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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1749 - One’s person’s ruin

Chapter 1749: One’s person’s ruin

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

But soon, Ye Mo was disappointed. He waited for five minutes but nothing came off.

Ye Mo shook his head in disappointment. He was planning to use Zi Xu to smashed the door.

The reason he was going to do this was because he didn’t want other people to come in. Ye Mo felt there were more things in this ancient ruin but he just dind’t find them yet. Plus, he didn’t want Ren Fu bringing more people here.


Ye Mo didn’t attack with full power but when Zi Xu struck the stone door, it immediately sprouted some ripples.

Ye Mo felt that the position he was at was spinning. He really wanted to check with spirit sense but he couldn’t see anything around him.

This was indeed space transition formation but it was a bit different than he had thought. Ye Mo thought that the formation only took the door away but it also took him too.

Ten seconds later, the space nearby stabilized again. Ye Mo breathed easy, he was prepared to go into the golden page world if something was wrong but now it didn’t seem he need to.

Clap clap.

When the space stabilized, Ye Mo found that the four jade slips fell down again. Ye Mo immediately picked them up.

It seemed that when the jade slip was attached to the door, the transition formation would take the people nearby with it as well. But if the jade slip wasn’t attached to the door, attacking the door would only cause the door to be taken. This way, the stone door would completely disappear.

This ancient ruin was so meticulously designed.

After getting these four jade slips, Ye Mo was overjoyed. If he didn’t have a place to hide, this was the best place. without the jade slip, no one can open that restriction door no matter how powerful one was. If someone attacked the door by force without the jade slip, the door would immediately be transported to a new place.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and he found that there were no coarse stairs outside. The entrance restriction at the immortal graveyard range was gone. He had a formation flag mark at the entrance but he couldn’t even sense it now.

To be specific, in front of him was completely undug earth.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to dig those stairs. The immortal king did that so his descendants could find this place but he didn’t need to. Only he needed to know here, this ruin becamse his alone.

Ye Mo came out of the earth and found his position was still in the immortal graveyard range.

Ye Mo expanded his spirit sense domain and checked the nearby surrounding. This place was indeed not where he came in from and was quite far.

Ren Fu and them were gone, he seemed to be the only one left here. Yin chi flowed making ghastly sounds. Ye Mo didn’t stay here. He released Blue Moon and prepared to find a place for divine damnation.

But after flying for 5 minutes, Ye Mo realised that his divine damnation would definitely be heavenly shocking. If he had divine damnation outside the immortal graveyard range, it might startle powerful beings. Meanwhile, there was no one near the immortal graveyard range.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo threw out 500 million immortal crystals without hesitation. He knew he would need quite a bit immortal crystals to break through to great eternity immortal. This place wasn’t like the flame river where he only needed to set up immortal spirit chi gathering formation.

Luckily he had 3 billion immortal crystals, it was definitely enough.

The 500 million immortal crystals were set up into a huge spirit gathering immortal formation. Then, Ye Mo added a stealth formation on top of that. Whjen the divine damnation really came, this stealth immortal formation wouldn’t help that much. It definitely wouldn’t be able to stop Ye Mo’s terrifying immortal spirit chi whirlpool but for Ye Mo, even a little bit would help.

Ye Mo had a few bottles of extreme jia pills, they were all special grade.

He ate the pills and ran the Three Birth Chant at full power, charging at the bottle neck of great eternity immortal.

An invisible barrier formed in Ye Mo’s will, Ye Mo just had to keep charging at these barriers, the barriers that stopped his break through.

It was invisible. For ordinary immortals, even if they want to break through they would have to sense that barrier. If they can’t even touch that barrier with their immortal essence and spirit sense, there was no way they can break it. This was the bottleneck, sometimes, one wouldn’t be able to pass it their entire life.

Ye Mo cultivated till now and every time he was at the peak stage of a big state, he could touch the barrier easily. He just needed to charge and break it.

This time was the same time. In less than three days, his immortal essence swept all of his meridians and passed through his dan tian. The great eternity immortal barrier was right before him.


Ye Mo’s immortal essence just touched the barrier and his immortal essence wasn’t enough. A heavy crackle sounded in the air, his first wave of divine damnation was about to come.

Crack crack crack…”

36 explosions sounded, 36 bucket sized lightning bolts rained down at the same time from all directions striking Ye Mo.

The yin chi nearby was completely torn apart. Yin chi feared lightning much less such terrifying lightning. With the yin chi fleeing away, the temperatue of this place rose up immediately.

Ye Mo released world rock and Zi Xu and blocked nine of the bolts.

The rest of the 27 bolts all fell on Ye Mo. Instantly, Ye Mo’s clothes turned to dust.

Tearing sounds of flesh came, blood flew all over Ye Mo’s body. Even though he was immortal spirit body, he couldn’t take the 27 bolts without injury.

Ye Mo knew these bolts were much stronger than the ones in the flame river.

Thud thud htud.

Ye Mo was smashed into a pit by the lightning bolts. Even though not a single part of his skin was unharmed, Ye Mo didn’t care. He had experience, the most dangerous part of his divine damnation was the first and second wave. After these two waves, the divine damnation wouldn’t affect him at all.

Ye Mo devoured the lightning source like crazy and the mist formed by a few hundred million immortal crystals all rushed at Ye Mo. In the blink of an eye, Ye Mo was enveloped by immortal spirit chi.

The 500 million immortal crystals kept cracking and turned to dust. At this moment, Ye Mo’s meridians expanded greatly and devoured all the immortal spirit chi that came.

Ye Mo’s power rose rapidly, his immortal spirit chi was closer to that barrier and even begun charging at it. More and more immortal essence were added by Ye Mo charging at the barrier.


The second wave of lightning bolts were here. Ye Mo guarded his mind, this second wave was the most dangerous.

Seeing 48 thick bolts land, his heart felt heavy. He didn’t break through to great eternity immortal, it was really difficult to stop the 48 bolts.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo released octagonal cauldron again and 108 lightning sword. Zi Xu and world rock blocked nine, octagonal cauldron could only block one. The 108 lightning swords could only weaken nine lightning bolts.

In that instant, Ye Mo’s position was blasted with lightning. Magic artefact chimed and Ye Mo was covered by lightning.

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