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Strongest Counterattack (Web Novel) - Chapter 261 Could It Also Be Played In This Way?

Chapter 261 Could It Also Be Played In This Way?

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After knowing the amount of the bets everyone had placed, Qin Sheng could not help laughing. What the hell? Even he was not sure whether Lao Chang could win or not. He had just asked Lao Chang if he was interested to go there to practice his fighting skills and become famous or not. How come those people trusted him that much?

Qin Sheng could not help but mumble and said, “It is not easy to make money. When you are gambling, you need to be prudent.” He was also doing that to give them a piece of kind advice. Otherwise, they would blame him if they lost at that time.

Yang Deng said happily, “Qin Sheng, I believe you. It is just two million dollars. If we lose, that’s it. We won’t blame you. We just can’t put up with the arrogant attitude the group of people on the other side have been holding.”

To Yang Deng, originally, two million dollars had been nothing at all. Plus, he had won a lot that night, which was totally credited back to Qin Sheng’s judgment.

Ma Chao also echoed as he said, “Brother Qin, as for one million dollars, it is just a petty thing. I will pretend that I have spent that to buy a car.”

At that moment, Luo Changgong, who had placed a ten-million-dollar bet, was silent. Actually, by doing that, he was also taking the risk. However, he did so mostly for his dignity. He did not think of Qin Sheng as a pretty bold person. Based on his understanding of that young man, he would not do something he was not confident of.

Qin Sheng could understand all of them, except for Boss Li from Shanghai. He had bet five million dollars, which Qin Sheng found it confusing, more or less.

“Boss, we don’t need to be in the middle of this. Those local tyrants in Hangzhou are trying their best to win back their dignities,” Boss Li’s trusted subordinate muttered.

Li Jun replied smilingly, “Did you already forget what happened in Shanghai? If Qin Sheng had not been capable, since he had successfully killed Zhou Wenwu, he certainly would have some masters under his charge. Moreover, to me, five million dollars is nothing at all.”

The trusted subordinate replied in a hurry, “You are right. Boss.”

Li Jun said to the female fighter by his side, who had helped him earn money that night, “Yueji. The way you see it, how is that man? Who could win?”

“He is of a low profile, introvert, and he is of outstanding bearing. Even if he loses, he won’t lose in an awkward way. However, only after they start fighting will I see more clues,” The female player named Yueji said randomly.

Li Jun said laughed happily as he said, “Then, let’s see first.”

The people on Luo Changgong’s side all finished placing their bets. Except for those ones who had already placed their bets, excluding the bets made by the audience, there were several other tycoons on Luo Changgong’s side who had placed bets. The total amount of the bets made by them was already at 35 million dollars, which was enough to set off the gambling odds set up by the boxing field.

At that moment, the people on Yuan Ke’s side were also discussing about how much they were going to bet. Since Yan Qing had never been defeated, Yuan Ke was confident about him the most. Originally, he had been constantly winning, so it was a matter of course, he would not let go of the last chance to make money. He placed a 15 million-dollar bet without any hesitation at all. The total amount of the bets made on his side was at 30 million dollars.

Half an hour later, the time for betting was finally up. The bets made on Yan Qing’s favor was estimated to be at 60 million dollars, including those placed by the audiences present. After Qin Sheng knew of that number, he was directly astounded. How f**king wild the people in this boxing field had dared to play. Obviously, it was not a boast at all that the turnover for the boxing field per night was at several billion dollars. As for the bets placed on Chang Baji’s side, it just exceeded 40 million dollars; of course, the 35 million dollars placed by the tycoons on Luo Changgong’s side was also included. Obviously, the audience did not trust Chang Baji at all.

Since the time for betting was up, then, obviously, the last fight was about to begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I announce that the match initiated by the challenger begins now,” the host said pretty excitedly. Since another fight had been added on the spot, he certainly would earn a healthy commission.

Chang Baji looked at Qin Sheng sitting below and nodded silently. To him, he had already taken advantage of Yan Qing since Yan Qing had just finished one fight. He was fresh and fit. Instead, his opponent was weary and exhausted.

At that time, the two contenders were two meters apart. Neither of them took the initiative to strike out first. They were both observing each other. All the people in the boxing field were silent. The atmosphere was nervous, defensive, and aggressive. They were all waiting for a good show to be displayed.

At that moment, Chang Baji said indifferently, “Since you have just finished one game, even if I beat you, I will have an unfair advantage over you. I will concede to you by only using one of my legs, namely, my right leg. I would not use my left leg. It could be counted as a fair game, more or less.”

After Chang Baji finished that sentence, all the people on the scene went wild.

Chang Baji had gone somewhat too far to act posingly. Some were directly astounded on the spot. Was he confident or self-righteous? Qin Sheng did not know whether he should laugh or cry, he thought in secret, Lao Chang, Lao Chang, since you knew you would win, that would do. Why did you intend to make an unnecessary move all of a sudden? You are doing this to increase the level of the difficulties of the game.

“He is posing amazingly,” Ma Chao said, also feeling confused.

However, Yang Deng did not think so. He thought it was not self-righteous of Chang Baji to do so. The reason why he had done that was that he felt f**king confident. He actually was playing with his opponent by only using one leg.

However, the group of people, including Luo Changgong and Li Jun, did not like what Chang Baji had done. As experienced Old Foxes, who had been hanging around society for many years, when it came to the things which could be settled by paying ten dollars, they certainly would not be willing to pay two more extra dollars. They thought of it as a troublesome issue.

“He does f**king make light of us,” Old Monk said somewhat indignantly. What Chang Baji had done was a complete insult to them. He was also doing that to humiliate them, indicating that he did not give a damn about them at all.

Yuan Ke sneered as he said, “If he intends to act posingly, let him be. Let’s see how silly they look later on.”

There were only Chang Baji and Yan Qing on the stage. Upon hearing Chang Baji’s wordings, obviously, Yan Qing did not feel happy at all. However, since he had concealed his delight and anger, he did not show any outward emotions, indicating he felt dissatisfied. He needed an authentic opponent instead of a false one, who kept talking silly things without practicing any skills at all. As long as Chang Baji was powerful enough, he would feel sufficiently excited.

Chang Baji stared at Yan Qing closely, stretched his right hand forward, indicating that Yan Qing should act first. Obviously, he was provoking Yan Qing further. Squinting his eyes, Yan Qing looked at Chang Baji expressionlessly, who had not been angered by Chang Baji’s frequent provoking and insults at all.

Both of them were waiting for the most optimal time to strike out first.

One second, two seconds, and several seconds had passed; they both did not move at all. It seemed that they were interacting with each other with the looks in their eyes and they were fighting with each other ferociously in the spiritual world.

As for the audience, who had been sitting on the seats, they began to feel discontented. Some of them began to curse at them, doubting whether they would fight or not. They said they would go home if they did not intend to fight it out.

At that moment, the look in Yang Deng’s eyes was vigorous and exuberant. He could not help but say, “This is indeed a fight between two authentic masters.”

Ma Chao, who did not know what was going on, took after Yang Deng’s example and said posingly, “Yes. They are authentic masters. Speaking of Nan He, who showed up a moment ago, he is too weak. I wonder whether he is here to swindle money out of Master Luo.”

Sitting in the resting section, Qin Sheng was cracking melon seeds, drinking tea, and waiting for Chang Baji to be well known in all of Hangzhou city…

It was at the instant when Qin Sheng had just put down his teacup that Chang Baji and Yan Qing almost stroke out unanimously. They directly hit at each other on their faces.

The war had finally begun, which was equal to the one taking place when Mars collided with Earth.

Within a blink, Chang Baji and Yan Qing had started fighting. Chang Baji hashed at Yan Qing’s shoulders directly with a palm. As a master who was distinguished for Eight Poles Boxing and Eight Diagrams Palm, of course, Chang Baji had taken the initiative to launch the attack. He did not give Yan Qing any chances to recover. He just liked that kind of boxing method, which was to lead the temples insead of being led by others by the nose.

Yan Qing dodged Chang Baji’s attack sideways in a calm manner. He directly attacked Chang Baji’s abdomen with a fist. At the same time, he also needed to face the following heavy pressings Chang Baji had exerted closely with his left hand. Chang Baji, who adopted dual measures simultaneously, lifted up his knees and blocked Yan Qing’s fist. He did not take Yan Qing’s attack seriously at all. At that moment, since Yan Qing only focused on defending himself against Chang Baji’s attack on his left side, it did not occur to him that after Chang Baji hashed his palm, he could retrieve his power forcibly halfway and hit right at his right ribs successfully.

Yan Qing only felt that his ribs had been beaten heavily. Grinding his teeth, he forced himself to directly kick at Chang Baji with his leg. At that time, Chang Baji had no choice but to step back. If he kept chasing at his heels, he had no choice but to be hit successfully.

However, Yan Qing had thought that Chang Baji would avoid his attack. As a matter of fact, Chang Baji did not dodge at all. Instead, he lifted up his knees, which had originally landed on the ground, exerted force with his ‘able’ leg, and bumped forcibly into Yan Qing’s chest.

They hit each other at the same time. Yan Qing fell backward. Chang Baji fell to the right side. Before he stood stably, he had been stumbling along the way.

As for a beginning like that, the ordinary audience did not know who had taken the advantage over the other. Seeing them both falling down on the ground, they thought they both had lost. Only those discerning people, including Qin Sheng, knew clearly that Chang Baji had been at an advantageous position all the time. He had launched a series of attacks in a dazzling and deceiving manner, which made Yan Qing unable to ward off the attacks effectively. Yan Qing had thought that he could drive Chang Baji away. However, Chang Baji had chosen to bear the price first to gain more benefits.

Yang Deng could not help but applaud as he said, “Amazing.”

He believed that if it had been him who was playing against Yan Qing, it would have been simply impossible for him to overwhelm Yan Qing at all. At the same time, he strongly believed that he would not have responded in the same way as Yan Qing did.

It was unknown whether Yan Qing was still testing Chang Baji or concealing his strength. None of them could conclude the result simply on the basis of a simple beginning. The game was still ongoing.

Chang Baji and Yan Qing both squatted on the ground, who looked like the cheetah and the lion. Within a blink, they rushed at each at the same time again.

In the beginning, Yan Qing did have the intention to test Chang Baji. However, he had been surprised to find out that the man in front of him actually had such a powerful strength. He knew that if he chose to defend himself, he would have no chances to win at all. As a result, he chose to fight directly with Chang Baji. Even if he would lose today, he would still think of that fight as worthwhile, since he had fought fully and delightfully.

Chang Baji gained his advantage over Yan Qing with his steps. He still adopted dual measures simultaneously and stroke out unexpectedly. When Yan Qing was attacking Chang Baji, he was somewhat defending himself, who simply did not give Chang Baji’s imposing attacks a damn at all.

They went on fighting that way, which had been ongoing for several minutes. Though Chang Baji had gained many advantages, Yan Qing did not put him in a comfortable position at all. They attacked and defended themselves in a dazzling manner. Their movements and skills were brilliantly amazing. It did not occur to anyone in the audience that the most amazing fight would be the last unexpected match initiated by a challenger, which was far more amazing than the last previous one.

Another attack was launched again at that time. Yan Qing took the initiative to launch his attack, exerting his formidable, sharp, and consecutive kicks at Chang Baji. He did not expose any flaw at all, which Chang Baji could take advantage of. It was not until Yan Qing had forcibly swung his last kick that Chang Baji took the risk to get hold of Yan Qing’s ankles. However, the strength exerted on his hands was not something ordinary people could put up with. The power could completely break fingers.

Instead of being in a panic, Yan Qing only frowned slightly. He did not give Chang Baji any chances to fight back. He directly sprang to his feet and directly rushed at Chang Baji’s face with his knees. Sneering, Chang Baji directly loosened his hands and gave a shoulder bash toward Yan Qing. At the same time, he edged forward sole-legged and bumped directly into Yan Qing after he gathered all his strength.

When Yan Qing ran into that movement, he was completely frightened. What the hell? Could the Eight Poles Crashing Boxing be used in that way?

However, he could not retract his power anymore.

With a bang, they bumped into each other directly.

Yan Qing, who had been in the air, was directly knocked off. He was just like a blown off kite. It could be seen that his legs were almost out of shape. By the time when he fell on the ground, the result of that match had been obviously revealed.

Because Chang Baji was the only one still standing there, who was like a King Kong with glaring eyes. It was such an astonishing scene that it could be counted as the most amazing and the most violent one among all the fights.

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