the scattered roses and walked away. Xu Fang looked at her receding figure, and frowned. It had been quite a while before she turned to look at the smiling face on the tombstone, and roared, “What are you smiling for?! Since you have died, why don’t you take back your heart?! Are you laughing at me? Are you mocking me for being dirty? Yes, even I, myself, think I’m dirty!”

But I can’t wash myself clean! I can never be washed clean no matter how hard I try!

Tang Xi walked out of the graveyard and heaved a breath of relief. She felt she would rush up to tear Xu Fang into pieces if she had stayed there for one more minute.

Tang Xi looked at the nanny van parked not too far away and snorted. “I wonder how your fans will view you when they see your true colors!”

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