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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1751 - Enemies meet again

Chapter 1751: Enemies meet again

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In an extremely large room in the flying dawn immortal tower, at least ten people were waiting here. Ye Mo knew most of them, they included LI Kun, Ji Shu, Yin HUI, Qi Beicang, Jiu Ruyan and Li Kun’s martial brother Sii Shiyu. Ethereal Immortal Pond Ning Eu and that brother Chen also sat here. There were also a few Ye Mo hadn’t seen before.

The room seemed heavy. After a long while, Ning Eu sighed “Sister Xi Yue, we’ve waited for two days and your brother still isn’t here. If we keep waiting we might miss the immortal ship.”

Li Kun fell silent for a moment and said “I said I would wait for him, if I go now and he comes without seeing me here, he would be worried.”

“How about this, martial sister Ning Eu we’ll go first. Xi Yue goddess can wait for her brother here. If we’re short on time, we can go first and make the immortal ship wait for a while first.” The handsome man next to Ning Eu said.

A few people heard this and immediately nodded in agreement. Li Kun’s face sunk, she said plainly “Since martial brother Fang Chen is in a rush, you guys can leave first. I’ll wait here alone.”

Qi Beicang sneered “Martial brother Fang’s influence is really great, even the immortal ship can listen to you and wait. I admire you.”

Clearly most people knew that Fang Chen claiming he could make the immortal ship wait was bullsh*t.

The handsome man didn’t seem to hear this and still had a face of smile.

A purple robed goddess sitting next to Ning Eu with her face covered said calmly “Martial sister Ning Eu we’ll wait another half day. If Ye Mo still doesn’t come we’ll go.”

“Yes.” Ning Eu and another female immortal immediately nodded. Clearly they were very respectful to her.

“Haha, brother Ye is here.” Ji Shu suddenly laughed.

Ye Mo appeared at the door of the room. He was confused, Li Kun said to go find Peng Yue immortal fruit with him. why were there so many people? Then, he saw Qi Beicang and them and immediately went up to greet them.

The atmosphere brightened up. But only JI Shu and them greeted Ye Mo. The rest of them didn’t move. These were all great eternity immortal here and Ye Mo was only a great extreme immortal.

“I knew you would make it. you broke through again.” Li Kun looked at Ye Mo joyfully. She saw Ye Mo reach great extreme immortal middle stage from great extreme immortal primary stage. She was planning to introduce the others to him but since they couldn’t be bothered waiting, she couldn’t be bothered.

Ye Mo showed an awkward look and sound transmissioned to Li Kun “Sister Xi Yue, I’ve actually hidden my power. I’ve reached great eternity immortal primary stage a few years ago but I’ve hid my power to great extreme immortal middle stage.”

The room fell silent and then instantly burst into laughter. Some were benign some were malicious.

The weakest here was great eternity immortal middle stage peak, the rest were either great eternity immortal tertiary stage or half way immortal king. Ye Mo was a great eternity immortal primary stage and still hid his power, this was funny indeed.

This wasn’t the funniest, the sword on Ye Mo’s back clearly didn’t look like something good just looking at the sheath. Yet he put such a sword on his back to show off. Everyone here wasn’t simple, they at least had top grade immortal artefact or even extreme grade immortal artefact.

Ye Mo didn’t care about these laughter. If he was willing, people definitely wouldn’t be able to hear his sound transmission. He just wanted to reveal his true power and thus spilled his sound transmission.

Li Kun was very shocked, she knew how powerful Ye Mo was. Ye Mo was no weaker than any great eternity immortal peak stage. She suspected Ye Mo hid his power but she knew that if Ye Mo really wanted to only sound transmission to her. The only explanation was that Ye Mo did it intentionally.

Did Ye Mo really reach great eternity immortal in five years? This was too shocking.

Li Kun was very smart and immediately knew why Ye Mo did this. she pretended to be unhappy and said “You’re the weakest here, what is there to hide.”

“Oh.” There was extreme embarrassment on Ye Mo’s face. He breathed easy, he knew Li Kun would be suspicious but he didn’t worry. He trusted his eyes that Li Kun wouldn’t mention it.

“Haha, brother Ye you tricked me so hard. I really thought you were great extreme immortal. So you’re actually a great eternity immortal. Your stealth cultivation method is quite good…” Ji Shu laughed.

Then, Yin Hui, Qi Beicang, Jiu Ruyan and them complimented Ye Mo’s stealth cultivation method. Jiu Ruyan said joyfully “I was wondering why you knew something about great eternity immortal cultivation. So you’re great eternity immortal already. Martial brother Ye I will be troubling you more in the future.”

Ye Mo quickly said “It’s fine, if I know I won’t keep it a secret.”

Another reason he revealed his power is because little immortal king would definitely know he killed his great eternity immortal middle stage henchman. It wasn’t rare for great eternity immortal primary stage to kill great eternity immortal middle stage but if a great extreme immortal primary stage killed a great eternity immortal middle stage, this would definitely arouse suspicion.

Ning Eu’s face was expressionless. Seeing her with the handsome great eternity immortal, Ye Mo knew that Ethereal Immortal Pond probably chose a new saint.

Fang Chen got up and said “since everyone is here we should hurry up. We’ll discuss on the immortal ship.”

“Where are we going?” Ye Mo asked.

Li Kun smiled and gave Ye Mo a jade card “This is the card I got for you. Take it, we’re taking immortal ship to the first heaven domain Qing Wei heaven and listen to the arrangements of immortal emperor.”

Seeing Ye Mo being confused, Qi Beicang patted his shoulder “Brother Ye don’t underestimate this card. Not anyone can get this, your sister spent quite some effort to get this.”

Ye Mo still asked “since we’re going to Qing Wei heaven why not take teleportation formation?”

Li Kun explained “Because we still have mission this time. It would take around one year to go to Qing Wei heaven. During this time, all the immortals with the jade card must capture void flying snow. Only the top 1000 can get to see immortal emperor master.”

Ye Mo immediately wasn’t too willing to go.

“Plus Qing Wei heaven is very far, if we all take teleportation formation there, ordinary immortals owuldn’t be able to afford it.” Jiu Ruyan said.

Ye Mo nodded. Li Kun did this for his benefit. If he didn’t go, Li Kun wouldn’t be able to decided even if she got the fruit.

Ye Mo thought that when he was great extreme immortal primary stage, that middle aged man still didn’t find the golden page world. Now he was great eternity immortal, as long as he kept his golden page world in the depth of his sea of consciousness, even the immortal emperor wouldn’t be able to find it. Thinking about this, Ye Mo breathed easy.

Everyone went to the teleportation formation to go to Fen Du heaven’s Zha Kui immortal city. The immortal ship was stationed there.

Hearing everyone’ discussion, Ye Mo realised that Qing Wei heaven’s position was like Yuan Le heaven in the middle heaven domain. it was the numbe one heaven domain in the grand heaven domains. It was extremely far from the other ten grand heaven domains and needed to cross the realm border. This super long distance teleportation formation is insanely expensive.

At the same time, Ye Mo knew the purple robed female immortal is the new saint of Ethereal Immortal Pond, Mi Yun.

Ye Mo had heard of the Fan Du heaven, when he was in the pond in the chaos star realm, the skeleton told him to kill Nine Fan immortal pond’s Yu Jinxiang. He rejected it immediately. He was only a golden immortal at the time.

There was no way Ye Mo was going to Nine Fan immortal pond, he couldn’t be bothered asking where it was either.

After coming to the immortal city, Ye Mo followed them to the place where the immortal ship was. When they got there, the place was filled with immortals from other heaven domains. Most of them were great eternity immortal tertiary stage, some were great eternity immortal middle stage.

“It’s you?” A cold voice sounded.

Ye Mo shook upon hearing this, voice. He knew this voice all too well, he turned around and it was the young Yan Jiutian who stood before him.

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