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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1754 - Threaten each other

Chapter 1754: Threaten each other

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yan Jiutian’s face changed, immediately a black mist line appeared with screeching killing intent.

Ye Mo sneered and his power also rose.

Yan Jiutian eventually didn’t attack, that black mist slowly retreated. But he didn’t look at Ye Mo with just killing intent, there was deep concern too. He knew that he couldn’t kill Ye Mo here, if he attacked, it would startle the immortal ship people. If his identity was spilled, he would have no place to bury himself much less vindicate dao.

“How did you know who I am?” Yan Jiutian put up a few more restrictions and asked coldly.

Ye Mo felt great. Yan Jiutian knew some of his secret but comparatively, he knew more his Yan Jiutian’s secret. He could deny he had time formation disk but Yan Jiutian couldn’t deny he was Daoless grand emperor.

“How I know that isn’t important, more importantly, I know that you’ll probably have to chance your name and face after coming back from Qing Wei heaven.” Ye Mo sneered at Yan Jiutian.

Someone like Yan Jiutian wouldn’t talk to others. Even if he had to contact them he wouldn’t use the same identity. If it wasn’t for the Peng Yue immortal fruit, Ye Mo knew Yan Jiutian probably wouldn’t come. But Yan Jiutian probably never even dreamed that an abstruse immortal he saw in the middle heaven domain would be on the same boat to Qing Wei heaven a few decades later.

Yan Jiutian didn’t answer and just asked Ye Mo again “How did you know it?”

“Who do you think you are? I need to tell you? Piff off, otherwise don’t blame me for attacking, Daoless grand emperor.” Ye Mo said plainly.

“Shut up.” The veins on Yan Jiutian’s head was bulging, he was scared of Ye Mo calling him Daoless grand emperor the most.

“Really? I’m going to call you Daoless grand emperor, when I go out everyone on the immortal ship will know that Daoless grand emperor is here.” Ye Mo laughed not taking Yan Jiutian’s threat seriously.

“Die.” Yan Jiutian couldn’t resist the fury in his heart. Ever since he came out, when was he threatened like this?

His black mist turned into a very fine needle that was ten meters long.

Ye Mo’s room wasn’t big but this long needle had completely bound the space in Ye Mo’s room. Ye Mo didn’t dodge. Yan Jiutian used to be an immortal emperor, even if he couldn’t use immortal king domain, he was able to seal the space nearby with his great eternity immortal tertiary stage power. Plus, this person was experienced in space law?

At the same time, Ye Mo’s world rock fell. He used almost 80% of his immortal essence on his first attack. He didn’t dare to take Yan Jiutian lightly.

Although the world rock looked very scary when falling down it wasn’t a real god art. Ye Mo knew this wasn’t a life and death battle, Yan Jiutian didn’t use full power, he didn’t need to as well. He just needed to create a big scene.

Seeing Ye Mo act like this, Yan Jiutian’s face changed. Ye Mo’s immortal essence was far beyond his expectation. If the world rock fell like this, even if he smashed the world rock to the side, it would startle other people. He was scared of that the most.

He had concerns but Ye Mo didn’t. even if Ye Mo had time formation disk, he only needed to hand it out and he might be able to live but he would be dead for sure.

Instantly, Yan Jiutian took back the black mist line and changed into a net stopped the world rock. Yan Jiutian knew that Ye Mo’s immortal essence was only that much weaker than his. This meant he couldn’t instantly kill Ye Mo.

“Stop, there’s no benefit in fighting for either of us.” Yan Jiutian yelled.

Ye Mo sneered but didn’t have any intentions of stopping, while his immortal essence kept urging the world rock as though preparing for the next attack. He said coldly “If you want to fight then we fight, if you want to stop then we stop, who do you think you are?”

Yan Jiutian knew that Ye Mo was only threatening him, otherwise Ye Mo could release his sword. He was furious but he could only say “Stop first, we’ll discuss.”

Ye Mo didn’t take back the world rock and kept exerting pressure while saying “What’s there to discuss between us? I only have a world rock, if the immortal king wants it then take it. I don’t care. By the way, I didn’t get the time formation disk believe it or not up to you.”

Ye Mo’s world rock broke free from the net and was going to smash down. Ye Mo was never going to admit the time formation disk. Even though Yan Jiutian was certain it was on him, he wasn’t going to admit it.

“Stop, I’ll agree to a condition of yours.” Yan Jiutian eventually succumbed. He was beginning to suspect if Ye Mo really got the time formation disk. If Ye Mo got the time formation disk, he should be scared to show it.

“Oh, okay then.” Ye Mo let the world rock hover above his head.

Yan Jiutian knew Ye Mo was acting but there was nothing he could to. To him, his life wasn’t on the same level as Ye Mo’s life. Even 10000 Ye Mo wasn’t worth his life. if this idiot brought out the powerful beings on the immortal ship he would be over.

Seeing Ye Mo stopped fighting, Yan Jiutian was about to leave. He regretted coming here, he should’ve found an opportunity in the void to kill Ye Mo.

“I haven’t said my condition are you going to go?” Ye Mo said plainly.

Yan Jiutian turned around, the fury was gone, he said calmly “Say it.”

“I paid a heavy price to come to the grand heaven domain, how did you come up here?” Ye Mo asked.

“Because I have a low grade god artefact Time Space Boat.” Yan Jiutian said.

Low grade god artefact? Ye Mo was immediately interested. Evne though he refine Blue Moon many times and brought it to top grade flying immortal artefact, it wasn’t enough compared to god artefact. If he had low grade god artefact, he would be able to fly from grand heaven domain to middle heaven domain in 5 years and middle to low heaven domain in a year.

He needed this desperately, otherwise taking immortal ship would take decades to get from grand to middle heaven domain and the ticket was a fortune.

Seeing Ye Mo about to drool, Yan Jiutian said in contempt “Time Space boat has countless replicas…”

Ye Mo said with joy “Yours is the real one right?”

“Mine is only an ordinary replica.” Yan Jiutian said calmly. He’ll leave it with Ye Mo for a few days. He wasn’t afraid he couldn’t kill Ye Mo in the void.

Ye Mo was shook, even a replica low grade god artefact was this powerful, how powerful was the real one?

Ye Mo looked at Yan Jiutian and said “Give me your time space boat and you can go, I won’t spill your identity.”

Unexpectedly, Yan Jiutian threw an extremely pretty boat to Ye Mo without hesitation and left.

Ye Mo destroyed Yan Jiutian’s restriction and closed the door before setting up his own restriction.

He knew what Yan Jiutian thought. The reason he gave it to him so quickly was because he considered him dead.

But Yan Jiutian can keep dreaming if he thought he would be able to get back things from his hands. Unless Yan Jiutian reached immortal king, otherwise, he wouldnt’ be able to stop him. even if he can’t beat Yan Jiutian, Yan Jiutian wouldn’t be able to keep him.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in the boat, there seemed to be countless restriction. Ye Mo was afraid Li Kun and them would come for him so he hung a solitary cultivation card outside the door before going in the room to spirit control the space time boat.

Anything could happen in the void, he would be able to use this to escape.

Yan Jiutian was extra careful while controlling this boat. He found all the marks that Yan Jiutian left on the boat.

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