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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1753 - A mere grand emperor

Chapter 1753: A mere grand emperor

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A great eternity immortal whom Ye Mo didn’t helped the saint answer “It’s probably Truth divine emperor who knows time law the most, other than him, there’s Scorch divine emperor. He can even make time flow back wards. Compared to time law, there are much more powerful beings who know space law such as ancient Peng emperor, Daoless grand emperor, Wushuang grand emperor, Lin Gu grand emperor.”

Ye Mo saluted with his fists “Thank you martial brother, I know Truth divine emperor, Peng emperor and Wushuang grand emperor. But who is Scorch divine emperor, Daoless grand emperor and Lin Gu grand emperor?”

Seeing that Ye Mo was low cultivation level and didn’t know much but seemed very respectful, he nodded in satisfaction.

Some people who didn’t know this also listened on the side “Scorch divine emperor’s name is Bai Zhuohe, it’s said he has the number two rare flame of the world, Astral River Red, it also reached god flame and devoured astral flame marrow, becoming the king of flames. He used god flame to vindicate dao and is a powerful being just below truth divine emperor. It’s said that after the battle with truth divine emperor, he never appeared again.”

Hearing this, everyone sighed. At their level, truth divine emperor and scorch divine emperor were dao vindication divinities but they still died. One could see that in the vast universe, there were no immortals who wouldn’t die.

Great eternity immortal saw everyone was listening in and continued “Daoless grand emperor’s name is Yan Wudao, he came later than Truth divine emperor and Scorch divine emperor. He’s also a very powerful being. in the ancient cosmos, powerful beings weren’t as rare as today. There were tens of half divine emperors. It’s said he disappeared after dao vindication failiure.”

Hearing Daoless grand emperor’s surname was Yan, Ye Mo wanted to keep asking but someone asked first “Scorch divine emperor vindicated dao through god flame, how did daoless grand emperor vindicate dao?”

“Daoless grand emperor was extremely talented, his dao vindication method is something others don’t even dare to think.”

Everyone listened in wanting to know what it was.

The great eternity immortal sighed “Daoless grand emperor is indeed a rare prodigy of the heavens. He wanted to use the 33 heavens to vindicate his dao. No one can understand his prodigy idea but one thing is certain. If he could vindicate dao through the 33 heaven domains, his powerul would be unimaginable.”

Ye Mo didn’t understand how that would work and neither did the rest of the people.

That great eternity immortal said “No one can understand that. It’s said that Daoless grand emperor suddenly failed after vindicating the 24th heaven domain and died. Ever since then, there was no news of Daoless grand emperor.”

The great eternity immortal continued to talk about Lin Gu grand emperor but Ye Mo was 80% certain that Yan Jiutian was Daoless grand emperor.

After vindicating 24 heaven domains, he was nine heaven domains away from success. This had become his obsession. He chose the name Yan Jiutian (nine heavens) probably because he still wants to vindicate the 33 heavens.

Ye Mo heard the great eternity immortal say that the daoless grand emperor only cared about his own thoughts and thus offended many people.

Ye Mo thought, this meant that Yan Jiutian wouldn’t dare to let others know who he was. Ye Mo finally rested easy a little now.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of one thing and saluted with his fists asking “Martial brother, I heard you said Scorch divine emperor used god flame Astral River Red to devour astral flame marrow. What does astral flame marrow look like? I saw in an ancient jade slip that astral flame marrow is a soft ore that is very high temperature, is this true?”

The great eternity immortal smiled and shook his head “No, the reason astral flame marrow is rare is because it’s very hard to grow. The soft tofu like structure you mentioned is the first state of the astral flame marrow. These usually exist in very desolate places in the immortal realm or some cultivation realm.

If it’s in the cultivation realm, this state of the astral flame marrow is the hardest to collect. Even the truth realisation state cultivators wouldn’t be able to get near it. However, this state of astral flame river is the most precious. If you get it and use it to nirvana heaven flame, it would be the best.

When this flame grows to a certain level in the cultivation realm, it would gradually expand its range until burning a radius of 100 miillion km till everything in the entire realm. Then it would hide into the void, only astral flame marrow that hides into the void is real astral flame marrow. It would be stealthed and protected by void flame. Ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to see it, even if they see it they wouldn’t be able to get it. that’s why it’s so precious.

In this state, the marrow would gradually lose its temperature. When it matures to a certain level, it would be covered by void flame outside while the inside is liquid. This liquid is extremely cold but doesn’t form ice. Only this is true void flame marrow.”

Ye Mo suppressed his excitement and saluted with his fists in gratitude. He didn’t expect he accidentally got astral flame marrow in the first state and used it to nirvana Blue Like Morning Sky.

Suddenly, an extremely loud voice sounded “Those with a card participating in the fight for Peng Yue immortal fruit get on the ship.”

Ye Mo had been on the immortal ship many times but this was the first time he saw one this big. There were a million immortals but each had a good cultivation room. Ye Mo got one too, it was large and there were two rooms. The immortal spirit chi was very dense too. The grand heaven domain was indeed different.

Now, everyone went into their own cultivation room. Ye Mo stayed inside his thinking about things. He wasn’t going to cultivate as he would need too much resources.

Ye Mo only sat in his room for two hours or so and the restriction on the door was touched. Ye Mo waved it open and Yan Jiutian quickly came in and set up his own barrier restriction.

Ye Mo got up and stared at Yan Jiutian coldly. He wasn’t afraid of him, Yan Jiutian didn’t dare to fight in here. Even if he did, Ye Mo didn’t believe he would lose.

When he was abstruse immortal middle stage, Yan Jiutian was abstruse immortal tertiary stage, they were almost evenly matched. Although Yan Jiutian was two levels higher than him now, he learned a few powerful god arts coming out of the dao seeking tower.

Ye Mo didn’t dare to underestimate this Yan Jiutian however, he was a half divine emperor. He probably knew much more about god art than him. it was probably very hard to win Yan Jiutian.

“You have quite some secets, I thought that world rock was your biggest secret but you also have time formation disk. If I’m not wrong, truth divine emperor’s time formation disk is on you right?” Yan Jiutian’s voice was so bleak that it made Ye Mo feel he went back to the immortal graveyard range.

Ye Mo’s heart sunk, Yan Jiutian indeed knew about the world rock and now even the time formation disk. But it wasn’t hard to guess, without the time formation disk how could he cultivate so fast.

Yan Jiutian’s voice was even colder “Give me time formation disk and Spirit Will Nine Transformations, I’ll let you live.”

Yan Jiutian didn’t ask for world rock, he knew that Ye Mo would definitely not give him that. Although the world rock was far from as precious as the time formation disk but world rock was what Ye Mo relied upon for survival.

Looking at Ye Mo’s contemptuous gaze, Yan Jiutian wasn’t worried at all and continued “If you infuriate me, I’ll just say you have world rock and time formation disk. Even if I don’t get it you will be dead for certain.”

Ye Mo sneered and pointed outside “Go say it, I’ll be waiting.”

Yan Jiutian’s eyes narrowed, he didn’t expect Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of this. did this guy know that he didn’t want others to know the time formation disk appeared. The time formation disk was much more important to him than Ye Mo. At least to immortal emperor, he would have no bottleneck. He just needed to convert cultivation resource to power.

“You’re not scared?” Yan Jiutian’s killing intent rose forming invisible ripple around the space.

“I even took Truth divine emperor’s world rock, why would I be scared of a mere Daoless grand emperor? You overestimate yourself.” Ye Mo sneered.

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