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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1745 - Void kill again

Chapter 1745: Void kill again

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If Ren Fu didn’t give him the 100 million immortal crystals, Ye Mo wasn’t going to give her the map for free.

To Ye Mo, the map was precious but Hei Wuren already knows. Plus, Ye Mo felt people had been to this ruin so there probably wasn’t anything good left. However, that hexagonal card gave Ye Mo some anticipation.

The card wasn’t put into the storage ring meaning that it had equal importance as the map jade slip.

“Thank you immortal friend Ye, good luck to you.” Then Ren Fu took Chu Chi and Lijin and entered the door.

Now, Ye Mo was the only one here. Ye Mo seemed desperate and quickly entered the door too. Then, he disappeared.

“It’s an ancient ruin, lucky, this this pure luck. These four bastards dares to split things with my brother, they’re asking to die.” As soon as Ye Mo disappeared, this voice sounded.

It was a pale faced man, he was dressed in white and his hair was white too. He was the exact opposite of Hei Wuren.

Then, he walked towards that stone door without hesitation.

Just when he made half a step, he immediately noticed things weren’t good. There was this terrifying feeling, he didn’t even have the chance to release his magic artefact and he felt the space around him completely change. It became fierce and grand and killed with killing intent.


There was nothing material but the space kept making this terrifying explosion sound. In this explosion, space went chaotic, even spirit sense couldn’t see anything.

Moments later, bloody mist sprayed in the air and it gradually recovered. A man with half a body appeared in this space.

At the same time, Ye Mo appeared before him but now there was a purple sword in his hand.

It was Ye Mo who ambushed this man, it seemed like he went into the door but instead, he stealthed himself on the side. He left a formation flag outside, he noticed it as soon as this man came.

“You dare to ambush me.” The white man’s face was hideous, a white flashy bone had appeared in his hand.

It gave Ye Mo a strange feeling as though there was endless power contained in it.

“Die.” The white man released the bone in his hand. Bleak killing chi filled the space. It seemed that against such killing force, Ye Mo would be killed no matter where he ran.

Ye Mo was shocked, he was certain this person was Bai Wuren. He didn’t expect this guy to be alive after ambushing him and still have the power to retaliate.

If he gained up on Hei Wuren before and this Bai Wuren came. Ren Fu and them would be in a dire situation.

Ye Mo had the confidence to stop Bai Wuren but Ren FU and them wouldn’t be able to stop Hei Wuren. Although Ren Fu was also half immortal king, her power was quite weaker than Hei Wuren.

He knew that the reason the two didn’t jump out together at the start was for fearing that he crushed the jade slip.

But now there was just a Bai Wuren.


Zi Xu splashed the skies with purple light and hacked open the killing chi filled space.

Sword god art rainbow.

The sword ray instantly turned to countless rainbow sword rays and the killing chi Bai Wuren started up were instantly melted. In a short time, they completely disappeared.

Seeing this, there was extreme shock on Bai Wuren’s face. He completely realised that even if Ye Mo didn’t ambush him, he wouldn’t have it easy with Ye Mo. This powerful sword force meant that Ye Mo was on par with him.

Realizing this, Bai Wuren regretted that he didn’t run when he was ambushed. However, he still had time to run.


There was a terrifying cracking sound when Zi Xu hit the white bone. Bai Wuren couldn’t care about his magic artefact, he instantly released a rune.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to give him the time to do this and punched.


This fist seemed to have come from the void, void annihilation, no annihilation no return. All the remnant killing force and the rainbow sword ray in the air were taken away by this punch forming a huge killing force whirlpool.

Bai Wuren was caught in this killing force whirlpool and was extremely shocked. He completely didn’t understand how a great extreme immortal could be this insane. He was half way immortal king, even though he was ambushed, he shouldn’t be suppressed like this. even his rune was caught by the whirlpool, this was space law.

“Have mercy…”

Bai Wuren could only say this and was churned by the space killing force.

Ye Mo reached out his hand and a white storage ring flew in as well as that bone magic artefact.

The bone magic artefact had this death annihilation chi, clearly it wasn’t ordinary. Ye Mo just put on a few restriction and threw it into his storage ring. He was more interested how many good things were in Bai Wuren’s storage ring.

When Ye Mo broke the restriction and scanned his spirit sense in, he was dazed.

This was the first time he had seen such a wealthy storage ring. Even hao heaven grand emperor’s small world didn’t surprise him this much.

There were at least 1 billion immortal crystals piled up, they were like huge mountains. This wasn’t even Bai Wuren’s main fortune, he had 20 immortal crystals cards and each had 100 million. this meant that Bai Wuren had 3 billion immortal crystals.

On top of that, there were immortal spirit herb and forgery materials piled up in mountains. He had 8 extreme grade immortal artefact and countless more pills and lower grade ones.

Just how many did this bastard rob? He was too wealthy.

Ye Mo immediately thought of Hei Wuren, if Bai Wuren had this many good things how many would Hei Wuren have? Thinking about this, he even wanted to fight with Hei Wuren.

After his joy, Ye Mo put away the storage ring and formation flags and opened the restriction stone door.

Ye Mo just entered the door and heard a few cracks, then he saw four jade slips on the back of the door.

He didn’t expect them to fall. Ye Mo picked them up and found them to be the same before they threw them into the rink.

Ye Mo just realised that they needed the jade slips to go out. Even if Hei Wuren got things, he wouldn’t be able to get away as long as the jade slips were in his hands.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo rejoiced. It seemed they needed to meet again, that guy was unlucky.

Ye Mo looked around, it was barren wilderness everywhere. There were endless hills and dead trees everywhere. Dried up river bed had spider web like cracks spread all over it. Ye Mo reached his spirit sense out and was immediately blocked. Even his eyes and could only see about tens of meters.

Ye Mo didn’t move. He soon noticed something wrong, these endless hills and spider webs seemed to have some pattern to them. Those dead trees didn’t seem to grow casually.

Ye Mo took out the map and immediately realised that the scene was correspondent to the map.

A moment later, Ye Mo put away his jade slip, he had a very clear route.

Although they had the same map and came from the same way but the route formed in their brain might be different.

Ye Mo flew into the dried river and rushed into the depth of the ruin.

“Not right…” Hei Wuren suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong master?” the great extreme immortal asked respectfully.

“The routes should be born based on people’s sea of consciousness. The marks I left behind should allow your martial uncle to come here but after coming in, he wouldn’t be able to follow my marks.” Hei Wuren patted his head.

“Hmm, it really is so, what do we do?” The great extreme immortal scanned and didn’t find the marks they just made.

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