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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1750 - Level eight immortal artefact

Chapter 1750: Level eight immortal artefact

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Ye Mo’s fake octagonal cauldron crashed with the lightning bolt and instantly split apart into pieces but the lightning bolt was barely stopped.

The lightning swords and lightning bolts clashed too, lightning exploded and the nearby space was permeated with lightning.

29 lightning bolts struck Ye Mo’s body pushing him deeper into the ground. The instant these bolts hit Ye Mo, his immortal essence suddenly surged up and broke open the barrier. Then, the weakened nine lightning bolts also fell, there was just two seconds difference between the first 29 bolts.

The terrifying immortal essence needed to break through to great eternity immortal was shown now. most of the 29 bolts and the 9 weakened bolts were devoured by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t have the time to be happy, he just devoured the immortal spirit chi like crazy. Every divine damnation, if he wasn’t killed by it, it would be a feast for him.

The immortal crystals in the formation kept cracking as the immortal spirit chi spilled were devoured along with the lightning source by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s injuries also recovered rapidly. In just 15 minutes, his body had completely recovered.

Feeling the immortal spirit chi digesting speed of great eternity immortal, Ye Mo rested easy. The second wave had passed and he reached great eternity immortal. This meant that he didn’t have to worry about the next waves of divine damnation.

As expected, the later lightning bolts still came more than ten at once but it was nothing much but a ticklet for Ye Mo.

The last immortal crystals on the spirit gathering immortal formation cracked, Ye Mo looked at the sky in disappointment. He reached great eternity immortal but not a sliver of immortal spirit chi cloud fell.

It could only be said that he was lucky he had the immortal spirit chi cloud last time. Perhaps it was due to the location being the endless flame river. Ye Mo had decided to have his immortal king divine damnation in the void fissure, perhaps there he would get immortal spirit chi cloud again.

His power wasn’t very stable yet, Ye Mo wanted to cultivate for a few days and consolidate his power, however, the immortal crystals had been used up. Ye Mo didn’t take out more immortal crystals to cultivate here. He put away the formation flags and went underground to go into the golden page world.

In the golden page world, Ye Mo used another 100 million immortal crystals to set up a spirit gathering immortal formation. He just reached great eternity immortal and his immortal essence was spilling out, this was not good for hiding his cultivation level.

Ye Mo was about to go back to Chang Rong heaven. Anyone would be suspicious of him for reaching great eternity immortal from great extreme immortal in a few years.

Ye Mo didn’t use time formation disk to consolidate his power. Two month later, Ye Mo had completely consolidated his power.

There was still seven month till the time he agreed to meet up with Li Kun.

With the help of the immortal spirit herbs Li Kun gave him, Ye Mo reached immortal pill grand master but unfortunately, he didn’t have anymore level seven immortal spirit herbs left for pill concoction.

With this, Ye Mo decided to spend his time to study that refine star rock. Even till now, Ye Mo doubted if it was real.

The chi of the rock did seem similar to what was on the books but it also said these rocks came from refining planets. Sometimes, a huge planets might only get a 30 cultivation method stone. This stone was 3 meters.

The refine star rock could only be melted with immortal flame.

Under the severing of the Blue Like Morning Sky, Ye Mo found he easily cut open the rock.

Ye Mo’s heart sunk. He hadn’t used this rock to forge immortal artefact but he knew it definitely wouldn’t be cut open so easily. This meant that this rock might be fake.

Seeing this, his heart was filled with disappointment.

Ye Mo looked carefully at the rock he cut down. It seemed better than void secret silver but not that muchbetter. This meant this was at most level seven immortal material.

In his disappointment, Ye Mo stopped. He finally got a good material to upgrade Zi Xu but under scrutiny, he found it wasn’t refine star rock.

Ye Mo was immortal forgery grand master now and could even forbidden grounds level eight immortal artefact. He really wanted to upgrade Zi Xu but if he only had material equivalent to void secret silver then never mind.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to put away the heaven flame, he felt seomthing wasn’t right. If this was really only level seven immortal material, he should be able to put it in his storage ring but he couldn’t before.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo threw the piece he cut off into the storage ring. This time, it was easily taken in.

Ye Mo immediately realised what was going on and kept cutting this stone with Blue Like Morning Sky.

Many hours later, a 60cm dark red ore appeared before Ye Mo.

This ore had much denser chi than the pieces he cut off before. It had this terrifying and ancient calling.

Blue Like Morning Sky couldn’t melt this one easily.

This was the real refine star rock. Ye Mo resisted his excitement. Just like his world rock, this refine star rock was covered with something.

With this, Ye Mo had decided to cut half and use it upgrade Zi Xu.

Three days later, Ye Mo could only give up on cutting it in half. He chose to cut a tenth. Six days later, Ye Mo gave up a tenth and chose to cut a baby fist sized.

This stone was too hard to cut.

Two month later, Ye Mo barely melted the fist sized refine star rock. Ye Mo took out Zi Xu, before he even put the two near each other, Zi Xu vibrated itself. Clearly, this rock was extremely suitable.

Ye Mo fused the metled refine star rock into Zi Xu. Zi Xu immediately began to change but soon he found something wasn’t right. Even with his help, ti was very hard for Zi Xu to upgrade. He couldn’t control the shape nor could he completely fuse the rock into Zi Xu.

If he couldn’t fuse it into Zi Xu, the chi would be exposed like the Blue Moon in the cultivation realm when he first added the Kun scale.

In the cultivation realm he could use it but in the immortal realm Ye Mo definitely didn’t dare to use Zi Xu in this state.

It was probably because his power and flame level were too low. Even his immortal forgery skills were too low.

Realizing this, Ye Mo used his immortal essence like crazy and even started to burn it. He couldn’t care about the look of Zi Xu now. The most important thing was to fuse the refine star rock completely into Zi Xu.

Another three months passed, Zi Xu made a crisp sound and spun above Ye Mo’s head. Ye Mo breathed easy.

He finally completely fused the refine star rock into Zi Xu. Zi Xu was upgraded to level eight immortal artefact.

The only pity was that the beautiful Zi Xu was forged into a magic artefact that was uglier than a kitchen knife. It looked like a strange butcher knife.

Ye Mo shook his head. He didn’t even use the pretty Zi Xu for a while and it became uglier.

At least it was many times stronger than before.

Ye Mo got up and was ready to go to Chang Rong heaven. There was still two months left. He could take the teleportation formation but time was short.

But then, Ye Mo was at a loss for words. He found he couldn’t send Zi Xu into his storage ring. This meant that he could only put Zi Xu in the golden page world.

How could this be? Putting it in the golden page world was inconvenient. If people noticed the existence of the golden page world, it wasn’t good.

Helplessly, he could only forge a simple sheath and put Zi Xu inside and hung the sheath on his back.

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