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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1759 - God Artifact Pill Cauldron

Chapter 1759: God Artifact Pill Cauldron

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If it wasn’t that Xiang Changyong’s tone was genuine, no one would believe this was real.

Seeing the silence in the room, Xiang Changyong felt very awkward and said genuinely, “Brother Qi, what do you think?”

Qi Beicang was a little tipsy but he instantly woke up now. He realised that Xiang Changyong came to apologise probably due to Ye Mo.

Qi Beicang wasn’t going to reject of course, he quickly saluted with his fists. “So someone started this conflict using you - since brother Xiang came to apologise, this little matter is over. Please, come have a drink too.”

Qi Beicang gave Xiang Changyong a way down.

Then, Qi Beicang poured a cup of wine for Xiang Changyong. Now, Ji Shu and them all realised that Xiang Changyong was indeed here to apologise.

Xiang Changyong really didn’t want to drink here but was afraid Ye Mo would think his apology wasn’t genuine so he quickly finished the cup and said, “All the unhappiness and misunderstanding is over with this drink.”

Qi Beicang was very happy and laughed. “Of course, brother Xiang has an open heart, I greatly admire it, that little misunderstanding is nothing.”

With this, Xiang Changyong felt assured and immediately saluted with his fists. “In that case, I’ll be leaving.”

Xiang Changyong walked to the door but suddenly thought of something and turned back “When brother Ye comes back, if he has the time, I welcome him to come visit.”

Then, Xiang Changyong suddenly remembered what Ye Mo said before he left, ‘solo cultivator Ye Mo’.

Only now did he realise the meaning of that, being solo cultivator meant that Ye Mo was alone and could go anywhere. If he kept looking for trouble with Ye Mo’s friends, Ye Mo would attack without hesitation.

Seeing Xiang Changyong leave, the room full of people went into discussion. They all realised that Xiang Changyong came to apologise due to Ye Mo, but Ye Mo was a great eternity immortal primary stage - how could he convince Xiang Changyong to apologise?

Only Li Kun knew that Ye Mo didn’t persuade with words, he persuaded with fists. Since Xiang Changyong came to apologise, it meant that he considered the consequences of not apologizing.

“Hahaha…” Qi Beicang laughed and felt very satisfied. With Xiang Changyong apologizing to him, he would have everywhere he went if he told the story.

“Many thanks to brother Ye today. Hmm, why isn’t he back?” Qi Beicang wanted to celebrate but he realised that Ye Mo wasn’t back.

Li Kun said, “My brother probably has some business, don’t worry about him.”

“It seems that with Ye Mo on our team, no one would dare to challenge us.” Ji Shu laughed. Ji Shu knew a little more about Ye Mo than everyone else.

The depressing atmosphere immediately lightened up with Xiang Changyong’s apology.

Ye Mo went to a few shops and still got no news about the auction. He even wanted to find Lu Mang straight up. At this moment, he saw a huge sign on a merchant tower that clearly spelled ‘Yi Tower auction’, Ye Mo immediately went inside.

Five minutes later, Ye Mo came out of the tower. He realised that this auction wasn’t the auction he wanted to go to. But he also found out from here that there was a Ding Xiang auction that only invited those with high status.

Lu Mang was the disciple of the Chang Rong Heaven’s heaven lord, clearly he had the opportunity. Ye Mo guessed that Mi Yun saint of Ethereal Immortal Pond probably was invited too ,but he didn’t know if Li Kun was invited.

Ye Mo had decided to go ask sister Xi Yue first and then Mi Yun. Before he left the marketplace, he heard some ruckus. Ren Lijin’s voice was very loud.

Ye Mo knew that there was probably some issue at their stall so he went over without hesitation.

“Brother Ye!” Ren Lijin had this fear towards Ye Mo, she felt Ye Mo was very mysterious and powerful. She quickly greeted Ye Mo when he came.

“What’s going on?” Ye Mo looked at the rusty pill cauldron in Ren Lijin’s hands.

Chu Chi quickly said, “After we saw this pill cauldron, I felt it wasn’t ordinary and wanted to put it away, but this immortal friend tried to force me to sell this cauldron to him. I didn’t want to and he’s causing trouble here.”

“Your stall is clearly selling old products, I just picked this up from your stall. How am I causing trouble? If you don’t want to sell then don’t set up a stall here!” a great eternity immortal peak stage yelled.

Ren Lijin immediately said, “Why can’t I set up stall here? Does this marketplace belong to you?”

“Show me the cauldron.” Ye Mo reached out his hand.

“Brother Ye, if you like this pill cauldron you can have it. I’ll give it to you for free, I’m not going to sell it to this rude person,” Ren Lijin said.

The great eternity immortal peak stage sneered and just stared at Ye Mo’s cauldron saying nothing. Clearly, he really wanted it.

Ye Mo took the pill cauldron and scanned it with his spirit sense. When he saw waves and waves of restrictions, he immediately realised why this great eternity immortal peak stage wanted it so much.

This was a low grade god artifact.

A low grade god artifact pill cauldron would be worth the same as an ordinary middle grade god artifact. Ye Mo was immediately interested in this god artifact.

“Brother Chu, martial sister Lijin, this pill cauldron is a good magic artifact, I’m an immortal pill master, it’s useful to me…”

Before Ye Mo finished, Chu Chi said, “Martial brother Ye, you saved us before, if you like it then take it. Plus, martial sister Lijin agreed to give it to you.”

“Then thank you,” Ye Mo said. He really did save them and to be fair he abandoned this cauldron. He didn’t expect there were really good things in that pile of trash.

“There’s a chronological order to things. I came first, what right do you have to take it?” The great eternity immortal immediately became desperate.

Ye Mo took the pill cauldron and stared at this great eternity immortal. “Did you see me buy it? They gave it to me for free, did you not hear it?”

The people watching immediately laughed out.

“You…” the great eternity immortal was at a loss of words.

But he immediately changed his position and saluted with his fists. “Friend, this pill cauldron is really important to me. Name a price, I will buy it from you.”

“If you have to buy it, then I’ll sell it to you…” Ye Mo frowned and said. He didn’t believe this great eternity immortal would be able to afford it.

The git immediately said happily, “Okay thank you friend,”

Ye Mo waved his hand “Don’t thank me yet, this pill cauldron is very pricey. If you can’t afford it don’t blame me.”

“Tell me,” the great eternity immortal said calmly, he believed with his fortune he would be able to shock this great eternity immortal primary stage.

Ye Mo nodded. “One extreme grade immortal range, if you can take out an entire one, you can have this pill cauldron.”

Ye Mo didn’t know which one was more valuable but he knew his price wasn’t overpriced.

To Ye Mo, the extreme grade immortal range was more important because he had a Shen Nong Cauldron.

“You…” this great eternity immortal immediately pointed at Ye Mo in fury, thinking Ye Mo was mocking him. He didn’t even have a low grade immortal range. Not even immortal emperors had an extreme grade immortal range. Not even every grand emperors had an extreme grade immortal range.

At this moment, another voice sounded, “Brother Ye, can you show that pill cauldron to me? Of course the price will be what you say.”

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