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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1742 - Immortal graveyard range treasure

Chapter 1742: Immortal graveyard range treasure

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Another great extreme immortal tertiary stage man was going to pull down the other half of her dress.

No wonder she was screaming. Ye Mo could tell that the man pulled off her dress not to rape her but to insult her.

Everyone saw Ye Mo arrive.

“Immortal friend Ye, please save Li Jin…” Ren Fu said worriedly but before she finished, another ice arrow shot into her shoulder bringing out a spray of blood.

Although Ye Mo had a bad impression of this girl, the man and Ren Fu gave him a good impression.

Seeing Ye Mo come over, the great extreme immortal tertiary stage man didn’t continue. He got up and retreated a few steps.

Ye Mo opened the girl’s restriction and gave a pill to her before saying “Put on your clothes and connect your arm.”

The girl’s face was very pale, she immediately put on her clothes and connected her arm. She didn’t even look at Ye Mo’s pill and just ate it.

“Who are you? How dare you intervene with our business?” The great extreme immortal tertiary stage saw Ye Mo’s power was stronger than his and didn’t dare to fight.

The old man looked at Ye Mo, he seemed to know Ren Fu and stopped as though fearing Ye Mo would suddenly attack that great extreme immortal. Clearly, that great extreme immortal was important to him.

Ren Fu quickly charged up to the girl and helped her recover.

Ye Mo studied this black faced old man, he was also half way immortal king and was one step away from immortal king. No wonder these two great eternity immortal were no match for him.

“You’re a mere great extreme immortal and you dare to intervene with my business?” The black faced man said coldly.

Ye Mo didn’t care at all, even though this guy was just one line from immortal king, he still wasn’t immortal king. The difference between the two here huge, it was a qualitative and quantitative difference.

Ye Mo smiled “if I wanted to intervene, I would’ve attacked now, do you see me attacking?”

If he wanted to kill this great extreme immortal, he only needed one move. This old man wouldn’t even be able to save him in time.

Ye Mo just knew Ren Fu and owed them one, that’s why he helped. He didn’t care who was right or wrong, he didn’t want to get involved.

The old man stared at Ye Mo for a while and didn’t attack him. Ye Mo dared to fly here and he easily removed the restriction of the young girl, this made him a little concerned.

He set the restriction and yet Ye Mo easily opened it. this meant that Ye Mo might be stronger than him. Plus, now that the girl’s restriction was open, they had an extra great eternity immortal. Plus this, supposed great extreme immortal, he wasn’t scared but he wouldn’t be able to protect his disciple.

“Since you don’t want to intervene, then please leave. This is our private affairs.” The old man said.

Ye Mo said “Of course I’m going to go but I owe these three immortal friends. If I didn’t see it then never mind, but I saw it so I need to pay them back or I wouldn’t be able to rest at heart.”

“What are you going to do? You think I can’t kill you?” The dark faced man said as his killing intent spilled out.

Ren Fu handed the girl to the man and released her magic artefact standing next to Ye Mo “Hei Wuren, try it then, you think the Yue Ren immortal residence is easy to abuse?”

Ye Mo really didn’t care about this Hei Wuren, he was great extreme immortal peak stage now.

Ren Fu said “The reason Hei Wuren is fighting us is because he knows we have a map of the immortal graveyard range. Immortal friend Ye, thank you for saving Li Jin, although my map piece might not lead to the treasure but there’s some hope. You’re not afraid of yin chi, we can cooperate.”

“Immortal treasure?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Ren Fu nodded “Yes, you should know how the immortal graveyard range came to be right?”

“I know.” Ye Mo answered.

“That’s right, after that battle, many immortals died here leaving behind countless treasures. Although the battlefield was roughly cleaned, they weren’t able to do it precisely due to the emergency of the situation. However one immortal king didn’t die and he collected the countless good things here and hid it somewhere.

However, the immortal king wasn’t lucky and when he was planning to go, he saw someone who planned to do the same thing. They fought and both were heavily injured with only essence spirit escaping. Ever since, there was no more news of the two. A few million years passed and everyone gradually forgot about this. my map might be from the essence spirit of the escaped immortal king.”

Ren Fu said.

Ye Mo was dazed, the battlefield of billions. How many things would be left behind. Ye Mo was interested but he didn’t know why Ren Fu would say this in front of Hei Wuren.

Ren Fu seemed to know what Ye Mo thought and explained “Our Yue Ren immortal residence has been searching here for countless years. People would come every few decades. Because the map is incomplete, we have no clue up until now. but somehow, Hei Wuren got news of this and came probably to rob my map.”

Hei Wuren stared coldly at Ren Fu and didn’t argue. He only guessed they had a map, the residence never gave up searching the immortal graveyard range, many people were bewildered and so was he. He only knew why after he got a map piece as well.

Ren Fu sound transmissioned to Ye Mo “You know why he’s called Hei Wuren? It’s because he has a brother called Bai Wuren. The two had the name meaning that they wouldn’t tolerate anything. Their means are very cruel and inhumane. Luckily Bai Wuren didn’t come today, otherwise, we’d die a very gruesome death.”

“Hmph.” Hei Wuren sneered “Ren Fu, you think I came to rob your map? Look at this.”

Hei Wuren threw out a jade slip “Your map is incomplete, I have a share too. If you’re willing to cooperate, bring out your jade slip and we can work together to find the treasure.”

Ren Fu dazed not expect Hei Wuren to have a map too.

Ye Mo thought, he had a jade slip too, was it a part of it as well?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said to Ren Fu “Immortal friend Ren can I have a look at the map?”

“Of course.” Ren FU gave the jade slip to Ye Mo without hesitation. Ye Mo looked at the map and realised that his piece could fit perfectly with hers but even so, there were still many missing part.

Ye Mo looked at Hei Wuren, he was staring at Ren Fu’s map with fiery eyes. Ye Mo realised that his map might be a part too.

Ye Mo gave the jade slip back to Ren Fu and said “We’ll do it this way, we can work together to find the treasure and after finding it, we’ll split it in three parts, how about it?”

“You didn’t take out anything, what right do you have to get a third? We can go find the treasure together but I can only agree to splitting things in half, I have half and you four have half.” Hei Wuren glared at Ye Mo coldly.

Ren Fu looked at Ye Mo in confusion. she felt Ye Mo was asking for too much as well. Ye Mo was only a great extreme immortal and she didn’t mean to split evenly with Ye Mo just because she said to bring him there.

Ye Mo took out a jade slip and said “Because I have a part of the map too, do I not deserve a third?”


The two were dazed.

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