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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1747 - Buddhist god art

Chapter 1747: Buddhist god art

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Mo already noticed Hei Wuren when he came. Before Hei Wuren could attack, Ye Mo went into the palace first and wanted to put the refine star rock into his storage ring.

What confused Ye Mo was that the refine star rock didn’t move at all.

“Haha, you want to put refine star rock into your storage ring, do you think your storage ring is half god artefact?” Hei Wuren laughed and entered the palace.

Ye Mo frowned and stopped trying. According to Hei Wuren, it required half god artefact or above storage ring to store.

Although he could put it in his golden page world but he didn’t do so. He wasn’t scared of Hei Wuren but he was certain he could keep Hei Wuren here. If Hei Wuren got away, news of him owning half god artefact would spill.

“You probably don’t want to see me the most now right. Haha, I underestimated you, you actually got the key to this palace. Answer my question and you can kill yourself. I’ll allow you to go into reincarnation.” Hei Wuren glanced at Ye Mo contemptuously.

To him, no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he was no watch if he didn’t have Ren Fu and them to help.

Ye Mo raised his hand and Zi Xu was in his hand. Then he said “Actually, I really want to see you, do you believe me?”

There was a cruel smile on Hei Wuren’s lips but he didn’t attack and asked “My only confusion is how did you get here. You need to get four parts of the map, how did you get here?”

“If I tell you will you not hurt me?” Ye Mo asked plainly.

“Keep dreaming.” Hei Wuren sneered.

“Then stop farting and fight.” Ye Mo said and attacked.

Hei Wuren saw that Ye Mo dared to initiate the attack and was furious. A golden crack appeared out of nowhere as though it had always been here.

Then, there was Buddhist chants in the palace like huge hammers that smashed in Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness. This spirit sense knocking almost made Ye Mo spit a mouthful of blood. He immediately expanded his spirit sense domain and severed the buddhist chants. This wasn’t a spirit sense cultivation method but was much more powerful than ordinary spirit sense cultivation method.

If he didn’t have spirit sense domain he would be heavily injured from that.

At the same time, the golden crack landed, it was a ten meter long golden staff.

This gave Ye Mo a very familiar feeling. At the bottom of the pond in the chaos star realm, he saw a staff and a skeleton. He didn’t touch the staff next to it but he felt the two staffs were similar.

This murderous inhumane Hei Wuren actually cultivated authentic buddhist cultivation method. Even Ye Mo didn’t expect this.

Zi Xu’s purple light was no weaker than the golden light. Instantly, the purple rainbow clashed with the golden light.

Light splashed everywhere creating space tearing sounds in the palace.


Zi Xu and the staff clashed together creating huge sounds in the palace.

Ye Mo’s face didn’t change, his rainbow god art was only half god art. Hei Wuren was a little stronger than Bai Wuren. He could easily kill Bai Wuren because he ambushed him first but against Hei Wuren, Ye Mo would need to use other ways to kill him.

However, shadowless was asleep or shadowless could ambush him and grab a second of time for him.

Hei Wuren’s face changed, although he released his staff casually, it was a Buddhist god art, Brahma sound gold shatter.

When the Brahma sound entered the sea of consciousness, his golden staff could easily tear the opponent in half but now, Ye Mo easily stopped it and didn’t seem to break sweat at all.

“You hid your power?” Hei Wuren felt a great extreme immortal would definitely not be able to stop this move.

Ye Mo released Zi Xu again, Illusion Cloud division strike. He wanted to kill Hei Wuren quickly just like what Hei Wuren wanted to do to him.

His sword ray split rapidly and in the blink of an eye, before the Brahma sound dissipated the palace was covered in Ye Mo’s purple sword rays again. At the same time, Ye Mo punched.

All the sword ray suddenly spun, it was as though the entire palace was spinning due to Ye Mo’s punch. A terrifying grand killing intent surrounded the palace and swept over at Hei Wuren.

Hei Wuren couldn’t handle the shock in his heart anymore. He thought that move was Ye Mo’s biggest killing blow but this punch was about to tear open the void. Perhaps if Ye Mo wasn’t limited by his cultivation level, this punch would’ve torn open the void.

Hei Wuren didn’t dare to hold back, he released a golden futon and shot out hundreds of hand signs. The golden futon formed golden ripples around him.

With each hand sign, the ripple would expand a little. The golden ripples grew larger and larger in the void and wave after wave. Everytime Ye Mo’s void killing force was stopped by the ripple, it would slow a little.

Ye Mo’s heart sunk, he hadn’t fought with immortal king but it didn’t mean he knew nothing. This futon with Hei Wuren’s hand signs for the basic immortal king domain.

The immortal king was so powerful because they were like truth realisation state in the cultivation realm, they could completely expand their domain. immortal king’s domain was called immortal king domain. the space in the immortal realm was stable so it was too hard to form one’s own domain. even the most powerful great eternity immortal could only bind space nearby with his immortal essence but this wasn’t domain.

This was like Ye Mo’s sword domain and spirit sense domain. Ye Mo was an expert in domain knowledge but his cultivation level prevented him from forming his own domain in the immortal realm.

When great eternity immortal broke through to immortal king, it was a qualitative chance. This change was forming domain. It was much more powerful than his spirit sense domain. spirit sense domain would only work below immortal king. Perhaps it was more agile and fluent but it was far weaker than an immortal king domain.

But Hei Wuren used this futon to form his domain.

Ye Mo knew if Hei Wurens domain enveloped him completely, he wouldn’t be able to retaliate.

Ye Mo really wanted to use world rock and give this guy a Tai Mountain Crush but Ye Mo knew that the god art used too much power. If Tai Mountain Crush couldn’t kill Hei Wuren, he would be at a definite disadvantage.

Ye Mo sighed, he learned quite some god art but his cultivation level was too low. The more powerful the god art, the more immortal essence and spirit sense it required. If he used all his god arts together, two Hei Wuren would be dead.

But Ye Mo knew to be able to use many god arts at the same time, he would have to be at least great eternity immortal tertiary stage.


Void killing force clashed with the goldne futon again. The terrifying sound almost flipped the palace.

The ripple also started to cripple, after all, this wasn’t Hei Wuren’s own domain, he used the futon to set it up.

The division sword rays also became messy and scattered everywhere.

Tens of sword ray had sliced open Hei Wuren’s clothes and created some blood.

Some of the golden light struck Ye Mo but Ye Mo was completely fine. Ye Mo’s immortal spirit body prevented any injuries.

Hei Wuren’s face was worse.

Clearly, Ye Mo’s punch was far more terrifying than that strike.

For the first time, Hei Wuren felt fear. His fake immortal king domain was also very taxing on spirit sense and immortal essence.

But then, the fear was instantly swept away, if he didn’t want news of him having Buddhist cultivation method to spill, he would have to kill Ye Mo.


He burned his immortal essence and attacked even faster. His futon shot out denser and greater ripples while his golden staff turned into a tidal wave of golden color at Ye Mo.

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