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Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1984 - Gemini Sect Member

Chapter 1984: Gemini Sect Member

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The red wave flowers swept towards Ye Mo. Ay Binglan was very annoyed. If this wasn’t the peak of the mountain, her red band could sweep all the nearby space and make Ye Mo defenseless. Of course, that’s just what she thought.

Lu Huahan’s flame dragon tooth made humming sounds as a hideous black dragon appeared. Rings of flames circulated the dragon’s head.

Roar. The black dragon carried this heaven devouring force that almost devoured Ye Mo and the woman on the ground.

Ye Mo stopped, his domain surged out and the surrounding space seemed to have paused at this moment. That extreme cold and hot was also swept away by Ye Mo’s domain. A barrier that almost materialized stretched out. The two’s face changed. Such powerful domain, such powerful force, they were definitely no match.

Plus, at the top of the mountain, they would need to use extra power while Ye Mo wasn’t affected at all.

The red band wave was swept back while Lu Huahan’s black dragon made a sharp shriek.

But this wasn’t the end. The next moment, a piercing purple ray shout out from behind Ye Mo. When the purple ray sliced by, Lu Huahan and Ay Binglan just felt their body shivering.

That huge dragon heard immediately withered after the purple color passed. Meanwhile, the purple color didn’t weaken at all. There was a bloody mist on LU HUahan.

Scratch. Ay Binglan’s red band was weaker than the dragon tooth and was just ripped apart by the purple light. Before Ay Binglan could think, she smashed at the purple ray with the hand wearing the glove.

A thud later, the purple colour moved aside a little and sliced past Ay Binglan’s shoulder bringing out a bloody mist too.

The two looked dazily at Ye Mo but both of them lost an arm. Lu Huahan was worse, half of his body was gone.

There was terror in their eyes. Even though the fire mountain could affect them, they were still immortal emperor power. Two immortal emperors couldn’t even last one round in his hand? What was this person? Even if a divine emperor came he would probably only be like this.

“Your glove is quite good.” Ye Mo glanced at Ay Binglan’s glove.

Then he threw a pill into the mouth of the woman laying down. Moments later, the woman woke up. She immediately got up but realised she was pretty much naked. In her embarrassment and fury, she quickly put on a set of clothes and yelled at Ay Binglan “Big sister, why did you harm me?”

She soon saw that Ay Binglan and Lu Huahan was missing an arm. She had completely realised now that their arms were probably cut off by Ye Mo. Perhaps she was saved by Ye Mo.

“No need to look I saved you.” Ye Mo glanced at the two and said “Tell me your purpose of coming here and tell me about the Gemini sect too. If you hide anything I will kill you.”

The woman cast her embarrassment aside and quickly bowed to Ye Mo “Qian bei, wanb bei Ay Xiuzhu. I came from Gemini sect. qian bei can ask me. Xiuzhu will tell whatever I know.”

Ye Mo nodded. He was happy with Ay Xiuzhu’s attitude, “Tell me where the Gemini sect is and which people are in the sect as well as what your purpose here is?”

Ay Xiuzhu immediately said “The Gemini sect is long gone. Only some scattered sect members remain outside trying to find talented twins to inherit the cultivation method. I’m from the sect but I’ve never been to the sect. I only know I’s around here. Other than twin cultivation method, the sect also has body refinement cultivation method. The snow volcano had always been the body refinement cultivation grounds. I came here this time because my martial sister lured me here. She said there’s a teleportation formation to the sect at the top of the mountain. I came to look for that teleportation formation.”

Ay Xiuzhu looked at Ay Binglan and said “Sister said that she didn’t want to go to the sect as she found someone she liked so she wanted to be with him. She gave me the teleportation formation jade card. Now I know it’s not teleportation jade card but the formation card to activate the extreme heat and cold.”

Ay Xiuzhu sighed. After activating this jade card, I realised that those with these cards would be surrounded by extreme heat and cold and unable to escape. If no one is around to save you when you’re unconscious you would die.”

“Why do you want to kill your sister?” Ye Mo looked at Ay Binglan.

Ay Binglan quickly said “The snow volcano is the place for Gemini sect members to break through to immortal god body. Usually, it’s two people breaking through at the same time. My talent isn’t as good as Xiuzhu and she reached immortal god body first. I was planning to use her to reach immortal god body, then…”

Ye Mo didn’t need her to explain to know what was going on. Ay Binglan wanted to use Ay Xiuzhu’s body to cleanse the extreme heat and cold and then use that to refine her own body. That way she would have a chance to reach immortal god body. From this, Ye Mo knew that Ay Binglan was shameless and had no morality.

Ye Mo said with disgust “Since this is a cultivation ground why would Ay Xiuzhu fall unconscious?”

Ay Binglan answered “Because no one has cultivated here for countless years. The extreme heat and cold and stacked to an extreme. Even immortal god body tertiary stage might not be able to withstand it much less immortal god body primary stage.”

Ye Mo scanned where Ay Xiuzhu was laying and found a subtle stealth formation there. The formation was probably where the sect members came for body refinement. The extreme heat and cold was very pure.

Ye Mo walked over to there and ran his body refinement cultivation method. Extremely pure heat and cold filled Ye Mo’s body and constantly refined his body.

This place was much better for body refinement than other places. There were all sorts of impure chi at other places and even with the Three Birth Chant, Ye Mo would have to remove it first. But here, one could just devour that chi for body refinement straight away.

Soon, Ye Mo left here. It was indeed suitable for body refinement but he had reached the peak of immortal god body. There was no point in cultivating here.

Seeing Ye Mo go into the formation and come out so casually, there was more shock in Ay Binglan’s eyes. Ye Mo was the strongest body refinement cultivator she had seen. His power was also out of this world.

She had actually never heard of such person.

“So that teleportation formation is fake? You don’t know where the sect is?” Ye Mo’s tone became harsh.

Ay Binglan said in horror “Qian bei please have mercy.”

Ye Mo sneered “If you tell me things that satisfy me I won’t kill you. If you keep bullsh*tting you wont need to keep talking.”

Ay Binglan rejoiced and quickly said “Qian bei, the teleportation formation is real. When my master taught us, she didn’t take us to the sect so we don’t know where it is too.”

“Where does the teleportation formation lead to? Where is the teleportation formation? Who is your master?” Ye Mo asked.

Ay Binglan didn’t dare to hide anything at all “It’s said to teleport to where the sect used to be. As for the location I only know it’s near the snow volcano. My master is called Luo Biyue…”

Hearing this name, Ye Mo was overjoyed.

Ye Mo’s tone calmed down due to his mood “Where is your master Luo Biyue?”

Seeing Ye Mo’s tone go calm on mention of her master’s name, Ay Binglan wondered if Ye Mo was related to her master but she realised she didn’t know where her master was either.

Seeing Ye Mo’s face grow worse, Ay Binglan quickly said “Qian bei, my master never came back to us after leaving us. I think she might’ve left through the teleportation formation.”

Disappointment surged in Ye Mo’s heart, he then asked “Where is the approximate location of the Gemini Emperor sect?”

“30,000km to 300,000km west of the volcano.” Ay Binglan said.

“Last question, where are there so many snow peaks at the top and why are there bodies underneath it?” Ye Mo asked.

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