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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1743 - Rely on own fortune

Chapter 1743: Rely on own fortune

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What you don’t believe I have this?” Seeing the two daze, Ye Mo raised his jade slip.

Ren Fu breathed and said “Immortal friend Ye came to immortal graveyard range and possesses a map piece I believe you.”

Hei Wuren scanned Ye Mo’s jade slip and said “Regardless of authenticity, everyone put their jade slip in the middle and open the restriction. Then we’ll all scan it and mark their own complete map.”

Then Hei Wuren threw his jade slip out first, he looked at Ye Mo coldly “If someone dares to use fake jade slip to trick me, don’t blame me for what happens.”

Ye Mo ignored the threat and threw his jade slip out after his spirit sense scanned that Hei Wuren’s map was real.

Seeing this, Ren Fu threw the jade slip in the middle too.

They immediately marked the map into their own jade slips.

Moments later, Hei Wuren put away his jade slip and said “The three pieces together isn’t the whole map, it seems to be missing a corner.”

Ye Mo put away his map and said nothing. The map was indeed missing a corner.

Ren Fu looked worriedly at Ye Mo, Hei Wuren put away his jade slip quickly, she could only barely finish, some parts were blurry.

She was speechless, she didn’t know Hei Wuren was this bleak. She should’ve just marked hers and borrow Ye Mo’s later. Ye Mo was a great extreme immortal and his spirit sense must be lacking, the three pieces definitely wasn’t fused together.

Ye Mo sneered, he knew what Hei Wuren did of course but in actual fact, he had combined the three pieces together before he even threw his out.

He had seen Ren Fu’s map and scanned Hei Wuren’s map as soon as he threw it out.

Ye Mo used less than one tenth of a second to complete the map but Hei Wuren used two seconds. Ye Mo guessed that Ren Fu probably didn’t finish. He borrowed hers to look at, if she asked the same thing, he wouldn’t hesitate.

“We have confirmed this map to be real, now everyone has a copy. The map is missing a corner but we should be able to find it. we’ll split the treasure into thirds, what do you think?” Hei Wuren said. Now wasn’t the time to deal with these two, he would find the treasure first.

“I’m fine with it.” Ren Fu said.

“Same.” Ye Mo said.

Hei Wuren nodded happily “In this case, let’s go.”

Then he took the great extreme immortal and flew off.

Ren Fu then said “Ren Fu thank immortal friend Ye for saving my life.”

She then pointed at the young girl and the handsome male “This is my niece Ren LiJin, and Chu Chi.”

She didn’t say who Chu Chi was but Ye Mo wasn’t going to ask.

Ren Lijin’s arm was attached, she walked up to Ye Mo with red eyes and bowed “Lijin thank brother Ye for saving my life.”

Chu Chi also came over and saluted with his fists. If Ye Mo didn’t appear, Ren Lijin would be in a worse state. if they didn’t run, they would eventually die too.

Ye Mo knew Ren Lijin’s feeling, any young girl would feel dejected after her clothes were torn off and her private area seen by stranger.

Ye Mo didn’t want to mention it and changed the topic “No need to mention such minor things. Hei Wuren had left, let’s chase up.”

The three map pieces were indeed clearer after combined. The missing part was about the interior of the treasure, it didn’t affect the routes outside. Hei Wuren was very fast and in just two hours, he found a very hidden stealth formation. From the map this formation should be the entrance.

The four followed behind Hei Wuren and dind’t feel the rout was wrong.

“Sigh, we used countless years and only secured a hunrdred thousand km radius but now that the three pieces combined we instantly found the entrance…” Ren Fu sighed.

Ye Mo smiled “If you didn’t secure the radius, we wouldn’t be able to find here so quickly.”

“Really? In that case, then you guys take me in here, there’s a stealth formation here, how come I can’t find the entrance?” Hei Wuren scorned.

He believed his piece was the most complete.

Seeing them say nothing, Hei Wuren sneered “Since you can’t find it then I will. But I need to say this before hand, if I find the entrance first I get first choice on the treasure.”

Ye Mo who couldn’t even be bothered talking suddenly said “Hei Wuren, you mean that if I’m the first to find the entrance, then I get first share when we split things?”

“Of course, whoever finds it first can get first choice but you can’t break the stealth restriction here with force. Otherwise, the things in here would be revealed.” Hei Wuren said in contempt.

“Then is it first choice for everything or just once?” Ye Mo asked again.

Ren Fu knew she couldn’t find the stealth restriction quickly so she said “Just once.”

Ye Mo knew what she thought and nodded, then he threw out a few formation flags.

With this, an obscure entrance appeared before them before eventually forming into a stone door.

“You’re an immortal formation great master?” Ren Fu asked in shock.

Hei Wuren also looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. He could find the entrance but not as easy as Ye Mo.

“Let’s go.” Ye Mo walked in first.

Seeing this, the rest of them all followed.

Just when Ren Fu wanted to ask how to hide their entrance, Ye Mo waved his hand and took the formation flags. Then, the entrance disappeared. Ren Fu felt vigilant seeing this feeling Ye Mo wasn’t ordinary.

No one knew that Ye Mo threw out eight flags but only took back seven.

The stone entrance door was very simple, after going in, there was a platform. Under the platform were coarse steps, this place was indeed set up in a rush.

After coming in, the yin chi immediately disappeared, clearly there were formations here to block it.

Ye Mo knew no one would attack his disciple here so he went down the stairs first, Ren Fu followed closely, Ye Mo was last.

Before going down, Ye Mo had scanned his spirit sense out. There was spirit sense barrier here but he broke it easily with his spirit sense blades. He saw there was a skeleton below the stairs.

As soon as Hei Wuren went down, an immense pressure came. That pressure almost suppressed all the space nearby. Hei Wuren knew things werne’t good and quickly released a huge bell, Ren Fu also released her defense magic artefact. Only Ye Mo did nothing.

Clank clank clank.

It was like raining hail as countless things hit the bell.

Ye Mo was amazed, that thing attacked too fast. Even he didn’t see what struck the bell.

Ren Fu quickly took a few steps back. Luckily the ambush focused the first person and she only took some pressure.

Now, they both saw the skeleton on the ground and realised that this skeleton found here first but was ambushed.

Hei Wuren was scared sweating but he knew he survived. He then reached out and picked up a jade slip on the floor.

At the same time, Ren Fu took the skeleton’s storage ring while Ye Mo casually took a hexagonal black card.

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