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Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess (Web Novel)






Fantasy Josei

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Ever since she transmigrated, she was blessed with an inbuilt anti-poison detector.

Beep beep – What? Her father’s concubine was evil and her half-sister was vicious?
Beep beep – Ah! She was in an arranged marriage and her husband did not love her?

Who cared? She could kill those evil creatures instantly with her high intelligence.

Her unparalleled beauty attracted countless suitors and her popularity topped the charts. No one was immune, even the emperors and princes were all captivated by her…

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 517 Box with an Abstruse Secret2020-11-23
Chapter 516 Finally Detected2020-11-20
Chapter 515 Tender Attachment2020-11-17
Chapter 514 The Argument in the Pavilion2020-11-14
Chapter 513 The Elders’ Visit2020-11-11
Chapter 512 Entering the Pavilion of Herbs2020-11-10
Chapter 511 Each Having His Own Secrets2020-11-10
Chapter 510 Uniting with the Zhus2020-11-02
Chapter 509 Abusing A Lone Dog2020-10-30
Chapter 508 Black Dragon Token2020-10-27
Chapter 507 Impending Storm2020-10-24
Chapter 506 Bone-Piercing Pain2020-10-21
Chapter 505 Reinvigorated2020-10-18
Chapter 504 Strategy to Get Rid of the Drug Addiction2020-10-15
Chapter 503 Malicious Heart2020-10-15
Chapter 502 Strange Woman in Childbirth2020-10-15
Chapter 501 The Villian’s Guess2020-10-15
Chapter 500 Reverse the Competition2020-10-15
Chapter 499 Notorious2020-10-15
Chapter 498 The Zhus Tried Launching an Attack2020-10-15
Chapter 497 Steering the Mouth of the Gun in another Direction.2020-10-15
Chapter 496 Paying a Formal Visit to the Princess2020-10-15
Chapter 495 Hou Family’s Kindness2020-10-15
Chapter 494 The Start of the Preliminary Rounds of Competition2020-10-15
Chapter 493 The Five Chief Elders2020-10-15
Chapter 492 The Bewilderment of the Zhu Family2020-10-12
Chapter 491 Surveying the Site2020-10-12
Chapter 490 Attack in Secret2020-10-09
Chapter 489 Unpredictable Man’s Heart2020-10-09
Chapter 488 Premeditated Treachery2020-10-06
Chapter 487 Endless Hell2020-10-06
Chapter 486 Trouble with the Devil Within2020-10-06
Chapter 485 The Price of Life and Death2020-10-06
Chapter 484 An Old Friend of the Past2020-10-06
Chapter 483 Hengyun Gambling House2020-10-06
Chapter 482 What it Meant to Take Initiative2020-10-06
Chapter 481 Knowing Oneself and Knowing the Enemy2020-10-06
Chapter 480 Dark Shadow Spy2020-10-06
Chapter 479 The Horse Kicked Its Front Hooves.2020-10-06
Chapter 478 Let’s Have a Chat2020-10-06
Chapter 477 A Burst Seam Revealed2020-10-06
Chapter 476 Targeting Her without a Reason2020-10-06
Chapter 475 Visitors Late at Night2020-09-27
Chapter 474 Get Away Alive2020-09-27
Chapter 473 The Beginning of Civil Strife2020-09-27
Chapter 472 A Mental Guess2020-09-27
Chapter 471 Alliance in Interest2020-09-24
Chapter 470 A Gleam of Hope2020-09-24
Chapter 469 In a Towering Rage2020-09-21
Chapter 468 Surprise Visit2020-09-21
Chapter 467 Harboring Evil Intentions2020-09-18
Chapter 466 The Eldest Son of Prince Qing2020-09-18
Chapter 465 It Was Difficult to Enter the City2020-09-15
Chapter 464 The Condition of the Nation of Lintian2020-09-15
Chapter 463 Strategic Cheating2020-09-15
Chapter 462 Shocking Words2020-09-15
Chapter 461 Hurried Towards the Old Capital City2020-09-15
Chapter 460 Hearts at Two Places2020-09-12
Chapter 459 Meaningless Provocation2020-09-12
Chapter 458 A Pleasant Surprise2020-09-12
Chapter 457 Numerous Masters Gathered at One Place2020-09-12
Chapter 456 The Mysterious Farmhouse2020-09-12
Chapter 455 Feeling Grieved and Hopeless2020-09-09
Chapter 454 Hongyu Bade Her Farewell2020-09-09
Chapter 453 Thrown into Disarray by Abandoning a Chess Piece2020-09-09
Chapter 452 Life Analogous to a Chess Game2020-09-09
Chapter 451 Boldly Displayed Affection2020-09-09
Chapter 450 A Sweet Accident2020-09-03
Chapter 449 Disclose the Purpose2020-09-03
Chapter 448 Intentional Set-up2020-09-03
Chapter 447 The Bad Reputation as a Dissolute Man2020-09-03
Chapter 446 She’s the Boss2020-09-02
Chapter 445 Night of Gossip2020-09-02
Chapter 444 Juicy News in the Prince’s Mansion2020-09-02
Chapter 443 A Cunning Transaction2020-09-02
Chapter 442 Having Nothing Better to Do2020-09-02
Chapter 441 Each to His Own Desires2020-09-02
Chapter 440 Seeking Cure from the Pavilion of Herbs2020-09-02
Chapter 439 Jostling for Favor2020-09-02
Chapter 438 Poor Work2020-09-02
Chapter 437 Princess Anle (a Prince Free from Worry)2020-09-02
Chapter 436 The Mystery of Identity2020-09-02
Chapter 435 Drawing the Crossbow Arrows2020-07-16
Chapter 434 General, Help2020-07-16
Chapter 433 Unexpected Situation2020-07-16
Chapter 432 Meet with an Ambush in the Natural Barrier2020-07-15
Chapter 431 Explore the Way in Advance2020-07-15
Chapter 430 Competition in Acting Skills2020-10-22
Chapter 429 Plan for Accumulating Wealth2020-07-14
Chapter 428 Pick a Quarrel Deliberately2020-07-14
Chapter 427 Spending the Night in the Apricot Forest2020-07-13
Chapter 426 Arriving at the Foreign Land2020-07-12
Chapter 425 Leaving As Soon As Possible2020-07-12
Chapter 424 A Tangled Mess2020-07-11
Chapter 423 Released2020-07-11
Chapter 422 Effective Prodding2020-06-22
Chapter 421 A Childish Temper2020-06-22
Chapter 420 My Specialties2020-10-22
Chapter 419 It Turns out to Be a Trap2020-10-22
Chapter 418 The Secret Place2020-06-20
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