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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1755 - Someone wants to kill Qi Beicang

Chapter 1755: Someone wants to kill Qi Beicang

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A month passed quickly, during this time LI Kun, Ji Shu, Qi Beicang and them came to see Ye Mo but seeing the solitary cultivation card, they could only leave speechlessly.

They were very little people who even cultivated on the immortal ship much less go into solitary cultivation. This ship was going to stop half way and then people would be going out to capture void flying snow. There were very little people like Ye Mo who used even this time. However, they did admire Ye Mo’s hard working attitude.

Li Kun came to Ye Mo a few times but Ye Mo was always in solitary cultivation. Seeing that the time for capturing void flying snow was coming, LI Kun was desperate but there was nothing she could do.

Two months later.

The time space boat in Ye Mo’s hands buzzed and the dark blue color receded. Everything inside it cleared appeared in Ye Mo’s brain. Ye Mo was overjoyed. He had completely spirit controlled this time space boat.

The inside space was tens of times larger than Blue Moon and the layout was also very grand. Spirit gathering immortal formations were already set up, one only needed to put immortal crystals inside to use. Even the defense formation was far stronger than Blue Moon’s. There were all sorts of sensory formations too. It was like the void flying snow and could avoid dangers in the void.

At the tail of the boat, there was two propelling formations. If the time space boat went forward at full speed, these propelling formations would activate and accelerate the time space boat.

What Ye Mo liked the most about the void location disk at the front was that although it couldn’t pin point the exact location in the void but it could point the approximate location of each heaven domain as well as its name.

It might not be as fast as the void flying snow in the void, but the void flying snow was a headless fly in the void. After flying for a few decades it might get back to where it started but the time space boat had a clear direction and can be controlled.

Ye Mo was very happy with this, he finally had a decent flying magic artefact.

Even a fake time space boat was this powerful, then just how powerful was the real one? That magic artefact would on the same level as his time formation disk.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo realised that although he had a lot of insane treasures, most of them are supplementary. He didn’t have a real offensive and defensive treasure.

He upgraded Zi Xu relentlessly before finally bringing it to a level eight immortal artefact. The world rock was just a small rock on the world rock.

The only decent magic artefact was the hao heaven drum but Ye Mo didn’t dare to use it. If he did, then even an idiot would know he got the hao heaven heritage.

He lacked a defensive magic artefact, Ye Mo sighed. He was a level eight immortal forgery grand master and could forge a top grade defensive immortal artefact but that really wasn’t exciting for Ye Mo.

After sighing, Ye Mo put away the time space boat and took off the solitary cultivation card.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to go find Li Kun, he saw the Ethereal Immortal Pond saint come over to him.

Ye Mo quickly saluted with his fists “Greet martial sister saint.”

The saint helped him a lot, if it wasn’t for her, he might not even know Yan Jiutian was Daoless grand emperor. That way, he would be the one threatened this time.

Under that situation, he might even lose the time formation disk.

“Martial brother Ye just call me Mi Yun, I want to have a sit in your room is that okay?” Mi Yun smiled, her tone was very soft and charming.

Ye Mo didn’t know why she came to him but she didn’t look at him with scorn like others and answered his questions too.

“Martial sister Mi Yun please come in.” Ye Mo quickly moved aside and said.

“Thank you martial brother Ye.” Mi Yun then hung up the solitary cultivation sign for Ye Mo again.

Seeing this, Ye Mo put on the restrictions again and asked after she sat down “Martial sister Mi Yun what business do you have with me?”

“Can’t I come see you? I heard you went to the Ethereal Immortal Well, we’re half a sect member.” Saint Mi Yun laughed, there was a sliver of airiness in her tone. Ye Mo dazed, were saints supposed to be formal and serious? Ning Eu found a man and now Mi Yun didn’t seem to act like a saint.

Seeing Ye Mo daze, Mi Yun took back her smile and acted a little more serious “Martial brother Ye I indeed need your help.”

Ye Mo quickly said “Martial sister Mi Yun please say it, if it’s something I can help with and not against my heart I’m willing to help.

Mi Yun got up and thanked before saying “Martial brother Ye can hide your powr to be great extreme immortal middle stage as great eternity immortal primary stage and no one could see through it at all. One could say that martial brother Ye’s stealth cultivation method is definitely the best…”

Haering this, Ye Mo immediately realised that there was nothing free in this world indeed. Mi Yun answered a few questions and wanted his cultivation method.

Those questions were life questions to Ye Mo but clearly she didn’t know this. since she didn’t, it was over the line for her to ask for cultivation method.

Mi Yun continued “Mi Yun knows this request is over the line but that stealth cultivation method is very important to me. martial brother Ye you can ask for conditions, as long as Mi Yun can do it, I definitely will. Please just give me a copy of that stealth cultivation method.”

Ye Mo didn’t answer, his stealth cultivation method came from Three Birth Chant.

Although she helped him, there was no way he was going to give his cultivation method.

“Because my master told me to not spread the cultivation method to anyone else. Martial sister Mi Yun is someone I respect, I can’t reject you straight up. So, let me think about this again.” Ye Mo said.

There was no way he would give the stealth cultivation method from Three Birth Chant to her but he had plenty of cultivation method in his storage ring. He would find one and complete it and then give it to her.

“Thank you martial brother Ye.” Mi Yun was overjoyed and got up to thank.

Seeing Ye Mo get up ready to send her out, Mi Yun left behind a jade slip and said “This is the way to capture void flying snow, hope it might help martial brother Ye a little.”

Just when Ye Mo wanted to rejected this, he remembered he needed this.

When Li Kun came to Ye Mo, she found that the restriction was open. She rejoiced and walked over but then saw Mi Yun saint come out of Ye Mo’s room.

Seeing Li Kun dazing, Mi Yun greeted politely “Mi Yun greet sister Xi Yue.”

Li Kun just reacted and smiled awkwardly and chatted with her a little before going in Ye Mo’s room.

“Brother, Mi Yun is Ethereal Immortal Pond saint, don’t get too close to her. Due to Ning Eu, the Ethereal Immortal Pond wouldn’t allow this thing to happen again. If it does, they might punish seriously,” Li Kun said immediately worried that Ye Mo would be enticed by Mi Yun.

Ye Mo smiled “I know, don’t worry sister Xi Yue.”

Li Kun nodded and added “The reason Ning Eu is fine is because Fang Chen comes from Fang Jinshan, a place with a few immortal emperor. The Ethereal Immortal Pond doesn’t dare to mess with them.”

Ye Mo nodded, and seeing a sliver of worry on her face he asked “What’s wrong?”

Li Kun immediately said “Someone wants to kill Qi Beicang, I came to ask you what to do.”

Ye Mo wondered. This immortal ship was going towards Qing Wei heaven, who had the guts to kill on this ship.

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