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Strongest Counterattack (Web Novel) - Chapter 258 He Was Found

Chapter 258 He Was Found

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The last highlight show was about to begin. Due to the seven previous exciting games, all the audience was highly anticipating the last match. At that time, the whole boxing field was becoming noisier and noisier. The cheers rang louder and louder.

Qin Sheng, Yang Deng, and Ma Chao were almost submerged in the crowd. Numerous rich bosses sat on their seats, smoking their cigarettes, drinking red wine, and holding beauties in their arms, waiting for the last highlight show.

Yuan Ke did not notice Qin Sheng’s showing up there. There was a young man beside him. He looked somewhat respectful toward that young man, which could be told from the particulars while he talked. When he listened to the young man, he would take the initiative to lower his head near the young man’s mouth. When he talked, he would take the initiative to whisper at the young man’s ears. It was starkly clear as for who was superior and who was the inferior.

The young man was none other than the biological grandson of the Old Monk from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, who had already started to take over everything his grandfather had granted him. Plus, he performed his job with skill and ease. Since Yuan Ke was the Old Monk’s foster son, generally speaking, he was that young man’s uncle. How could he be so respectful toward the young man and look somewhat snobbish?

It happened because never had the Old Monk cared about his foster sons. Unlike Third Master Wu, who had only recruited two foster sons, the Old Monk had recruited a total of seven to eight foster sons, three of whom had met with a mishap and died. He knew what that group of people were after. They wanted nothing else than his connections and his background and he needed loyalty and capabilities; they just took what they needed.

However, the Old Monk held another completely different attitude with his relatives. He treated them like delicate treasures. When it came to his relatives’ business, he would be partial. Since his son had been killed by his enemy and it was he who had raised his grandson and granddaughter on his own, of course, he highly valued them. As a result, that young man was a Prince and the future steersman in the circle where Yuan Ke was in. Who would dare to make light of him?

“Uncle Yuan, look at the group of weak people sitting across you. If we don’t win in the end, it will it be quite shaming for us. As for that, you know it better than anyone else,” the young man said cynically. At the same time, he was staring at the group of people on his opposite side, including Luo Changgong. Speaking of the three tycoons on the other side, they were all trusted subordinates of Third Master Wu in the circle, who were all influential and powerful in Zhejiang. If he could make them feel shameful and embarrassed, how interesting it would be.

Yuan Ke smiled happily as he said, “Young Master, you can feel at ease. I have been preparing for this match for so long a time. Especially, Luo Changgong has been holding a grudge against me recently. I need to work off my feelings well tonight.”

“What if you lose?” Obviously. the young man did not trust Yuan Ke that much. Based on his grandfather’s teachings, he could not trust anyone in that circle, unless their relationship was founded on definite benefits and loyalty. He needed to make the decision according to his own judgment. In that case, whether he won or lost, he could not blame others.

Yuan Ke laughed merrily as he said, “It is impossible for us to lose. If we do, I will give you a Ferrari as a gift.”

“Okay. Uncle Yuan, do you know what I like about you the most? It is your boldness and forthrightness. Hahahaha.” Upon hearing Yuan Ke out, the young man laughed out loud. That night, he did not place bets on any matches. When it came to gambling, whatever form it was, the ones on the table were always the losers. Because nobody could control the odds. Only those bankers could definitely win.

The host was already done with warming up the competition. The whole boxing area was filled with the flavor of hormones. Besides that, many women were screaming and shouting. After warming up, the host was introducing the fighters on both sides. The player on Yuan Ke’s side was a bald man, who was stripped to the waist. His name was Yan Qing and he was forty years old. He was expressionless and his eyes were crystal clear. He seemed to be indifferent toward all the hustle and bustle going on in the boxing field.

The player on Luo Changgong’s side was a man, whose age was at about thirty-five or thirty-six and whose name was Nan He. With a vicious smile on his face, he seemed to be itching for a try. He kept provoking Yan Qing across him, who in turn seemed to be eager to get rid of him.

One was active and the other one was calm. They behaved differently, which acted as another selling point.

“The way I see it, the player on Yuan Ke’s side has already become weak. Look at his somewhat ghastly expression. Check the fighter on our side, who looks like a fierce tiger coming down off the mountain freshly. We will definitely win tonight,” Ma Chao said, who started to get somewhat sharply-tongued.

Yang Deng cursed him smilingly as he said, “Don’t make yourself a joke again. As for the ones able to set foot in the ring, none of them are ordinary. As for the ones contending at the last round match, they are all authentic masters. Qin Sheng, what do you think?”

Qin Sheng smiled happily as he said, “From my perspective, as the saying goes, there will always be someone better than you. There are countless masters in this world. We just don’t have the chance to see them yet. Most of us are frogs at the bottom of the well. We can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“In that case, let’s see whether it is Mars clashing against the Earth or King Kong fighting against the av idols.” Yang Deng said meaningfully.

After the referee’s announcement, the highlight show finally began.

Of course, it was the player on Luo Changgong’s side, Nan He, who had taken the initiative to strike first. Instead of being affected, Yan Qing, the one on Yuan Ke’s side, stayed in place, waiting for Nan He’s attack.

Nan He started to launch his attack in a pretty violent way. He hit at Yan Qing’s face directly with three consecutive strokes. After Yan Qing stepped aside to dodge his attack, he hit right at the position of his heart, with a hawky hand movement. After Yan Qing stretched his hands out to avoid that movement, Nan He directly kicked at Yan Qing’s abdomen with his knees. Yan Qing held out against that fatal attack single-handedly and was pushed backward by a few steps by Nan He.

Taking advantage of that strength, Nan He directly sprang to his feet and hit at the top of Yan Qing’s head with his own hands in a descending manner. Since Yan Qing knew it was impossible for him to withstand that movement, he gave up defending altogether and began attacking all of a sudden. He directly bumped into Nan He’s abdomen.

They almost hit at each other at the same time. Nan He’s hands landed on Yan Qing’s spine on his back. Meanwhile, he also knocked Yan Qing off, making Yan Qing squat on the ground. The move Yan Qing had already stricken out was pretty formidable. After Nan He landed on the ground, he went backward for a few steps stumblingly and almost fell to the ground.

That beautiful beginning was a feast to the audiences’ eyes. All the audience present thought the tickets they had bought were pretty worthwhile.

“Excellent,” Ma Chao yelled out subconsciously.

Qin Sheng and Yang Deng were somewhat concerned instead. Yang Deng said, “I don’t know whether the player on Brother Luo’s side is playing ferociously on purpose or if it is his original style. It seems the bald-headed man on Yuan Ke’s side reacts more quickly.”

“I agree with you. I am afraid that the player on Brother Luo’s side is fraught with grim possibilities this time,” Qin Sheng said as he nodded quietly.

When Qin Sheng was enjoying the match in the underground boxing field, he did not know that his old enemy in Shanghai, Feng He, had successfully located him. After confirming details, Feng He was eager to call Yan Chaozong.

“Young Master, I have located them,” Feng He said pretty excitedly. He was still waiting to have his revenge on Qin Sheng for what he had gone through previously. Plus, Qin Sheng had made the Yan Family suffer such a great loss. Besides their dignities, they had also suffered heavy casualties.

Upon hearing the news, Yan Chaozong, who was interacting socially in the nightclubs and who had originally been a bit drunk, came to his senses in an instant. He said in a hurry, “Wait for a moment. It is a little noisy inside. We will talk about it after I am outside.”

After Yan Chaozong hung up, he directly greeted with his several friends and ran out of the nightclub. It was not until he found a quiet place that he called Feng He back and said, “You said that you have located them, right?”

“Yes. Master. I’ve figured it out,” Feng He said confidently.

Yan Chaozong said excitedly, “Are you sure? Where are they now?”

“Hangzhou,” Feng He said straightforwardly.

Yan Chaozong could not help but swear, “F**k.”

It did not occur to him that even though he had been looking for them for so long a time, they actually had been hanging around under his nose and he was completely ignorant of it. Admittedly, Qin Sheng and Lin Su were good at hiding themselves.

Yan Chaozong frowned as he asked, “Have they been staying in Hangzhou?”

Feng He explained in a hurry, “No. They arrived in Hangzhou two months ago. Ever since they went to Xiamen in this February or March, they had been living in Xiamen. Lin Su ran a cafe there. Qin Sheng was probably hurt seriously that night. He had been recovering himself in Xiamen.”

“He was hurt seriously? Speaking of the issue taking place that night, have you already figured it out? Was he saved by others or did he conceal his true strength and kill all of our people?” Yan Chaozong went on questioning.

Feng He shook his head as he said, “As for this, I have no idea. No traces were found.”

Yan Chaozong ground his teeth as he asked, “How are they doing in Hangzhou now? Any specific news yet?” Since Qin Sheng and Lin Su had made him lose all of his dignity, he would definitely not let go of them that time after he found them.

Feng He said slowly, “Currently, I only know the general situation. Qin Sheng acts as a vice president in a Yuanda Holding Company and Lin Su works in a benevolence foundation.”

“Tut, tut, tut. Half a year has passed, and he has actually climbed to the position of vice president. How sophisticated of him. Could it be that he does not know that Yangtze River Delta is my realm?” Yan Chaozong said pretty formidably. However, it seemed that he had already forgotten what had happened half a month ago, which had made him be mercilessly ridiculed by the rich playboys in Sijiu City. At first, he had intended to retaliate; however, upon knowing the group of rich playboys’ background, he became completely servile.

Why? Because he simply did not have any strength to challenge any family among them, especially the female. If he did intend to find fault with her, he would need to apologize to her and beg for her forgiveness.

After Yan Chaozong came to his senses, he immediately gave out an order as he said, “I need to know all of their situation in Hangzhou. Watch over them closely. I want them to pay the price this time.”

Qin Sheng certainly did not think of the possibility that hardly had he stood firmly in Hangzhou when Yan Chaozong had already been informed of his information. The pressure came one after another. How was he going to deal with what would happen in the future?

In the underground boxing field in Hangzhou, just then, the competition was at the most critical moment. Yan Qing on Yuan Ke’s side had taken an advantageous position gradually. Nan He on Brother Luo’s side started to show a declining tendency. Anyone who was discerning, could tell it.

At the rest section in the front row, the Old Monk’s grandson coming from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions let out a sigh as he said, “Uncle Yuan, it seems that I can’t win a Ferrari. However, as long as you can win this game, Uncle Yuan, I will give you two beauties from the Zhejiang University as a gift.”

“Thanks for your kindness first, Young Master,” Yuan Ke said happily.

On the contrary, all on Luo Changgong’s side had ghastly expressions on their faces at that moment. If they lost the match that night, they would lose their dignities. Money was just a trivial matter at the moment. Dignity mattered more.

Qin Sheng and Yang Deng were closely watching the situation ongoing in the ring. Ma Chao could not help but sigh as he said, “Is it that we are going to lose?”

“Not sure yet,” Yang Deng said casually.

By the time Yang Deng finished this sentence, Qin Sheng saw that Nan He, who felt flustered and exasperated, had exposed his most obvious flaw. He said helplessly, “It’s over now.”

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