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Strongest Counterattack (Web Novel) - Chapter 260 Who Would Win?

Chapter 260 Who Would Win?

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It did not occur to anyone on the scene that somebody would actually dare to challenge the final winner that night. Could it be that he did not know he was seeking death on his own? Never had such a scene taken place in the underground boxing field. All the audience was astounded at Qin Sheng’s word “Me”. They all stared at the direction where the voice had come from unanimously. As for those ones, who were on their way out, they also stopped their paces.

Among them, Yuan Ke and the grandson of the Old Monk, who had won the last fight, were both included. After Yuan Ke saw Qin Sheng, his face went purple with rage in an instant. It did not occur to him that he would run into Qin Sheng there. Plus, never had he thought of the possibility that Qin Sheng would intend to challenge his fighter. Since he had forced him to get out of Yuan Da, what the f**k did he plan to do that night?

The group of people, including Luo Changgong, who had lost both their money and their dignities, also stopped and watched. When they saw it was Qin Sheng who was going to challenge Yan Qing, Luo Changgong found it pretty interesting and stopped subconsciously. Instead of thinking that the young man was courting death, he felt that he behaved pretty confidently. If he could really overwhelm the fighter on Yuan Ke’s side, they would win back their lost dignities. Since he knew how to deal with what was going to happen next, of course, he would not miss such a chance.

Besides them, Boss Li from Shanghai was also included. He recognized Qin Sheng right away. It did not occur to him that he would once again meet Qin Sheng there. Previously, he had been interested in Qin Sheng and intended to win him over; unfortunately, Qin Sheng had said no to him in a subtle way. However, they had gradually lost contact later on since Boss Li also did not bother to pay attention to others’ lives. At that moment, he was just wondering why Qin Sheng would show up there, who was supposed to be in Shanghai.

Some bosses, who had met Qin Sheng due to Cao Da’s connection previously, also saw him. They all found it incredulous that Qin Sheng would stand up in the end. However, they were just watching the fun. That was all.

All the people on the scene were confused over one point. Namely, since Yan Qing’s strength was obviously so powerful—and he was a complete master, who was totally unpredictable—was Qin Sheng that powerful enough to beat him? Perhaps, he had no chances at all, right?

Anyway, since someone intended to challenge the final winner, which was an exciting thing to the audience, they all stayed and watched the fun.

Using his mic, the host asked, “Oh? Does this friend intend to challenge our winner?”

At that moment, Yan Qing, who had been staying in the ring, was staring at Qin Sheng closely. He was making his judgment whether Qin Sheng was a master or not. He did not mind being challenged at all. As long as the challenger was an authentic master, he definitely would be glad to have an exchange with him, which was also the true reason why he had chosen to take part in that fight.

Qin Sheng did not say anything at all. Walking toward the ring slowly, he smiled faintly at his acquaintances along the way, nodding and greeting them. When he walked to the resting section, he saw Luo Changgong. He chuckled as he said, “Brother Luo, we can’t lose that easily.”

Due to that sentence, Luo Changgong thought pretty highly of Qin Sheng. It seemed that Qin Sheng was doing that to win back their lost dignities in their stead. He apparently was going to have a good fighting with the fighter on Yuan Ke’s side. Luo Changgong did know of the grudge Qin Sheng and Yuan Ke that had been born against each other. However, he did not understand why Qin Sheng had done so.

But, anyhow, whether Qin Sheng would win or lose in the end, Luo Changgong would still think highly of him. They definitely would communicate with each other more intimately and frequently in the future.

As a result, Luo Changgong did comment further on the matter. He just chuckled and said, “Thanks. However, you better watch out. I advise you not to fight for a temporary relief.”

“Brother Luo, you can rest assured that I know how far to go and when to stop,” Qin Sheng said calmly.

At that time, Qin Sheng also ran into Yuan Ke. Yuan Ke sneered and said, “It’s you.”

“Yes. It’s me,” Qin Sheng replied peacefully.

Yuan Ke said pretty unscrupulously, “You should know the rules here. In the ring, the fists and the blows have no eyes. At that time, you won’t even know how you are going to die.”

“Brother Yuan, you have been concerning yourself with too many things.” Qin Sheng did not bother to deal with Yuan Ke at all. He went on walking forward, walking toward the steps, and was about to step on the ring.

As expected, Qin Sheng also saw Boss Li. He took the initiative to nod at him politely. Boss Li immediately understood that Qin Sheng had already recognized him. He replied by nodding with a smile.

Qin Sheng stepped on the ring slowly and instantly became the focus on the scene.

“This friend, I wonder, how should I address you?” The host asked in a polite way.

Qin Sheng did not pay attention to Yan Qing, who had been staring at him by his side. He said casually, “My family name is Qin.”

“Oh. Mr. Qin, You should know the rules in our boxing field, right?” The host confirmed with him, who was afraid that someone acting recklessly without any knowledge of the rules would show up there.

Qin Sheng nodded slightly as he said, “Yes.”

“Then, are you sure you still want to challenge him?” The host asked him closely.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “It’s not me who will be the challenger.”

Upon hearing that sentence, all the audience became excited. They all thought, “What the hell did Qin Sheng mean? Was he just playing? If you weren’t the challenger, why did you shout previously?” They had instantly become uninterested in the next fight. They became foul-mouthed.

Though feeling pretty confused, the host still held his horses and asked, “Mr. Qin, since you will not be the challenger, I want to know, who will it be?”

Originally, Qin Sheng had been planning to stall for time and wait for Yang Deng to bring Lao Chang in. At that time, he finally saw Yang Deng and Lao Chang, who had already entered the boxing field.

As a result, Qin Sheng said resolutedly, “It is my friend who is going to challenge the winner.”

The host found it a bit funny and asked somewhat at a loss for words, “Where is your friend now?”

Since Chang Baji was on its way to the ring, Qin Sheng directly pointed at him as he said, “It is him.”

All looked toward the direction where Qin Sheng was pointing at. Of course, they saw Chang Baji, who was not good-looking and smiled happily, and found out he was a middle-aged man in his early forties.

That was the first time Chang Baji had shown up so formally in front of those groups of tycoons from the Jiangsu, Zhejian, and Hangzhou cities. All the audience present also eyed that middle-aged man up and down, wondering whether he was powerful enough to challenge Yan Qing.

After Qin Sheng had called him and told him clearly about his plan, Chang Baji had already made a decision, which was to accept Qin Sheng’s request gladly. He could gain many additional benefits after simply taking part in a match. Plus, by doing so, their relationship with Luo Changgong would take a leap forward, so why not? Chang Baji was worrying about how they were going to break their situation in Hangzhou open the most. Of course, he would not let go of such an opportunity. Moreover, since he had not fought for a long time, he was just thinking of exercising his muscles.

Soon, Chang Baji stepped on the ring. He did not pay attention to anyone along the way, including Yan Qing on the stage. If Yan Qing were really a tough guy, he could enjoy fighting fully and delightfully that night. Otherwise, it would not be interesting at all if he kept abusing the fresh beginners or the amateurs.

The host also asked Chang Baji several questions, who, generally speaking, was asking him whether he knew the various rules in the boxing field or not, and so on.

After that, the host left the stage happily, who was going down to inquire about the opinions of the boxing field administration. He was waiting for them to give out the final gambling odds for the game initiated by the challenger. The fight could only begin after ensuring that the gambling odds of both parties lay within a permissible scope.

Qin Sheng had already stepped down off the stage. Of course, he was not willing to stay in the ring, making himself a monkey for everybody on the scene to watch. Chang Baji still stayed there. It was not until that time that Qin Sheng started to observe Yan Qing.

The group of people, including Yuan Ke, already showed the Young Master, whom they must respect politely, to the rest section. At that time, Yuan Ke had already ordered his trusted subordinate to notify Yan Qing to play mercilessly.

His thoughts went along the following: “since it was you who intends to challenge me tonight, Qin Sheng, obviously, you did not take me seriously. In this case, I would have my revenge on you for all the old and recent grudges, making you pay too dearly for your whistle.”

After sitting down, the rich Young Master asked, “Uncle Yuan, do you know this guy?”

Upon hearing his words, Yuan Ke said pretty grudgingly, “Yes. I know him. How could I not know him? Not only do we know each other, but also we bear grudges against each other.”

Staring at Qin Sheng, who had sat in Luo Changgong’s section, the young man mumbled and said, “Oh. In this case, the way you see it, Uncle Yuan, the reason why he intends to challenge Yan Qing is to disgrace us, right? I see he is pretty familiar with Luo Changgong.”

Yuan Ke exaggerated as he said, “Young Master, you are right. He knows Luo Changgong quite well. Since I do not get along with Luo Changgong well and we bear grudges against each other, of course, they would unite and play against me.”

“Who is he?” The young man asked curiously.

Yuan Ke sneered and said, “He is just a petty role, who has got some connections and who is completely ignorant and arrogant. That’s all.”

Due to some reasons, Yuan Ke was not willing to complicate the issue deliberately and bring some troubles to himself; however, that Young Master could do that and he would dare to. After all, he was the biological grandson of his Foster Father, who was righteous and who had loved him dearly all the time. However big the trouble his grandson had made was, he would definitely get him out of trouble. Since he had said so, probably, that Young Master would be interested in fighting with Qin Sheng.

As expected, after Yuan Ke finished his words, the young man, who was really unwilling to submit himself to his peers, sneered and said, “Alright. Let me see how capable he is in later days. However, Uncle Yuan, in your opinion, could Yan Qing beat his friend? If we still win in the end, they will greatly disgrace themselves tonight.”

“Young Master, you can rest assured that we will definitely win tonight. Yan Qing has reserved his strength,” Yuan Ke said complacently.

Upon hearing that sentence, the young man looked pretty happy.

By the time when Qin Sheng had just sat down on the other side, Yang Deng and Ma Chao had gone up from the lower section. All the audience present were waiting anxiously for the final gambling odds. After the gambling odds were announced, they would judge the situation and decide on who they were going to place their bets on. However, everyone could tell it by heart that most people would bet on Yan Qing.

“Qin Sheng, can your friend really win in the end?” Luo Changgong asked doubtfully.

Qin Sheng smiled casually as he said, “I have no idea. I just don’t want to see Yuan Ke winning that easily. If Brother Luo believes in me, you can bet more on my friend. Perhaps, you can win back all that you have lost tonight.”

After pondering for a while, Luo Changgong said, “Then, I will try it out first.”

Yang Deng and Ma Chao had made up their minds that whatever the final gambling odds would be, they definitely would place their bets on Qin Sheng’s friend. Based on their understanding of Qin Sheng that night, if Qin Sheng were not confident, he definitely would not dare to take that kind of risk.

By that time, the host had walked out and stepped on the ring once again, announcing the gambling odds the boxing field had set up for the match initiated by the challenger.

The gambling odds for Yan Qing were 1 to 1.2.

The gambling odds for Chang Baji were 1 to 1.5.

The gambling odds set up by the boxing field were pretty low. Obviously, they were conservative about the game initiated by that night’s challenger. They did not set up high gambling odds for Chang Baji to make more money. Only God knew whether the result would act as a slap in their faces. As a result, it would be better for them to play more prudently.

After the gambling odds were announced, People began placing bets. Compared with the previous fights, though the game initiated by the challenger might be more exciting, there were not so many people placing their bets at all.

However, surprisingly, Qin Sheng found out that Luo Changgong had directly placed a ten million dollars bet on Chang Baji. Boss Li from Shanghai had also bet five million dollars on Chang Baji. Yang Deng had placed a bet at two million dollars and Ma Chao had bet one million dollars.

But Qin Sheng did not place any bets at all. Because once he lost, he could not afford the losses. It sufficed him that he had already earned some pocket money that night.

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