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Summoning the Holy Sword (Web Novel)


StHS, 召唤圣剑




Action Adventure Drama Ecchi Fantasy Harem Mature

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During this chaotic era, the darkness engulfs all.
In a struggle of fire and death, despair shrouds the continent.
The line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred as a speckle of starlight penetrates the night sky.
But is it enough to reverse the downfall and fate? To regain the lost glory?

Rhode is a famed player in the game “Dragon Soul Continent”. There, he leads the strongest player guild in the game, the Starlight Guild. Just as he defeats the last BOSS, the Void Dragon, he unexpectedly awoke in a world identical to the game.

As the Summoner Swordsman returns to the continent, waves will be cast in the rivers of fate. Can he face the coming chaos and avert the destruction of the continent?

441 • 2019-04-03 09:49:15


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 662: Pre-Ceremony Preparation2020-02-23
Chapter 661: Pitch-black Fetal Movement2020-02-23
Chapter 660: The Guilty Party Files a Suit2020-02-22
Chapter 659: Uninvited Guests (End)2020-02-22
Chapter 658: Uninvited Guests (VI)2020-02-21
Chapter 657: Uninvited Guests (V)2020-02-21
Chapter 656: Uninvited Guests (IV)2020-02-20
Chapter 655: Uninvited Guests (III)2020-02-19
Chapter 654: Uninvited Guests (II)2020-02-18
Chapter 653: Uninvited Guests (I)2020-02-17
Chapter 652: An Accident?2020-02-16
Chapter 651: Battle on the Ice Field (3/3)2020-02-16
Chapter 650: Battle on the Ice Field (2/3)2020-02-15
Chapter 649: Battle on the Ice Field (1/3)2020-02-15
Chapter 648: Eve of Departure2020-02-14
Chapter 647: Formal Tactic2020-02-14
Chapter 646: Town of Miracle (2/2)2020-02-14
Chapter 645: Town of Miracle (1/2)2020-02-14
Chapter 644: Criticism & Raid2020-02-14
Chapter 643: Two Letters. Two Paths (3/3)2020-02-13
Chapter 642: Two Letters. Two Paths (2/3)2020-02-12
Chapter 641: Two Letters. Two Paths (1/3)2020-02-11
Chapter 640: Cooperation2020-02-10
Chapter 639: Unsolved Problem & a Problem that Should be Solved2020-02-09
Chapter 638: Anne’s Transformation2020-02-09
Chapter 637: A Night has Passed2020-02-08
Chapter 636: A Battle Between Men2020-02-08
Chapter 635: Genuine Menfolk2020-02-07
Chapter 634: A True Man Admits Defeat!2020-02-07
Chapter 633: Three Big Shots2020-02-07
Chapter 632: Winter is Coming2020-02-07
Chapter 631: Tear of Asha2020-02-07
Chapter 630: The Power to Change2020-02-06
Chapter 629: Saint Monastery (X)2020-02-05
Chapter 628: Saint Monastery (IX)2020-02-04
Chapter 627: Saint Monastery (VIII)2020-02-04
Chapter 626: Saint Monastery (VII)2020-02-02
Chapter 625: Saint Monastery (VI)2020-02-02
Chapter 624: Saint Monastery (V)2020-02-01
Chapter 623: Saint Monastery (IV)2020-02-01
Chapter 622: Saint Monastery (III)2020-01-31
Chapter 621: Saint Monastery (II)2020-01-31
Chapter 620: Saint Monastery (I)2020-01-30
Chapter 619: Strong Expansion2020-01-29
Chapter 618: Leaving?2020-01-28
Chapter 617: She & She2020-01-27
Chapter 616: He & She (V)2020-01-26
Chapter 615: He & She (IV)2020-01-26
Chapter 614: He & She (III)2020-01-25
Chapter 613: He & She (II)2020-01-25
Chapter 612: He & She (I)2020-01-24
Chapter 611: Twin Elves2020-01-24
Chapter 610: Ivory Valley2020-01-23
Chapter 609: Double-edged Sword Dance2020-01-22
Chapter 608: The Rite Begins2020-01-21
Chapter 607: Sacred Land of the Elves (4)2020-01-20
Chapter 606: Sacred Land of the Elves (3)2020-01-19
Chapter 605: Sacred Land of the Elves (2)2020-01-19
Chapter 604: Sacred Land of the Elves (1)2020-01-19
Chapter 603: Resurging Waves2020-01-18
Chapter 602: Confused Heart (X)2020-01-17
Chapter 601: Confused Heart (IX)2020-01-17
Chapter 600: Confused Heart (VIII)2020-01-16
Chapter 599: Confused Heart (VII)2020-01-15
Chapter 598: Confused Heart (VI)2020-01-14
Chapter 597: Confused Heart (VI)2020-01-13
Chapter 596: Confused Heart (V)2020-01-12
Chapter 595: Confused Heart (III)2020-01-12
Chapter 594: Confused Heart (II)2020-01-11
Chapter 593: Confused Heart (I)2020-01-11
Chapter 592: Brave First Step2020-01-10
Chapter 591 illusion of the Dreamland2020-01-09
Chapter 590 Faltering Heart (2)2020-01-09
Chapter 589: Faltering Heart (1)2020-01-08
Chapter 588: Gap in the Heart2020-01-07
Chapter 587: Road of the Dead2020-01-06
Chapter 586: Whistling Wind2020-01-05
Chapter 585: Countdown to Destruction2020-01-05
Chapter 584: A Tough Period2020-01-04
Chapter 583: Blackblade Guards2020-01-04
Chapter 582: Asking For Death2020-01-03
Chapter 581: Tit For Tat (3)2020-01-03
Chapter 580: Tit For Tat (2)2020-01-02
Chapter 579: Tit For Tat (1)2020-01-01
Chapter 578: Lapis’s Worries2019-12-31
Chapter 577: Fantasy Daybreak2019-12-30
Chapter 576: Mysterious Swordsmanship2019-12-29
Chapter 575: Lapis’ Conundrum2019-12-29
Chapter 574: Avoidance2019-12-28
Chapter 573: Snow2019-12-28
Chapter 572: Dreamland2019-12-27
Chapter 571: Players’ Methods2019-12-27
Chapter 570: Sword Creation Point2019-12-26
Chapter 569: Frozen Sorrow2019-12-25
Chapter 568: Frozen Lake (VI)2019-12-24
Chapter 567: Frozen Lake (V)2019-12-23
Chapter 566: Frozen Lake (IV)2019-12-22
Chapter 565: Frozen Lake (III)2019-12-22
Chapter 564: Frozen Lake (II)2019-12-21
Chapter 563: Frozen Lake (I)2019-12-21