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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1756 - Of course I go

Chapter 1756: Of course I go

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Kun quickly said “He was challenged, if immortals have conflict on the ship they can resolve the issue through duels on the battle stage. If you refuse the challenge, you must accept an insulting condition of the challenger. Qi Beicang was challenged but with his young city lord status how can he accept an insulting condition. However, I delayed the time, I said to wait for you to come out first.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo breathed easy. This meant Qi Beicang was fine for now.

“Who challenged him?” Ye Mo asked.

Li Kun explained “Qi Beicang offended Fen Du heaven East Abyss Emperor sect’s Xiang Changyong. Xiang Changyong is great eternity immortal peak stage and very powerful. He’s very famous amongst Fen Du heaven great immortals but he’s very murderous and violent. During these two months, he used challenges to kill quite some people.”

Ye Mo nodded and put the restriction back on his room before going with Li Kun to see Qi Beicang. Qi Beicang was a young city lord but like Ji Shu, he didn’t have any bad habits and was quite a good person. He was genuine to friends. The only bad thing about him was he was a bit immersed in lust.

When Ye Mo and Li Kun entered Qi Beicang’s room, he found there were more than ten people inside. They all came over from Chang Rong heaven.

Qi Beicang’s face was back, clearly he knew he was no match for Xiang CHangyong. Seeing Ye Mo come here, he nodded.

Ji Shu and them got up and greeted the two.

“Brother Ji, what is going on?” Ye Mo looked at Ji Shu and asked.

Ji Shu sighed and glanced at Qi Beicang “That Xiang Changyong is too cocky. Beicang is too careless and went to chat up Demon Joy sect Hua Ruxue. Hua Ruxue is an evil woman. She tricked Beicang’s things and told Xiang Changyong to kill Beicang. Quite a few people Xiang Changyong killed on the ship were due to Hua Ruxue.”

Ye Mo had heard of Demon Joy sect from Li Kun, this was an infamous sect. no one inside the sect was good. Regardless, now that Qi Beicang was targeted, Ye Mo wasn’t going to watch this.

When Yan Jiutian threatened him, Qi Beicang was the first to stand up for him.

“I think we should let a person who is as strong as Xiang Changyong to discuss with him. if he knows that we’re not weaker than him, perhaps he would step down.” Ji Shu looked at Fang Chen, it was obvious that he was the strongest here.

Ye Mo remembered there was a half way immortal king guy but clearly that guy didn’t want trouble so he didn’t come.

Fang Chen wasn’t dumb, seeing everyone look at him, he coughed “That Xiang Changyong is from East Abyss Emperor sect, their power is no weaker than us Fang Jin mountain and those around him are the extreme grade great immortals from Fen Du heaven. Jiu Fan immortal pond’s saint Yiyi is just one sliver away from immortal king. Our power is so much weaker than theirs. I feel like a man should be able to see the times, martial brother Beicang doesn’t have to fight him head on.”

Fang Chen clearly meant for Qi Beicang to surrender.

If one surrenders, not only does he ruin his own reputation but the reputation of his sect.

The victor can make the other person do anything that was insulting.

If Qi beicang surrendered, he might as well die.

“Brother QI, it’s just a small thing, a mere Xiang Changyong is nothing.” Ye Mo ignored Fang Chen’s idea, this was an idiot idea.

Qi Beicang’s face is bad but hearing this he laughed “Brother Ye is right, there’s only a Qi Beicang that dies in battle, there’s no QI Beicang that kneels down. Xiang Changyong challenged me, I’m a great eternity immortal tertiary stage, how can I be scared of him. who will send the battle invitation for me?”

Everyone in the room dazed, everyone knew that Qi Beicang had to fight but none of them persuaded Qi Beicang to fight. doing that was asking him to die. This Ye Mo just straight up encouraged Qi Beicang to die.

Ji Shu and them sighed. They were close to Qi Beicang, and of course they knew Ye Mo was right.

Ning Eu looked at Ye Mo and shook her head. Fang Chen sneered and said nothing. Even he was no match for Xiang Changyong, instead of going to die, Qi Beicang might as well suicide. He came here due to Ning Eu and Ning Eu came here due to Li Kun.

Ye Mo laughed “Of course I’m going.”

Ning Eu looked worriedly at Li Kun and said “Xi Yue, your brother…”

Li Kun smiled but wasn’t worried. She knew Ye Mo’s power too well. He was definitely no weaker than Xiang Changyong. She also knew Ye Mo wasn’t the type to let his friends go die.

“He lives at Fen Du heaven region, room A138. Help me set it to three days later.” Qi Beicang said.

“I’ll go with you.” JI Shu got up and said.

Ye Mo waved his hand “No need, I’ll go alone, it’s a mere battle invitation.”

Ye Mo said to Li Kun “Sister Xi Yue wait for me here, I’ll go find Xiang Changyong, I’ll be back soon.”

Then, Ye Mo turned to leave without wasting any time.

Seeing this, everyone fell silent.

The one who helped Ye Mo explain the space law before said “I feel that although martial brother ye is impulsive, his words are right. We’re immortal cultivators, how can we fear a battle. Dying in battle is better than living like a dog.”

“Okay, everyone who came here today is my friend. I’m glad you didn’t leave me in my most difficult time, I’ll treat everyone.”

Then, Qi Beicang took out barrels of wine and opened them up. Aroma spilled, everyone knew this was Qi Beicang’s treasured stock. He probably knew he was going to lose for sure so he shared it with everyone.

The wine was great but everyone wasn’t in a good mood, they even felt guilty. They didn’t leave Qi Beicang but none of them were able to help him. instead, it was Ye Mo who sent the battle invitation for him.

“If we had a master like Lu Mang, who would dare to challenge us.” Yin Hui finished a barrel and smashed it.

Everyone fell silent, they knew he was right. They were a group, they grouped up to increase their power and not be abused. But now, Qi Beicang was about to be killed but no one dared to say anything.

The heaven domain regions were distinct on the immortal ship. Ye Mo left Chang Rong heaven area and soon found Fen Du heaven area.

A138 was very easy to find, there wasn’t even a restriction on this room. The room was very noisy.

Ye Mo walked to the door and the 30 immortals inside looked at Ye Mo. None of them knew Ye Mo.

“Who are you? What business do you have here?” A cold voice sounded, it was a great eternity immortal tertiary stage.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, I came to send the battle invitation.” Ye Mo sneered. Not fearing the 30 great eternity immortal at all.

After a brief silence, the room burst into laughter as though finding Ye Mo’s serious attitude amusing.

Ye Mo waited for the laughter to calm down before saying “Who is Xiang Changyong? I’m challenging you.”

A bulky man got up suddenly, at the same time his killing intent exploded out into a line towards Ye Mo and exploded before him.

Ye Mo stood at the door and didn’t move. It was like the killing intent met an invisible barrier. The force looked dominating but Ye Mo’s hair didn’t even move.

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