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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1758 - Xiang Changyong’s apology

Chapter 1758: Xiang Changyong’s apology

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing Ye Mo leave rapidly, everyone was confused. According to Xiang Changyong’s temper, this guy should either be dead or heavily injured but Ye Mo left perfectly fine.

Moments later, Xiang Changyong appeared at the door. Compared to Ye Mo, these great eternity immortal felt like a lot about Xiang Changyong changed. His face dind’t seem very good and there were slight waves on his immortal essence.

“Friends, I just heard Qi Beicang’s friend explain, I just realised I was used by someone. I can fight to death but there’s no way I’m going to let myself be used.

Xiang Changyong’s words made people very confused, Xiang Changyong was using an excuse to kill Qi Beicang, how come he said he was being used? Didn’t he like people using him to kill?

Xiang Changyong said seriously “I, Xiang Changyong, am a clean person, wrong is wrong, I will not let people use me. they want to use me to challenge Qi Beicang, I’m not going to let them have it their way. This time, I’ve decided to apologise to Qi Beicang…”

Xiang Changyong’s words shook everyone nearby, what was this? Xiang Changyong going to apologise personally? With this temper, he would only kill Qi Beicang and then challenge the person who used him.

A few cunning great eternity immortal were already on to something, they immediately joined “Brother Xiang is indeed a clean and upright person. after knowing he was used, he still uses a nice manner to apologise to an ordinary great eternity immortal, he indeed has the mannerism of a big sect. with brother Xiang’s unparalleled dao heart, his accomplishment would be boundless…”

With people leading the way, the rest immediately knew what happened and all clapped,

Xiang Changyong felt a little awkward but he was grateful to those great eternity immortal. At least his status and face was saved.

Those smart great eternity immortal already knew the problem was with the great eternity immortal primary stage who sent the battle invitation.

If it wsan’t that Xiang Changyong was really powerful, some people even suspect he was taught a lesson inside. This was too absurd however.

As soon as Ye Mo left Fen Du heaven region, he saw someone familiar, little immortal king Lu Mang. He sneered at him clearly waiting for him here.

“No wonder you killed Ming Cai, you’re a great eternity immortal. So amazing.” Lu Mang sneered.

Ye Mo knew Lu Mang hated him to the bones but he didn’t care. He had time space boat, he could go anywhere.

“You’re right, my great extreme immortal was fake, great eternity immortal is real. It’s better than something that can’t be real.” Ye Mo said.

Lu Mang was very annoyed seeing that Ye Mo sneering him for being a fake immortal king but he couldn’t fight here.

“I’m warning you to stay away from XI Yue, otherwise you won’t even know how you die.” Lu Mang threatened again.

Ye Mo ignored him and immediately left. Lu Mang sneered but there was nothing he could do. at this moment, a great eternity immortal came to deliver Lu Mang a message.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to let this go and his spirit sense sneaked over.

Ye Mo only heard the words, five element item, auction, immortal king. Lu Mang immediately left, he seemed very desperate.

Ye Mo didn’t care about auctions, there were ones every day. He cared about the five element item, it made Ye Mo think of his stone stools.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was in no rush to go back and immediately chased after Lu Mang in invisibility. There were many restrictions on the immortal ship and in less than 15 minutes Lu Mang disappeared from him.

“Brother Ye?” just when Ye Mo was thinking about how to get to the auction, a voice of surprise and joy sounded.

Ye Mo recognized this person, it was Ren LIjin and Chu Chi next to her.

To be honest, Ye Mo really dind’t want to see these two. He didn’t expect they had the right to go to Qing Wei heaven. Ye Mo could only saluted with his fists and greet them “So it’s martial sister Lijin and brother Chu, we meet again. I believe you two are going to Qing Wei heaven too?”

Chu Chi quickly said “Yes, thank you for your help brother Ye.”

Seeing Ye Mo here, Chu Chi was very shocked. Ye Mo could appear here meaning that in the battle at the palace, Hei Wuren was probably dead. Ye Mo being great eternity immortal primary stage was very normal to him, last time Ye Mo was great extreme immortal peak stage.

Ye Mo didn’t want to mention the past and quickly said “It’s nothing, you guys should be in Jin Shang heaven, how are you guys here?”

“In order to go to Qing Wei heaven, the immortal residence used a lot of effort. We know it’s very hard for us to get the Peng Yue immortal fruit but it’s better to see the world. It’s the market place ahead, we brought some immortal artefact we want to sell.” Ren Lijin quickly said.

Ye Mo knew that they must be selling the immortal artefact they got in the Immortal Graveyard range.

Ye Mo immediately said “Perfect I want to go to the market place too.”

This was just a market place on the immortal ship but it as popular as market places in some immortal cities. There were mostly great eternity immortal inside, only a few great extreme immortal.

Ye Mo let Chu Chi and Ren Lijin go set up their stall first. He wanted to find out about the auction and didn’t want others to know.

“Why is Ye Mo still not back?” Jiu Ruyan was worried. Xiang Changyong’s temper was bad and they all knew.

If Ye Mo offended Xiang Changyong, Xiang Changyong wouldn’t dare to kill him but he could heavily injure Ye Mo or destroy his power.

Ye Mo was just sending a battle invitation, it shouldn’t take this long. Even Ji Shu and them were getting worried. Li Kun wasn’t worried at all but seeing everyone worry, she began to worry too. She trusted Ye Mo’s power but what if they gained up on Ye Mo.

Thinking about this, Li Kun couldn’t sit down anymore and immediately got up and said “I’ll go have a look.”

“Sister Xi Yue, let me go.” Ji Shu got up. He was close with Ye Mo.

At this moment, the restriction of the room move, someone came.

Qi Beicang was a little tipsy but he immediately felt it and opened the restriction saying “Brother Ye should be back…”

But when he opened the restriction, he was dazed. It wasn’t Ye Mo at the door, it was Xiang Changyong here but there was no Ye Mo.

Qi Beicang guessed that Ye Mo might be heavily injured and immediately got up in fury. Everyone else realised what happened.

Ye Mo was heavily injured and Xiang Changyong came to show off. Ye Mo’s friends were only Ji Shu, Qi Beicang, Jiu Ruyan and Yin Hui, everyone else guessed what happened but no one got up.

“Where is my brother Ye Mo?” Li Kun’s eyes went red and yelled at Xiang Changyong.

Seeing the furious Li Kun who couldn’t even control her killing intent, Xiang Changyong dazed. He just came here and didn’t attack Li Kun. But soon he immediately realised what happened, Li Kun clearly thought he did something to Ye Mo.

Li Kun was Ye Mo’s sister, Xiang Changyong was scared and quickly saluted with his fists “Martial sister, brother Ye went to my place and sat for a while and left. I don’t know where he went but I believe he should be back soon.”

Everyone in the room dazed, since when was Xiang Changyong so easy to talk to? Was this the violent tempered Xiang Changyong?

What shocked them even more was that, Xiang Changyong turned to Qi Beicang and said “Brother Qi, I was tricked by someone before to challenge you. Luckily I know what happened now, I came to apologise to you and take back the challenge, please forgive me brother Qi.”

In this instant, the room was extremely silent, Xiang Changyong came to apologise and take back the challenge?

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