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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1744 - Ancient Rune

Chapter 1744: Ancient Rune

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At this time, the three people behind him came. Hei Wuren didn’t care, his spirit sense scanned that jade slip and he rejoiced. This jade slip was the last part of the map. Now, he had the complete map.

Ren Fu thought the same, she found she had 200 million more immortal crystals in her storage ring and an extreme grade immortal artefact.

She saw what Hei Wuren did but even if he got the fourth part of the map she didn’t care. They were all working together now, Hei Wuren had no right to search for treasure alone.

Seeing Ye Mo still act like nothing had happened, she felt Ye Mo’s experience was too little.

Hei Wuren thought the same but he didn’t care about a storage ring, he cared about the entire immortal treasure.

When Ren Fu subconsciously looked at Ye Mo, she realised that Ye Mo had a frown. She asked “Immortal friend Ye, did you notice something?”

Ye Mo was shook and quickly said nothing “Nothing I just feel a bit weird.”

Ren Fu was confused but said nothing. The group walked past the skeleton for about tens of meters before seing another restriction stone door.

“It should be here.” Hei Wuren said.

“Master, are we going to break this door open by force?” The great extreme immortal asked.

Ye Mo sneered “Idiot, if you attack with force this door would immediately disappear. This is just a transition formation.”

The great extreme immortal’s face changed but he didn’t dare to speak since his master said nothing.

Hei Wuren’s face was bad but he didn’t rage, he asked “What do you think we should do immortal friend Ye?”

“If I say it do I get an extra share?” Ye Mo asked calmly.

Hei Wuren sneered “Do you want to act against our arrangement. We agreed to split three ways evenly. What’s the meaning of you asking for more now?”

Ren Fu said nothing, she felt Ye Mo shouldn’t be asking for this now.

But unexpectedly, Ye Mo saluted with his fists “Haha, I forgot about this, sorry, sorry.”

Even Hei Wuren looked at Ye Mo in confusion, he felt Ye Mo wasn’t someone easy to talk to but now he’s so easy to talk too and apologized.

“I’ll open this door restriction.” Ye Mo threw out four more formation flags. Then the door made ripple like waves before four rinks appeared.

Ye Mo pointed at the four rinks “There should be four pieces to the map, there’s four rinks here. It should be done if we put the pieces in.”

Hei Wuren frowned “But we only have three pieces…”

Ye Mo interrupted him immediately “Really? How come I saw you take a jade slip before?”

Hearing this, Hei Wuren’s face changed. He wasn’t certain if Ren Fu noticed it but he was certain Ye Mo didn’t see it. If Ren Fu mentioned this, he would say Ren Fu got a storage ring.

But unexpectedly, Ye Mo brought this up. Did the two communicate or did Ye Mo really notice?

Ye Mo said coldly “I found a jade slip indeed but that’s what I found. According to the arrangement before, one jade slip for a share. If I have two shares then I will take out the jade slip. Otherwise, why should I take out two jade slips?”

Ye Mo said calmly “Using what you just said, do you want to act against the arrangement? We agreed to splitting three ways evenly. What’s the meaning of this? if I do something, it’s free, if you do something you need to get paid?”

Now, Ren FU realised that Ye Mo had long saw Hei Wuren pick up the fourth jade slip.

Ren Fu suddenly shivered, she wasn’t certain if Ye Mo saw her picking up a storage ring. Was Ye Mo really a great extreme immortal? Hei Wuren seemed to be played every single step much less her?

Thinking about this, Ren Fu decided to avoid Hei Wuren and split half the immortal crystals with Ye Mo. As for that extreme grade immortal artefact, she would keep it herself.

“Plus, we already settled things outside, if you really don’t agree. I’m going to attack the door.” Ye Mo said.

“You…” Hei Wuren had nothing to say to that but he immediately found something else “Okay, then in that case, how come I saw Ren goddess pick up a storage ring?’

Ren Fu’s face froze and then immediately took out a storage ring “That’s right, it’s here if you want it then take it, I don’t want it.”

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and knew it wasn’t the same one she picked up. She had seen what was inside. Only the extreme grade immortal artefact was valuable but for an immortal forgery grand master, it was only so so.

Hei Wuren’s face was very bad. He was certain this wasn’t the same storage ring but he had no evidence.

Seeing the four rinks, Hei Wuren thought for a while and smiled “In that case, we’ll do what we agreed on before. I’ll lose out a bit, sometimes that’s not a bad thing.”

Then, he threw his two jade slips in the rink.

Ren Fu’s spirit sense immediately chased over but saw nothing. The jade slips were gone. Her face didn’t look so good but she still put in her jade slip.

When Ye Mo threw out his one too, the ripple restriction on the door disappeared. A grand and ancient chi came into their face. It was as though if they entered this door, the would see everything in the ancient times.

“This isn’t the immortal treasure.” Ren Fu’s face changed immediately and realised this place was no immortal treasure. It was an ancient rune.

“It’s an ancient rune?” Even Hei Wuren dazed upon seeing this and then he rejoiced. Without a map, it was very hard to get around ancient ruins, only he had the complete map.

Ye Mo immediately realised, perhaps that the immortal king was finding a place to hide his treasure and accidently found this ancient rune. Then, he used it to hide his treasure.

Of course, it was also possible that the immortal king had this ruin map and found here.

The first stone door and those coarse steps were set up by that immortal king but the restriction stone doors were a part of the real ancient ruin.

“We don’t have map, can we join up and kill Hei Wuren.” Ren Fu asked Ye Mo.

Before Ye Mo answered, Hei Wuren seemed to have noticed something and took the great extreme immortal in.

As soon as they did, Ye Mo’s spirit sense couldn’t find them.

“Sigh, he noticed it.” Ren Fu sighed.

Ye Mo shook his head “There might be nothing here, it’s probably a ruin that was dug up before but was just used by that immortal king. If we’re lucky we might be able to find the immortal king’s treasure.”

He left a formation flag outside because he knew that it wasn’t just Hei Wuren here. Even if Hei Wuren didn’t run, Ye Mo wouldn’t gain up on him.

Ren Fu said in disappointment “It should be so, I got a storage ring before. there’s some immortal crystals, I’ll share some with you.”

Then, Ren Fu gave Ye Mo a storage ring filled with 100 million immortal crystals, Ye Mo took it.

Then he gave a jade slip to Ren Fu “This is the map of the four pieces combined. You can have a share too. Once we go in, we’ll rely on our own fortunes.”

Ren Fu took the map in joy. She never expected Ye Mo to have the entire map. It seemed he not only saw the fourth jade slip and marked it too.

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