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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1746 - Surprise

Chapter 1746: Surprise

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Lijin, don’t take what happened today to heart, things like this will happen when you come out for trial. You will only have the chance to be independent if you increase your power.”

Ren Fu saw her niece was dejected and comforted.

“Yea, Lijin cousin, your talent is so high, you can definitely reach immortal king in the future. Once you reach immortal king, I will go with you to kill that bastard, and then we can have our wedding.” Chu Chi said.

Then, Chu Chi held Ren Lijin’s hand.

Getting Chu Chi’s comfort, Ren Lijin felt a little better but the killing intent in her eyes were dense. Not only was she going to kill that great extreme immortal but also Hei Wuren. Even though she was no match for him but one day she would be able to kill him.

Ren Fu knew what her niece thought and said “Lijin, Hei Wuren and Bai Wuren usually appear at the same time. Although I don’t know why Bai Wuren didn’t come today but you must not go attack Hei Wuren. Even if you do, you must go with Chu Chi and your power must be higher than him. My cultivation level is almost the same as Hei Wuren but I’m far from a match for him. plus, that Bai Wuren wouldn’t be ay weaker than Hei Wuren.

The three fell silent. The three gained up on Hei Wuren but Hei Wuren still subjugated Ren Lijin first. If Ye Mo didn’t come, she would be in a worse situation.

“Who is Ye Mo? Hei Wuren seemed to be concerned with him.” Ren Lijin asked in confusion.

“Not only Hei Wuren but I feel concerned with him too. I think Hei Wuren probably suspects that Ye Mo hid his power. Otherwise how could a great extreme immortal not fear us great eternity immortals at all. This great extreme immortal not only has shadowless worm but is also an immortal formation great master, this is also strange.” Ren Fu said.

Chu Chi nodded “This person is not bad, we helped him once and he helped Lijin. But I suspect he didn’t hide his power, he can probably kill people above his level like Hei Wuren. Hei Wuren probably guessed this and that’s why he was worried about Ye Mo joining up with us.”

“Chu Chi is right, from how he instantly carved the entire map, he’s probably stronger than me. I suspect he already knows what I got from the storage ring. Regardless, Ye Mo is no ordinary person and he helped us. Even if he didn’t, you guys need to treat him with respect.” Ren Fu said seriously.

Chu Chi said “What I don’t understand is, since Ye Mo could carve down the jade slip, he clearly knew about it. why did he not touch the storage ring nor the jade slip?”

Ren Fu fell silent. The only explanation was that Ye Mo found something better but even she didn’t see what it was.

“It’s that bastard, I’m going to kill him.” Ren Lijin suddenly roared.

Ren Fu and Chu Chi saw that great extreme immortal coming back but they didn’t see Hei Wuren. Ren Fu immediately nodded “Kill him.”

The great extreme immortal was focused on going but when the three saw him, he also saw the three. He was a mere great extreme immortal, how did he dare to go upon seeing three great eternity immortal. Instantly he changed a direction and ran.

Before he could move, a terrifying space tearing force tore him to pieces.

Seeing this great extreme immortal just disappear, the three sweated cold on their back. They knew they could only go along the route formed in their brain but the consequence of not following it was too terrifying.

After walking for half a day, Ye Mo found that this place was filled with ore mountains and immortal spirit herb mountains that had been excavated. He suspected that this place used to be a trial ground.

A ten meter tall immortal spirit beast carcass suddenly blocked his road. Ye Mo stopped, a terrifying power came from this body making Ye Mo retreat a few steps subconsciously.

In this barren and wild place, Ye Mo felt this strange sense of suppression. It made his mind worry and this tall immortal spirit beast body made him feel like the sky was collapsing on him.

Such a powerful immortal spirit beast Ye Mo took in a cold breath in. He had seen level seven immortal spirit beast in the seven refine tower.

But this immortal spirit beast that was dead for countless years gave Ye Mo a more powerful feeling. This body was much smaller than that level seven immortal spirit beast but Ye Mo felt this immortal spirit beast was might even be a level nine immortal spirit beast.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was shocked. Level nine immortal spirit beast was equivalent to immortal emperor. If this was really so he would be earning big.

Ye Mo just wanted to send the body into his golden page world when he saw a faint golden light come out from the body.

Immortal spirit beast core? Ye Mo instantly realised, he held down his excitement and took the fist sized immortal spirit beast core.

The pressure of the immortal spirit beast was mostly from this immortal spirit beast core. It was powerful but it couldn’t attack. Ye Mo was immortal spirit body and great extreme immortal peak stage and thus could take the pressure.

Ye Mo knew that just this beast core was invaluable.

There were many means for immortal monarch to break through to immortal emperor but very little could succeed. It could be said that only one percent of the means would succeed and not everyone might be able to use it. Emperor Start pill was a mean everyone could use, the main ingredient was a level nine immortal spirit beast core.

Level nine immortal spirit beast were extremely rare in immortal realm. They usually took humanoid form too. They were equivalent to a real immortal emperor, who would dare to touch immortal emperor dan tian?

This was unimaginable luck that Ye Mo found a level nine immortal spirit beast core.

He put it in a jade box and placed restrictions before sending into the golden page world. Ye Mo wasn’t interested in the body of this immortal spirit beast, it’s bones were top grade forgery materials but nothing compared to the beast core.

Ye Mo dug a place on the spot and buried the body. Level nine immortal spirit beast were very respected in the immortal realm. If he didn’t get the immortal spirit beast core he would bring this body out for immortal crystals but since he got the immortal spirit beast core, he would bury it in return.

Four hours later, Ye Mo stopped again. A huge black palace appeared before him again, the doors were tightly shut and there was a hexagonal rink in the middle.

Ye Mo immediately thought of that hexagonal card he got. He took it out immediately.

Ye Mo put the card in.


The door seemed to have not been opened for a long time.

A sorts of chi came out, each one representing an immortal artefact or treasure.

Ye Mo just stared at the centre of the palace. There was a dark red stone derelict in the centre. It was about 3 meters wide. It was that stone that made Ye Mo’s heart skip. He finally realised what the extreme grade forgery material Kai Feng immortal king talked about was.

Ye Mo didn’t know how Kai Feng knew there was this ore here but he knew this ore. It was refine star rock that wasn’t in the 33 heavens.

It sounds ordinary but it’s very extraordinary. It could be compared with star core flame as it’s also obtained from refining a planet.

If you wanted to obtain the refine star rock, you needed to refine a large planet.

Even Ye Mo suspected if this was real. How many planets would be refined to get a refine star rock this big. Even an divine emperor wouldn’t do something this boring.

Regardless, Ye Mo had decided to take it into his golden page world first.

“You really found the key to the palace.” Hei Wuren’s shaky voice sounded, it was extreme joy.

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