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Strongest Counterattack (Web Novel) - Chapter 259 Me

Chapter 259 Me

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That fight was completely different from others. In other previous matches, either the fighters had acted weakly on purpose to benumb their counterparts; or they had done their utmost, though there had been too large a gap between their strengths; or, they had been comparable to each other in strength and they had been in a deadlock all the time, with one of them winning by luck after a small-scaled fighting.

Both the players in that match were masters with amazing strength. However, Nan He was good at taking the initiative to launch attacks. Yan Qing liked performing passive defense first and fought with Nan He via taking advantage of the particulars. The situation of the game had been exciting. Both the fighters had presented the audience with a feast to their eyes, similar to a film.

However, after all, it was a game. Yan Qing was pretty unmoveable. However Nan He had launched the attack; he could always find a way out first. After that, he would seize the chance to fight back. As for Nanhe, he also did not give Yanqing any chances at all. At most of the times, they both had been injured seriously. Neither of them had been taken advantage of.

Their tactics were like playing tricks of defense and attacking in a football game, such as this: “the defense party was like an iron board. However you had been attacking me, I would still face the danger fearlessly; however, if I fight back, even though I could not win the game, I would make you feel physically and mentally exhausted.”

The player Yuan Ke had hired was not an ordinary person at all. He was an authentic martial monk from the Shaolin Temple. He had visited a lot of places in later days, in pursuit of the climax of his martial career. At the same time, he had intended to challenge every master from different walks of life. Fortunately, he had run into the Old Monk’s master in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. After that, he had been living in the temple, meditating and cultivating both his mind and moral character.

He was about to leave the temple and visit around that time, when Yuan Ke happened to know about his existence and his plan when he had accompanied the Old Monk back to the temple earlier ago. As a result, he went out of his way to trick him into showing up there. To that kind of master, money did not matter at all. What really attracted him was that he could challenge the masters from different walks of life. For example, he had come across Nan He, which made him feel that it had been a worthwhile trip that time. Otherwise, he would never again take part in such kinds of deeds.

Before Qin Sheng finished his words, none could tell who would be the winner and who would be the loser. After all, the match was too exciting and too complicated; both parties had taken turns to be the winner and the loser. Nobody could give the decisive word.

Speaking of the kind of trick—namely, to take the initiative to launch the attack, which Nan He had adopted—if Nan He had come into a counterpart whose strength was worse than his, he would have settled him easily. He could also have overwhelmed his counterpart in a vigorous manner. However, it happened that he had run into Yan Qing, a contender who had gone through too many important scenes and who was so calm that he could wear his opponent out—the longer he had been fighting, the more easily he would expose his own flaw.

It was exactly what Nan He had been going through at that moment. Due to the frustration generated out of the attack and the pressure generated out of the defense, he gradually intensified his strength while attacking. He was so self-righteous that he thought Yan Qing’s strength could not be as powerful as before. As long as he exploded abruptly and intensified his strength, he might crack down Yan Qing’s defense.

However, that was just his own thoughts. The reason why Yan Qing had exposed his own flaw on purpose in a seemingly unintentional manner was to trick him into doing that. As expected, Nan He fell into his trap without any hesitation at all and directly ran at his seemingly fatal weak point. That weak point was Yan Qing’s left rib. With a simple blow, Nan He could easily crack down Yan Qing’s ribs, which could injure Yan Qing’s heart or directly annihilate him. In that case, the fight would come to an end.

Upon hearing Qin Sheng’s words, Yang Deng thought Nan He was going to be the winner because he had seen the flaw Yan Qing had exposed out of a hurried counter-attack. As a result, he said as a smile crawled on the corners of his lips, “It seems we are going to win.”

Upon hearing that sentence, Ma Chao said excitedly, “Really? I am right. How could the player on Master Luo’ side lose? Hahahaha. I am going to make a huge profit tonight.”

However, Qin Sheng directly shook his head as he said, “He will lose and Yan Qing will win.”

Both Yang Deng and Ma Chao looked dumbstruck as they stared at Qin Sheng. They didn’t know why Qin Sheng had made a completely different judgment. They did not have time to bother with Qin Sheng at all. Instead, they focused on watching the game.

When Yan Qing was dodging off one of Nan He’s side kicks, he did not keep avoiding him. Instead, he launched an attack after his dodging and directly hit at Yan Qing’s cervical vertebrae. At that moment, Nan He seized the chance to attack his side.

Without any hesitation at all, Nan He directly hit at the position, where Yan Qing’s heart lay, with a blow. Finally, Yan Qing, who had been serious in manner and speech, smiled and rejoiced. He retrieved his attack all of a sudden. It was not until Nan He was unable to retrieve his exerted force that he hit forcibly at Nan He’s armpit. Nan He stopped his movements abruptly. He did not expect that kind of result at all.

However, it had not ended yet. After that, Yan Qing went on to kick at the outside of Nan He’s legs directly. Nan He seized the chance to retract his legs, which made him fall into Yan Qing’s trap again. Hitting right at Nan He’s hand, Yan Qing directly got hold of Nan He’s arm, which had been numbed. He turned around quickly all of a sudden and pulled it forcibly, which made Nan He roar loudly. As a result, his arm was twisted broken by Yan Qing.

Nan He launched his attack as if he had gone crazy. However, Yan Qing did not pursue him closely. As the saying went, even a rabbit would bite when it was irritated, let alone his powerful opponent, Nan He. Consequently, he directly bumped into Nan He’s back, making him stumble to the ground and keep a safe distance away from himself.

At that moment, Nan He was squatting on the ground destructively. One of his arms had completely lost its combat power. Yan Qing on the other side looked like a rooster, which had won and looked insufferably arrogant.

The amazing fighting a moment ago had overturned the whole situation. All the audience present held their breaths. After the result was revealed, they all screamed and yelled out loud in an instant. For those who had placed their bets on Yan Qing, they felt extremely happy at that moment. As for those ones who had bet on Nan He, they had no choice but to admit their own defeats.

“We actually lost in this way, didn’t we?” Yang Deng said, who could not understand why.

Ma Chao was unwilling to give up yet. He said, “Lao Yang, we have not lost yet. We still get more chances. Nan He just had one of his arms broken. As long as he dares to fight ferociously, he definitely has a chance to win.”

Yang Deng frowned as he said, “Speaking of the fighting between masters, it is not as simple as the playing between children, who will concede to each other. Though Nan He is not weak at all, he is not as experienced as Yan Qing. He has already lost, which is definite. It seems the group of people, including Yuan Ke, will be the bigger winners tonight. For these kinds of scoundrels, who have been intoxicated by their small successes, they will definitely show off. I am afraid that Brother Luo will not be able to put up with them.”

Qin Sheng squinted his eyes as he said, “You just said there are some final rules, right? Anyone in the audience can randomly challenge the final winner.”

“Are you going to be the one?” Ma Chao asked pretty expectantly. However, he did not think Qin Sheng’s strength would overtake Yan Qing’s, which could possibly be weaker than Nan He’s. If he did so, he would be just bringing disgrace on his own head.

As expected, upon hearing Qin Sheng’s words, Yang Deng persuaded him as he said, “Honestly speaking, Qin Sheng, it seems that your strength is not sufficient to beat Yan Qing yet. I haven’t seen a master like him at this level for a long time. If you just intend to learn from him and gather some experience, it will do. However, there is another rule, namely, you can only challenge him on the condition that the bets placed on you are equal to the gambling odds in this gambling field. Otherwise, the boxing field would have negative gambling odds, which, of course, the boxing field would not do at all.”

“Did I say I would be the one? As the saying goes, it is important to know one’s own limitations. I am not that powerful yet. However, are you willing to see Yuan Ke winning that easily and comfortably?” Qin Sheng said pretty randomly.

Yang Deng turned excited instantly as he said, “Could it be that you know another master?”

Before the fight began, Qin Sheng had already left the boxing field and went to the VIP room. He had called Lin Su since he had feared that Lin Su would feel anxious for him, if he still had not gone home at such a late time. After all, he had not informed Lin Su that he might go home late due to some issues he had to attend to. At the same time, he had called another person and asked him to go there to watch the fun.

At that time, since Qin Sheng felt it was almost the time, he was confident enough to say words like those. To him, what would happen tonight was a pretty good chance, which could help him greatly with his development in Hangzhou in later days. As a result, he had to amaze people with the first call.

“You go to the VIP room, get my mobile and pick one of my friends up, who should be already here at this moment. There is no password needed for my mobile. If there are any unanswered calls from Lao Chang, you go out and call him back directly, is that OK?” Qin Sheng gave out his order evenly.

Ever since the boxing field had been built, never had someone challenged the final winner successfully. After all, the final winner with such strength could not be easily challenged by anybody. If the challenger was really powerful enough, he should have been in the ring earlier. After all, he would earn more in a formal competition. Speaking of the last challenging game, there were no profits at all. It was just a gimmick set up by the boxing field.

However, Yang Deng did not think it was the case that day. Qin Sheng was not an ordinary person at all, who had almost gotten him killed. Since he had asked a helper to go there, of course, he would be happy to watch the most amazing scene. After all, neither was he willing to see Yuan Ke winning that easily. Otherwise, they would act pretty arrogantly. He had to suppress their imposing manners.

Yang Deng directly stood up, left and said, “Small tricks,”

The situation ongoing in the ring became a one-sided now. It was just a matter of time for Nan He to lose. He was just giving dying kicks at the moment.

Ma Chao asked doubtfully, “Brother Qin, can your helper win against that bald-headed monk?”

Qin Sheng kept him guessing deliberatedly as he said, “Have you ever met an authentic master?”

Ma Chao smiled sulkily as he said, “No. I just met some bodyguards, who have pretty amazing fighting skills. That’s all. I have also met some while watching the ongoing fights in this underground boxing field.”

“Then, I will show you who can be counted as an authentic master later on,” Qin Sheng chuckled as he spoke.

What he had said was pretty imposing, which made Ma Chao feel confused. However, Ma Chao had seen how confident Qin Sheng was based on his words. As a result, he did not pay attention to the game ongoing in the ring anymore. Instead, he was waiting for the final game to be initiated by a challenger.

In the rest section near the ring, the group of people, including Yuan Ke, who had been waiting for the result, did not pay attention to the messy situation ongoing in the ring anymore. They smoked the cigarettes, drank the wine, and talked with each other merrily. On the contrary, the group of people on the other side, including Luo Changgong, their faces went purple with rage. They felt that it was not necessary to continue the competition anymore. As a result, they called the staffers in the boxing field over and whispered a few words to them. The staffers immediately notified the referee.

The referee rang the whistle, indicating the end of the match. At the same time, he held up Yan Qing’s hand as he said, “I hereby announce the ends of the fight. The winner is Yan Qing.”

All the audience present exclaimed Yan Qing’s name loudly and excitedly. Yan Qing was also enjoying their worship and adoration.

The group of people on the winning side, including Yuan Ke, were walking toward the other group, where Luo Changgong was. Since they had lost the game and felt ashamed, they did not want to see Yuan Ke’s look at all. So they stood up without any hesitation and were about to leave.

The audience on the scene were also leaving one after the other. As for the bonus of the match, it would be transferred to their bank accounts afterwards. They did not need to worry about that.

At that time, the host spoke out randomly, “Though the last fight has ended, according to the rules in this boxing field, does anyone dare to challenge our winner, Yan Qing?”

As usual, nobody responded. Everybody was cursing and mumbling. “Who would f**king dare to take the initiative to look for trouble?”

Right at that moment, Qin Sheng stood up slowly and yelled out with a thundering voice, “Me.”

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