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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1748 - Punch of destruction

Chapter 1748: Punch of destruction

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were denser and faster Brahma sounds as though they were going to tear at Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness constantly. However, they were stopped by Ye Mo’s spirit sense domain.

Ye Mo knew this was Hei Wuren attacking at full power, victory or defeat depended on this move. He was also certain that if Hei Wuren couldn’t kill him with this move, he would leave.

Realising this, Ye Mo didn’t hold back, there was not a third person here.

He released world rock but this wasn’t god art, he knew he couldn’t use two god arts at the same time now.

The world rock covered by void secret silver suddenly smashed down like a huge mountain into that golden sea.

The pouring golden sea immediately slowly after being blocked by the world rock. The golden color retreated and the Brahma sounds weakened.

Hei Wuren was more and more shocked, he didn’t expect Ye Mo to have this small mountain like magic artefact. No wonder this Ye wasn’t afraid of him nor Ren Fu and wanted to take a part of the immortal treasure.

Realizing Ye Mo’s terror, Hei Wuren wanted to kill Ye Mo even more. He burned hisi immortal essence like crazy and the immortal king domain spread rapidly, in just another second, his immortal king domain would sweep Ye Mo in. then, Ye Mo would be on the chopping block.

How could Ye Mo let himself get in the immortal king domain? he sent out tens of spirit sense blades and punched a second time.

Wave kill.


A ten meter tall, hundred meter wide blue flame wave rose into the air and instantly formed a fire wall as it collided into Hei Wurens golden futon.


The blue flame easily crippled the golden ripples and charged at Hei Wuren but this wans’t the end. A second even more terrifying blue wave filled the palace and also pressed towards Hei Wuren.

The first wave of flame quenched Hei Wuren’s domain and instantly came before Hei Wuren. The intense scorch made him no longer able to suppress his terror. If he knew Ye Mo had such a powerful punch he would rather run away immediately.

But now, it was too late. He could only block it. Hei Wuren suppressed the horror in his heart. The golden futon turned into a huge golden round shield blocking in front of him.


The fire smashed the golden futon and the golden futon immediately dimmed down. In the turn of an eye it became black. Hei Wuren’s body was full of a burnt smell. He successfully blocked Ye Mo’s first fire wave but before he could get away the second one came.

The second wave burned the futon like paper.

“Blue Like Morning Sky… immortal flame god art…”

Hei Wuren spat these words and was devoured the flame.

Ye Mo spat a mouthful of blood and flew back sitting on the ground. His wave kill punch could punch out three waves of flame and sweep all the killing force of the void over making the opponent unable to esacpe.

But now, he only used two waves and collapsed to the ground.

He didn’t even punch out the killing force of the fist. It could be said he only released a third of the real power of wave kill.

Ye Mo’s body was deprived of immortal essence, his spirit sense was extremely depleted. If a hollow immortal came now, he might not be able to beat him.

Ye Mo ate a few pills.

This situation occurred because he didn’t know that Blue Like Morning Sky and wave kill combined would cost this much after Blue Like Morning Sky reached immortal flame.

This meant that if wave kill was used, he would wait to be killed if it cuoldn’t kill.

This meant that even in his prime state, he wouldn’t be able to use the entire wave kill with Blue Like Morning Sky. He would have to reach great eternity immortal, even so, he wouldn’t be able to use it easily.

If he used it, he would be weakened to the extreme.

The pills immediately turned to immortal essence and Ye Mo recovered a little. He looked forward at the charred area. There was only a golden staff on the side, nothing else.

Ye Mo sighed, Hei Wuren definitely had more things than Bai Wuren but he couldn’t control wave kill. Wave kill destroyed the storage ring too.

After recovering some immortal essence, Ye Mo immediately put that refine star rock into the golden page world as well as the golden staff.

Ye Mo just realised that the battle caused nearly all the storage ring here to explode. These storage ring were clearly collected by that immortal king at the battle field. He never came back after placing them here.

Most of the things inside the broken storage ring were destroyed. Only some spare immortal crystals remain and some immortal artefacts. There were from low grade to extreme grade immortal artefacts. They were stacked up in piles.

Ye Mo shook his head, it was too much of a pity.

Ye Mo found ten uncracked storage ring and found it was just some immortal artefact and immortal crystals and ordinary level forgery materials. Clearly, these storage ring had been harvested once already.

Ye Mo then studied this palace and confirmed these was nothing else but the refine star rock.

There was some slight space ripples from outside the palace. Ye Mo immediately knew that Ren Fu and them were here.

Ye Mo didn’t want to see them now. there was nothing else attracting him in the palace so he left the palace without hesitation.

Ye Mo just left the palace and three figures landed just where Ye Mo stood. It was clearly Ren Fu and them.

“Aunty Fu, this doesn’t seem right, someone seemed to have just fought here.” Ren Lijin said. She felt much better after killing that great extreme immortal.

Ren LIjin walked inside carefully and immediately, they sound countless broken magic artefact and storage ring.

“This is the immortal treasure but these storage ring seemed to have been destroyed by the battle, tens of thosuands of them were destroyed. This is such a pity.” Ren Fu said.

Chu Chi said “Aunty Fu, would it be caused by Ye Mo and Hei Wuren fighting? The temperature here is very high, there seems to be a fire element. Hei Wuren isn’t fire element. If Ye Mo is fighting then he’s probably fire element.”

“Huh…” Ren Lijin opened her mouth wide in shock for a while before saying “He only seems to be great extreme immortal. Even if he hid his power he can’t be a match for Hei Wuren right?”

Ren Fu shook her head “This is hard to say, Ye Mo is very mysterious and both of them aren’t here. Regardless, we should hurry up and take what we can and leave.”

Ye Mo used less than half the time to come back to the restriction stone door.

But Ye Mo didn’t go out, he threw the four jade slips on the door and let the stone door open before hiding on the side.

A day later, three figures acme here rapidly. Ye Mo saw they were Ren Fu and them. They all had a joyful face, clearly they were happy with what they got at the palace.

The three didn’t even think and left the door. Ye Mo waited for another two hours before leaving the door too.

He scanned his spirit sense out and found the three had left indeed.

Ye Mo stood at the door to the restriction. He waited for the four jade slips to fall.

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