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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1474 - Ci mountain

Chapter 1474: Ci mountain

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I didn’t know at the time but I realized later. It’s probably because I have a pure yin body,” Du Xiuying said quietly. Due to her body, countless people wanted her in the sect.

Ye Mo suddenly grabbed her wrist. Du Xiuying didn’t move as she knew Ye Mo was checking her body type.

“Indeed a pure yin body…” Ye Mo fell silent, but he had never heard of pure yin body being immune to evil yin chi. There must be another reason she was safe, but he couldn’t really check her body.

“After my master left, I never had the opportunity to leave. This time, I can bury the ashes of my adoptive father with my parents. He isn’t from Luo Yue continent. He died saving me, I…” Du Xiuying’s tone was despondent.

“Your adoptive father wasn’t form Luo Yue continent?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Du Xiuying said, “Yes, he said he came from the Magical Continent but it wasn’t from any of Luo Yue’s states. There, people cultivate ancient martial arts, not immortal cultivation. He said he came here was because there was a problem with the teleportation formation. He was teleported to a place called Xin Jia Mountain. He knew what it was but he couldn’t get out. After staying there for a few days, he went on another teleportation formation. He was just testing it but it activated.”

“What’s your adoptive father’s name?” Ye Mo asked again.

“He’s called Yun Dongxia…”

Ye Mo immediately remembered who this person was. He was Yun Ziyi’s father, the association leader of Magical Commercial Association. The teleportation formation he took in the small world suddenly exploded. Ye Mo didn’t expect him to go to Xin Jia Mountain and then Luo Yue continent. Meanwhile, Yun Ziyi asked him to help find her father but he was actually long dead.

Thinking about this Ye Mo exclaimed, Yun Ziyi’s Sword Valley was also annihilated and she was nowhere to be found.

Ye Mo had decided to find Yun Ziyi when things were over and send her to Mo Yue City. Her disappearance was also related to him.

“Adoptive father said he has a daughter called Yun Ziyi, but I don’t know where the Magical Continent is and I can’t help him…”

Ye Mo fell silent and comforted after a while, “Don’t worry, cultivate hard and there will be a day when you meet each other…”

“We’re here…” Blue Moon was too fast.

Blue Moon landed at a place with little spirit chi; there were thorns everywhere and very little vegetation.

Du Xiuying pointed at the Ci Mountain. “Adoptive father took me from there. After this mountain is an icy river, he was hurt by the yin chi between the river and this road.”

Ye Mo saw that she only had a storage bag and no magic artifact, so he casually took out a storage ring and threw a few things inside. “You can have this storage ring. I don’t’ know your adoptive father but I know Yun Ziyi, she’s a friend.”

She just wanted to reject, but hearing Ye Mo knew Yun Ziyi she looked at Ye Mo in shock. “City lord Ye, you know sister Ziyi? Where is she?”

Ye Mo said sadly, “She was a Sword Valley disciple but due to me, the Infinity Sect annihilated the Sword Valley and she went missing.”

“No wonder you annihilated the Infinity Sect,” Du Xiuying murmured and suddenly bowed to Ye Mo. “Thank you for telling me sister Ziyi came to South Peace State, I’m going to find her now.”

Ye Mo waved his hand. “Your power is not enough to roam South Peace State. Plus, there’s great calamity in South Peace State now. Danger is everywhere, I will go find her after I’m done with things. If you trust me, go to Mo Yue City and cultivate. I believe with your talent it’s not hard to reach truth realisation state. When your power is high enough, if I still haven’t found Yun Ziyi, you can go find her.”

Du Xiuying calmed down and knew that everything Ye Mo said was true.

“Xiuying thanks city lord Ye greatly.” Du Xiuying knew that Ye Mo probably took her in due to his guilt over Yun Ziyi. At the same time, she missed her adoptive father. He lost his life to save her, and now due to his daughter, she had a place to stay.

If one day she was powerful, she would find sister Ziyi at all cost. If she couldn’t, she would kill all who made her disappear.

In order to strengthen her will, she put the storage ring on but when she scanned her spirit sense inside, she took it off in shock. “City lord Ye, this is too precious!”

Even the magic artifacts were top grade cultivation artifacts, much less the pills and spirit stones.

Ye Mo waved his hand. “Take it and cultivate hard. If I can’t find Yun Ziyi you still need to find her. In the South Peace State, no power means no right to talk. Plus, these things don’t mean much to me…”

After hesitating, Ye Mo took out a jade slip and gave it to her. “This is a cultivation method written by a cultivator called Meng Zhe, just cultivate that.”

“Primordial Chaos Chant?” Du Xiuying read the words.

“That’s right.” Ye Mo nodded, she would be much faster in cultivation if she cultivated this.

Du Xiuying took it and didn’t say anymore. She knew it was pointless to say ‘thank you’ now.

Ye Mo saw this and was rather pleased. Her talent was top notch and was very decisive. Her progress was on par with Su Jingwen.

Plus, Yun Ziyi had no family on Luo Yue continent, he couldn’t use all his efforts to search for her. Perhaps Du Xiuying was needed to find her.

“City lord Ye…”

Ye Mo shook his head. “I’m a little older than Ziyi, just call me brother like her. Stand back, let me check here.”

“Yes, brother Ye.” She was worried about Yun Ziyi, but meeting the city lord of Mo Yue City was something one experienced only once in a lifetime. Even she was excited, more excited than she was at Ye Mo giving her top grade cultivation artifact.

Ye Mo searched carefully with his spirit sense, the area was large but Ye Mo’s spirit sense was too powerful. In a short while, he had completely searched the place.

This place seemed fine. Just when Ye Mo wanted to release Mist Lotus Heart Fire to burn all the thorns, there was an explosion in one corner. A huge hole appeared out of nowhere and countless sand soul beasts swarmed out. There seemed to be more than the number that attacked the Fusion Joy Sect.

Ye Mo immediately realized that this was a top grade illusion formation. The sand soul beasts were indeed below the Ci Mountain. When the sand soul beasts left, the Illusion Formation immediately recovered, turning everything into thorns.

Seeing so many sand soul beasts pop out, Du Xiuying didn’t know what to do.

Seeing this, Ye Mo immediately knew that the previous round was just the herald. Luckily he came in time, or else there might be more sand soul beasts here than the Demon Prison forbidden grounds.

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