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Strongest Counterattack (Web Novel) - Chapter 303 Take Things As They Come

Chapter 303 Take Things As They Come

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Yan Chaozong arranged two Audi A6L to pick Qin Sheng up. Qin Sheng was on the latter car, along with a driver and a bodyguard seated in the front seats. He was the only one who was sitting on the back seat. Suddenly, two cars sped up and ran the red light. Qin Sheng’s face slightly changed, but he was not scared. He believed in his intuition and trusted Chang Baji and the other fellows. What was more, he believed that Yan Chaozong wouldn’t do something to him in daylight.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Qin, we are just in a hurry,” said the bodyguard, who was sitting on the passenger seat. He just wanted to let Qin Sheng calm down. Everything was in his plan.

Qin Sheng said in a low voice, “Okay.”

On the back side, the cars driven by Chang Baji, Gu Qingyang, and Gu Xiaobao, also ran the red light and followed the Audi. Gu Qingyang frowned and asked, “Senior Uncle, what happened?”

“Just follow and don’t lose track of them.” Chang Baji didn’t say too much and just instructed directly. Protecting Qin Sheng was their only priority.

Before Chang Baji’s voice had died away, Gu Xiaobo called and asked about the situation. He was wondering why they had started to chase the car. Chang Baji gave him the same answer.

Chang Baji called Qin Sheng, who was ahead of him. Qin Sheng said, “That’s fine, just follow us.”

The place Yan Chaozong had chosen was the quiet Xixi Yuerong Manor. However, the two Audis were not driving to Xixi Yuerong Manor, but instead, they were heading downtown. Soon, they reached the entrance of the Hangzhou belt highway and entered it through ETC without hesitation. Chang Baji and the others followed them to the highway.

Qin Sheng, Chang Baji, and his fellows were getting more and more confused. They had no idea what those people wanted to do. The place they had chosen was out of Hangzhou?

When they reached the belt highway, the two Audis slowed down. Qin Sheng didn’t ask about the direction. Anyway, they would finally take him to the destination.

Yan Chaozong had already reached Xixi Yuerong Manor, while Qu Huanxi and Yuan Ke just arrived. At the same time, there was also Qian Buping, who was going there to watch the bustling scene. As Yuan Ke’s brother-in-law, Yuan Ke had told Qian Buping what was going on. Of course, Qian Buping would not miss this chance to witness such a spectacle. After all, it was Qin Sheng who had kicked him out of Poly International, making him lose his position. Although he now had a good job in Yuan Ke’s company, it was not better than before.

When Yan Chaozong reached Xixi Yuerong Manor, Yan Chaozong and Hao Lei immediately called Chang Baji. The latter frowned. “Xixi Yuerong Manor?”

Yan Chaozong’s destination was Xixi Yuerong Manor. However, currently, they were on the belt highway, so it was unreasonable.

“You guys wait in Yuerong Manor, and watch out,” said Chang Baji. After that, Chang Baji sent a message to Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng didn’t say anything when he saw it.

In the banquet hall of Xixi Yuerong Manor, plenty of guests were gathering, giving a lively atmosphere. Qu Huanxi had entrusted a PR company to hold this party. There were 20 banquet desks in the banquet hall, indicating that lots of guests would attend today. Qu Huanxi and Yan Chaozong stood at the door, welcoming the guests they had invited.

When Luo Changong and Yang Deng came in, they were welcomed by Qu Huanxi and Yuan Ke passionately. After a series of polite greetings, a beautiful waitress led Luo Changgong, and Yang Deng to their seats, which were front ones.

When they sat down, Yang Deng felt confused. “Why they are together?”

“Do you know that man?” Luo Changgong was curious, as he didn’t know them.

Yang Deng explained slowly, “He is the Shanghai Yan family’s grandson and he is working for his family business now. He is also Qin Sheng’s love rival. Qin Sheng left Shanghai because of him. That’s why I’m confused he is here. It seems that he is the host today.”

Luo Changgong frowned when he heard that. “They have such a relationship. I thought he was the old monk’s new recruit. The Shanghai Yan and Ningbo Lin families are matched. So the Shanghai Yan family is going to cooperate with the old monk? Holy shit, if the old monk really cooperates with the Shanghai Yan family, they will suppress us in Yangtze River Delta.”

Yang Deng hesitated momentarily, and then he said, “I’m not sure about it. The Shanghai Yan family seems to not have any connection with the old monk, nor are they like the old monk. The old monk wants to get something from the Yan family, but the Yan family doesn’t see any value from cooperating with him. It is really interesting today.”

“Stop delving too much into it. It’s not like it will make any sense to us. We will know about the outcome later,” said Luo Changgong in a careless tone. It was not their business. They couldn’t stop it if the Yan family really wanted to cooperate with the old monk.

Yang Deng nodded, and didn’t say anything more. At that moment, many people came to greet them, and they got busy dealing with them.

Qin Sheng and the others were still driving on the belt highway. He didn’t know Yan Chaozong had arranged such a big party for him and was going to make him famous in the Jiangzhe area.

When it got close to twelve o’clock, Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi thought all the guests were there now. Those that weren’t present had informed them earlier. They looked at each other, and Qu Huanxi immediately told his fellows to bring the main character here. They had arranged someone to pick Qin Sheng up in order to stall him and let all the guests arrive first.

On the belt highway, the people in the two Audis received the messages and sped up to the entrance, which was the closest to Xixi Yuerong Manor, and drove fast to Xixi Yuerong Manor.

Qin Sheng knew Hangzhou’s roads, so when he saw the highway entrance’s name, he knew they would arrive at Xixi Yuerong Manor after exiting that entrance. It was a smokescreen. Chang Baji also understood, and he stopped worrying.

After 10 minutes, or so, they reached Xixi Yuerong Manor. Many luxurious cars were parked in the parking lot. Qin Sheng and those who were still in the car thought there might be some important activities today. After all, this was a high-end hotel. It was normal for important activities to take place there.

Qin Sheng got off the car first. Soon, Chang Baji, Gu Qingyang and Gu Xiaobo walked next to him. Today, others had played them like fools. Gu Xiaobo had a bad temper, so he instantly got mad. When he got off the car, he rushed to the crowd and shouted, “Shit! They are taking us for fools! Are they courting death?”

Unsurprisingly, Yan Chaozong’s people didn’t flinch. When they were ready about to fight, Chang Baji said, “That is enough, Xiaobo.”

Gu Qingyang was also holding Gu Xiaobao, so the latter could only take a step back.

The bodyguard, who was in charge of bringing Qin Sheng, smiled and said, “Mr. Qin, we’re sorry for troubling you. This way, please.”

Qin Sheng stood still before he smiled and followed Yan Chaozong’s men into Yuerong Manor. Chang Baji was protecting him.

At that moment, Hao Lei and Tang She came out and joined Qin Sheng and Chang Baji. Hao Lei walked next to Chang Baji and said, “It is weird, Lao Chang.”

Chang Baji was confused. “What do you mean that it is weird?”

Hao Lei had realized that something was weird since the beginning, but he hadn’t taken it seriously. Later, he had thought there must be something wrong, so he had asked someone to inquire what was going on inside the hall. When that fellow had entered the banquet hall, he had noticed that Qu Huanxi and Yan Chaozong had been welcoming guests at the door. They had been together with famous guests from Hangzhou, and were the main characters today. It would be a joke if Hao Lei still didn’t understand what was going on. Yan Chaozong must have schemed against Qin Sheng.

Hao Lei had been shocked when Yan Chaozong had recounted that. He had never thought that Yan Chaozong would come to Hangzhou. Qin Sheng must be in danger. He had wanted to ask Qin Sheng, but he had been stopped by Yan Chaozong. Yan Chaozong had said that he and Qin Sheng had reached an agreement, and they would compromise with each other today. He would give Hao Lei more details after all this whole thing passed. Hao Lei had believed him and stopped asking. He had thought it was not the right time to ask.

After listening to Hao Lei, Chang Baji’s expression suddenly changed. He seemed to know what would happen next. Would Qin Sheng still insist on it? He could not stay in Hangzhou anymore if he really insisted on it.

Chang Baji immediately stopped Qin Sheng, and he said, “Something happened.”

Qin Sheng frowned. “What happened?”

Chang Baji used the most direct way to tell Qin Sheng what had happened. Qin Sheng looked peculiar after hearing that. His eyes turned ruthless, as he hadn’t expect for Yan Chaozong to have done something like that.

“Will you still go inside?” asked Chang Baji kindly. It was obvious that he didn’t want Qin Sheng to do it.

Qin Sheng sank in deep thought, but after a few seconds, he came to a decision. He appreciated Yan Chaozong for giving him such a chance, and it made him forget about his earlier decision. Suddenly, his perspective changed, and he felt his mind clear and open now. It was like getting over a mountain and seeing the endless plains. He didn’t feel down anymore.

Qin Sheng laughed and said, “Why not? We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Mr. Yan has prepared such a big drama for me that it will be too bad if I don’t go in. We have to respect Mr. Yan, right?”

When Qin Sheng was saying that, he was ignoring Yan Chaozong’s bodyguard.

Chang Baji felt relaxed when he heard those words. Originally, he was worried about the present situation, but it seemed that Qin Sheng had put things down and made the wisest choice. It was the Qin Sheng he knew.

Thus, Chang Baji said happily, “Okay then, we’ll go together.”

Qin Sheng, who was no longer burdened, felt happy and free. Since Yan Changzong had blocked all his paths, he had nothing to lose now.

After a series of trivial occurrences, things were different now. Everyone was following Qin Sheng, walking into Xixi Yuerong Manor.

Qu Huanxi and Yan Chongzong were waiting for Qin Sheng in Xixi Yuerong Manor. Presently, Qin Sheng should be here, but no one had seen Qin Sheng entering. Hence, they felt doubtful. “Do you think Qin Sheng will get cold feet?”

Yan Chaozong sneered. “I don’t care if he doesn’t come. I won’t forgive him even if he apologizes to me.”

That was the real Yan Chaozong…

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