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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1752 - Yan Jiutian’s secret

Chapter 1752: Yan Jiutian’s secret

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Intense killing intent came from Yan Jiutian, Ye Mo clenched his fists. He knew why Yan Jiutian wanted to kill him but what made him feel unacceptable was that Yan Jiutian’s cultivation level was higher than his, great eternity immortal tertiary stage. Ye Mo was certain he saw right.

Ye Mo bit his lips with a calm face but his heart was rumbling. No matter how talented Yan Jiutian was, how could he be great eternity immortal tertiary stage? This was impossible, when he got the time formation disk, that weakened essence spirit said his time formation disk couldn’t be found in the immortal realm. If he didn’t have time formation disk, where did Yan Jiutian’s power come from?

Ye Mo had time formation disk and was constantly looking for resources, his fortunes were very good too. On top of that he ahd the golden page world and bitter bamboo, only then did he reach great eternity immortal primary stage. This speed was unparalleled and yet Yan Jiutian was faster than him.

Even if Yan Jiutian had the time formation disk and top grade cultivation resource, he couldn’t reach great eternity immortal tertiary stage. His foundation wasn’t stable nor was his mind state. this was a big taboo for cultivation. There was no way a prodigy like Yan Jiutian dind’t know this.

“You hid power last time like me, I was wondering how there could be an abstruse immortal as powerful as you.” Ye Mo stared at Yan Jiutian and said.

Yan Jiutian’s eyes shot out with icy coldness and said “I trust I didn’t see wrong last time. You definitely didn’t hide your power like last time. Your cultivation speed is so fast that I don’t dare to believe. I’ll tell you this, I didn’t hide my power last time as well.”

Ye Mo’s eyes narrowed, he knew that Yan Jiutian didn’t fear at all, Yan Jiutian was certain he didn’t dare to spill his secrets. Ye Mo’s killing intent also rose and stared at Yan Jiutian. His killing intent rushed over like crazy too.

“Did your little worm get crushed to death last time?” Ye Mo felt happy seeing Yan Jiutian’s killing intent seep out like crazy. He was certain Yan Jiutian didn’t dare to fight here.

As expected, Yan Jiutian’s face went black hearing this. a dark mist rotated around his wrist. Yan Jiutian seemed to be able to control himself very well. That black mist just spun once and disappeared.

Ye Mo frowned, he suddenly had this strange feeling. He knew that mist was Yan Jiutian’s trump card and best magic artefact.

But this time when he saw the mist, he had a familiar feeling, not because he fought with it before.

“Haha what little worm?” Qi Beicang laughed and stood by Ye Mo’s side.

Then he looked challengingly at Yan Jiutian. Qi Beicang saw Yan Jiutian’s killing intent for Ye Mo.

Yan Jiutian sneered, he glanced at Qi Beicang and said “I hope you’re as lucky next time. I will let you know the consequence of taking my things.”

Then he turned to leave, he knew he couldn’t fight here.

“Kid you’re very cocky, do you think you’re heaven domain heaven lord or ancient divine emperor? Idiot, you’re just a mere great eternity immortal, why are you so cocky.” Qi Beicang spat.

Yan Jiutian was furious, his killing intent went crazy and that black mist appeared at his wrist again but he still forebeared this time.

Hearing QI Beicang’s words, Ye Mo suddenly woke up. He finally remembered that familiar feeling. Yan Jiutian’s black mist line had this ancient chi that was similar to the ruin in the immortal graveyard range.

This meant that Yan Jiutian’s line probably came from the ancient ruin but when he saw Yan Jiutian he was only abstruse immortal. What right did an abstruse immortal have to touch ancient ruin? Even if he went there and obtained the black mist, how could he use it so easily and fluently.

Ye Mo saw with his own eyes how Yan Jiutian could change the black mist into spear, arrows, rivers…

Ye Mo had used Zi Xu for decades but his control of Zi Xu was far weaker than Yan Jiutian’s control of the black line. Ye Mo had the feeling that the black line was a part of Yan Jiutian.

How old was Yan Jiutian? Ye Mo was certain that Yan Jiutian was younger than him, how could such a young person have such experience in controlling an ancient black mist.

Ye Mo thought of his first encounter with Yan Jiutian. He called himself immortal, according to what Ye Mo knew, all immortals below great immortals were considered cultivators and didn’t have the right to call themselves immortals. Of course there were shameless heaven immortals who called themselves immortals. Clearly, Yan Jiutian wasn’t this type.

Thinking about how young Yan Jiutian was and how fast he progressed, Ye Mo suspected that Yan Jiutian was possessed. Yan Jiutian’s essence spirit before possession was very complete. He didn’t need to possess to recover his body but he chose possession.

If this was really it, Yan Jiutians cultivation speed could be explained. An ancient immortal had the ability to recover his body but instead he chose possession. This meant that the target was definitely the best amongst best talent.

Such person had no bottleneck, he would be able to keep progressing if he had resource, or perhaps recover his power.

Last time he met Yan Jiutian, there was one small level difference but now, there was two small level difference. The next time they met, the difference would probably be even greater. Ye Mo was desperate but there was nothing he could do. no wonder he could know space law when he was abstruse immortal.

What worried Ye Mo more was if this person recognized the world rock. He just hoped that since world rock was spirit controlled by him and Yan Jiutian’s power was too weak at the time that he didn’t have the time to check his world rock during battle. but Ye Mo knew quite possibly, that Yan Jiutian might’ve recognized it.

“Ye Mo, what are you thinking? It’s a mere great eternity immortal tertiary stage, no need to be scared of him.” Qi Beicang patted Ye Mo who was frowning in thought.

“What’s wrong?” Li Kun and them all came over.

Ye Mo shook his head “Nothing, I met an unfriendly person, never mind.”

Seeing this, the people dind’t ask. They discussed about how to capture void flying snow.

The group gathered together in discussion. Ye Mo didn’t listen in at all. His spirit sense net improved greatly, he would be able to capture void flying snow easily.

Ye Mo suddenly asked “If you can control a law and use that law to capture void flying snow, would it be very easy?”

Li Kun looked at Ye Mo in confusion, she knew Ye Mo knew a sliver of space law but she warned Ye Mo to not tell anyone. What was Ye Mo doing now?

Ji Shu shook his head “First of all, it’s extremely hard for great immortal to control law, even if they can it would only be a sliver. That would still be very hard to use to capture void flying snow.”

“What law is the strongest?” Ye Mo asked.

Everyone was used to how clueless Ye Mo was.

Unexpectedly, the saint from Ethereal Immortal Pond said “In fact, any law is the most terrifying power in the universe if you cultivate it to the extreme. Of course, if you had to divide it then for us low grade immortals, time law is probably is strongest.”

Ye Mo felt strange the saint didn’t laugh at him and instead explained to him but he continued asking “Thank you martial sister saint for enlightening me. Then if you cultivate space law to the extreme, would it be not as powerful as time law?”

Ye Mo asked the most idiotic question and people couldn’t be bothered looking down on him but they all felt strange why Ethereal Immortal Pond saint would answer him.

The saint thougth for a moment and replied seriously “In fact, if you cultivate space law to the extreme, it’s no weaker than time law but no one has been able to.”

“Then since the ancient times, which people in the immortal realm have great mastery over space law and time law?” Ye Mo finally asked the question he wanted to ask.

If Yan Jiutian was possessed by an ancient immortal and could control a sliver of space law as abstruse immortal, this meant he was previously a powerful being who controlled space law.

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