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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1757 - Solo cultivator Ye Mo

Chapter 1757: Solo cultivator Ye Mo

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With this, everyone in the room’s faces changed. Everyone here was at least very strong in the same level. Ye Mo was a great eternity immortal primary stage and could stop such powerful killing intent without his hair even moving wasn’t simple.

In fact, other than Ye Mo, everyone else’s clothes moved but they knew the killing intent was just targeted at Ye Mo.

The bulky man’s eyes narrowed, he was very strong and had a strong background too but he wasn’t dumb. He investigated those who he challenges. He investigated Qi Beicang’s friends. Other than that Wei Chou who was half way immortal king and that Fang Chen, he didn’t consider everyone else a threat. He knew Qi Beicang also had a great eternity immortal primary stage but seeing him today, he realised this great eternity immortal wasn’t ordinary.

“I’m Xiang Changyong, when does Qi Beicang want to fight, just say it, I can’t be bothered waiting.” The bulky man’s surprised quickly disappeared and looked calmly at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo scanned everyone else here and said “I need to give this battle invitation to you alone. Of course if you don’t dare to receive it alone you can let everyone stay.”

“Hahaha…” Xiang Changyong laughed “There’s a battle invitation I don’t dare to accept? I will accept any challenge, you don’t need to use your little tricks.”

“Everyone please wait for a moment, I want to see what a mere great eternity immortal primary stage can do to me.” Xiang Changyong’s tone was very contemptuous. He considered Ye Mo dead too. After he challenged Qi Beicang, he would be challenging Ye Mo next.

Everyone seemed to knew Xiang Changyong’s character and immediately left.

After everyone left, Ye Mo put a few restrictions on the door.

“On the account of you blocking my killing intent sever, I’ll give you a chance to speak.” Xiang Changyong stared at Ye Mo coldly.

“Take my punch first.” Ye Mo said and punched.

Xiang Changyong didn’t expect Ye Mo dared to fight in his room but his reaction was fast. He was furious, he wasn’t even cocky yet and a mere great eternity immortal primary stage dared to be this cocky. The next moment, a huge baton appeared before him.

Ye Mo’s punch seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and swept away all the space killing intent in this room. Endless killing force was borne out of nowhere and formed a killing intent whirlpool in just a second and enveloped Xiang Changyong.

Ye Mo could easily take the space killing intent of a thousand km radius and control it into the size of a room.

Xiang Changyong wasn’t Yan Jiutian, he was far from it. Ye Mo wasn’t even scared of Yan Jiutian. He didn’t need to have any concerns teaching Xiang Changyong a lesson. He had the confidence to kill him and not startle anyone outside.

Of course, Ye Mo wasn’t going to kill Xiang Changyong. If he was, it wouldn’t be in the room. plus, Xiang Changyong’s background was strong, Ye Mo didn’t want to mess with the people behind him yet.

When Ye Mo punched, Xiang Changyong was still sneering but when Ye Mo brought all the killing intent in the room and the killing force kept increasing out of nowhere, Xiang Changyong frowned. He felt Ye Mo was no weaker than him.

When Ye Mo’s killing intent whirlpool formed and enveloped him inside and found it difficult to even control his magic artefact, Xiang Changyong’s heart went ice cold. If Ye Mo’s fist wind exploded around him, he would be the center of the explosion and get torn apart.

At this moment, Xiang Changyong realised that Ye Mo wasn’t on par with him, he was far beyond him. Ye Mo’s such terrifying killing intent didn’t even touch the walls of the room and knew that this wasn’t Ye Mo’s true power. If Ye Mo used his true power, he wouldn’t last more than ten seconds in front of this great eternity immortal primary stage.

How was there such terrifying great eternity immortal in Chang Rong heaven? His killing intent sever was worse than a pebble in the sea compared to this punch. No wonder Ye Mo’s hair didn’t even move.

Such killing intent struck straight into Xiang Changyong’s heart. Xiang Changyong felt that the next moment, his life would no longer belong to him.

Cold sweat fell from Xiang Changyong, for the first time, he felt he was so close to death. Although Ye Mo attacked first and made him lose the first opportunity but even if he was prepared could he stop this punch? Even if he did, could he stop the next one.

Just when Xiang Changyong closed his eyes waiting for death, that terrifying killing intent suddenly stopped and the killing force whirlpool disappeared slowly. Xiang Changyong’s pale face breathed easy. He knew he just had a stroll in death’s doors. If Ye Mo didn’t take back this punch, he would be dead.

Xiang Changyong immediately knew that Ye Mo used a fist god artefact. Yet Ye Mo could control such terrifying fist wind and force with such ease. Once could see how strong Ye Mo was.

The room returned to what it was before but Xiang Changyong was sweating cold. He breathed easy but his face was very bad.

“I can easily kill you.” Ye Mo said coldly.

If Ye Mo said this when he first came in, he would’ve attacked already.

Xiang Changyong put away his magic artefact, he knew Ye Mo was speaking the truth. Ye Mo continued “I didn’t come here to kill you, if I wanted to I would challenge you.”

Xiang Changyong shivered, if he failed on the battle stage, he would be killed and be scorned for being killed by a great eternity immortal primary stage after his death.

After a moment of silence he said heavily “you’re right, you can easily kill me. I was asked by someone to kill Qi Beicang, if I knew Qi Beicang had a friend like you I won’t challenge him.”

Xiang Changyong knew why Ye Mo asked everyone in the room to leave, it was to save face for him. clearly, Ye Mo wasn’t scared of him but didn’t want to start conflict with him.

“I appreciate your good will.” Xiang Changyong added. He was violent but he wasn’t dumb.

Ye Mo nodded, it was the best outcome that Xiang Changyong could calm down and answer his words. If Xiang Changyong was an idiot, Ye Mo would have to resort to challenging him.

“Very well, I hope you can apologise to Qi Beicang and say you were told be someone and cancel the challenge.” Ye Mo said.

Xiang Changyong subconsciously answered “Impossible, I would definitely not apologise to anyone nor cancel the challenge.”

Ye Mo sneered “In that case I will challenge you first. I feel that Hua Ruxue isn’t bad, you and her…”

“Wait…” Xiang Changyong quickly stopped “I agree to your request. But in order to do that, Qi Beicang has to agree, or the challenge can’t be cancelled.”

“I will convince Qi Beicang, he won’t make it hard for you. You’re a smart person, I believe you know what to do. I can’t mess with East Abyss Emperor sect yet and I don’t want conflict with them but I don’t want something to happen to my friend. But just because I don’t want conflict doesn’t mean I’m scared of any power.”

Ye Mo’s words made Xiang Changyong know clearly that Ye Mo didn’t consider him a threat. He just didn’t want to offend East Abyss Emperor sect, if he did, he would eventually get back at them.

Xiang Changyong didn’t feel Ye Mo was talking big. Ye Mo could easily kill a great eternity immortal peak stage as great eternity immortal primary stage, clearly, Ye Mo’s future was boundless.

“I agree, but if Qi Beicang insults me, I would rather die in your hands.” Xiang Changyong said.

Ye Mo nodded and left. He believed Qi Beicang would insult Xiang Changyong.

“May I ask of your name friend?” Xiang Changyong quickly saluted with his fists and asked.

“Solo cultivator Ye Mo.” Ye Mo opened the restriction.

There were still many great eternity immortals outside, some were Xiang Changyong’s friend, some came to see the fun. They wanted to see if Xiang Changyong would kill this great eternity immortal primary stage.

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