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Super Detective in the Fictional World (Web Novel)


Luke has transmigrated to the United States, but eventually realizes that this United States is different from the United States of his previous life. Here, the superpowers and characters from the movies in his previous life actually exist. How will Luke fare in a world where such terrifying superpowers exist?

Fortunately, he has a cheat – the Super Detective System.

Join Luke on his new journey toward becoming a detective.

524 • 2020-05-26 11:23:07


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 542 A Professional: What Does It Mean to Be Handsome?2020-11-25
Chapter 541 Something Is Wrong With These Two Kidnappers2020-11-25
Chapter 540 You Really Lost Half a Million?2020-11-25
Chapter 539 Who’s Been Abducted?2020-11-23
Chapter 538 Don’t Look Down On the Young2020-11-23
Chapter 537 Rich and Wilful Guy Was Robbed2020-11-22
Chapter 536 Eat, Drink, and Work Hard2020-11-22
Chapter 535 Everybody Is Busy2020-11-22
Chapter 534 Progress and Promise2020-11-21
Chapter 533 Another Level-Up, and Hard-Earned Experience and Credit2020-11-21
Chapter 532 They’re Here For You? They’re Together!2020-11-21
Chapter 531 So, You Crashed and Burned?2020-11-19
Chapter 530 May I Know Your Name? I Think I’ve Fallen In Love With You2020-11-19
Chapter 529 Great Arm Strength, My Lady2020-11-19
Chapter 528 System Rules, and Stamina for a Night Swim2020-11-19
Chapter 527 Actually, It Isn’t That Hard to Kill You2020-11-19
Chapter 526 Betrayed By an Old Acquaintance, and a Deal2020-11-19
Chapter 525 Work-Life Balance2020-11-19
Chapter 524 You Got the Wrong Guy, It’s Not Mine2020-11-19
Chapter 523 Gains For Everybody, and A Crafty Escape Plan2020-11-19
Chapter 522 The Black Man’s Interception, and Hernan’s Fall2020-11-19
Chapter 521 Confrontation on the Bridge2020-11-19
Chapter 520 A Race In Rio2020-11-19
Chapter 519 Hernan Has a “Cold,” and the Mysterious Attacker2020-11-19
Chapter 5182020-11-19
Chapter 517 The Lofty View of a Long-Legged Woman2020-11-19
Chapter 516 He Said He’s Not Interested in Money2020-11-19
Chapter 515 To Intervene or Not to Intervene? My New Car!2020-11-19
Chapter 514 Dating Is Free, and I Have To Work Tomorrow2020-11-19
Chapter 513 Damn You, You Actually Want…2020-11-19
Chapter 512 Men In This World Ultimately Are All About the Face2020-11-19
Chapter 511 Beauty, Need a Hand?2020-11-19
Chapter 510 This Is Very American and Hollywood2020-11-09
Chapter 509 You Dare Shoot My New Car?2020-11-09
Chapter 508 What Did You Just Say?2020-11-08
Chapter 507 Who’s Robbing Who?2020-11-08
Chapter 506 You Think Money Is Everything?2020-11-08
Chapter 505 Old Acquaintance Still Needs a Commission Fee2020-11-08
Chapter 504 Your Hard-Earned Money? No, It’s Mine Now2020-11-06
Chapter 503 Stop! This is Money!2020-11-06
Chapter 502 A Farewell That Isn’t Awkward2020-11-06
Chapter 501 Didn’t You Offer to Buy Me a Drink?2020-11-04
Chapter 500 I’ve Let You Go2020-11-04
Chapter 499 God Is an Old Black Man?2020-11-03
Chapter 498 Is That a Yes? Or Are You Mad?2020-11-03
Chapter 497 Can I Buy You a Drink?2020-11-02
Chapter 496 The Baldies’ Mutual Love-Hate Relationship2020-11-02
Chapter 495 Can You? Hm, Of Course Not2020-11-02
Chapter 494 The Local Gangs Really Have No Manners2020-11-02
Chapter 493 Rio, Here I Come2020-10-31
Chapter 492 Work Hard to Return the Favor2020-10-31
Chapter 491 Smaller, It’s Really Smaller2020-10-31
Chapter 490 A Scapegoat For the Scapegoat2020-10-31
Chapter 489 Birth of Gold Nugget and Selina’s Appearance2020-10-29
Chapter 488 That’s Unfair? Then I’ll Be Reasonable2020-10-29
Chapter 487 Goods, Mine. Cash, Yours, Until It Becomes Mine2020-10-29
Chapter 486 The Best Hitman Never Loses2020-10-29
Chapter 485 Buddy, Let Me?2020-10-27
Chapter 484 Complete Form = Baldness = More Strength2020-10-27
Chapter 483 Voracious is Hard to Trick and Is a Blabbermouth2020-10-26
Chapter 482 Voracious’s Violation and Mr. W’s Haggling2020-10-26
Chapter 481 Lunatic “Hitman”2020-10-25
Chapter 480 A Three-Party Chase On the Sea2020-10-25
Chapter 479 Are You In Any Trouble?2020-10-24
Chapter 478 Golden Dog Head: Apologize!2020-10-24
Chapter 477 Dollar, Is the Dog Food Delicious?2020-10-23
Chapter 476 Selina’s Anemia and Malnutrition2020-10-23
Chapter 475 The Reticent Dog2020-10-22
Chapter 474 Don’t Go Too Far2020-10-22
Chapter 473 Sick? Or Hungry?2020-10-21
Chapter 472 Dollar Catches a Fish and the FBI Catches a Fugitive2020-10-21
Chapter 471 Camping With a Crybaby2020-10-21
Chapter 470 Crushed Selina2020-10-21
Chapter 469 I Gave You A Chance But You Didn’t Take It!2020-10-20
Chapter 468 Even Jesus Can’t Save Dito2020-10-20
Chapter 467 Don’t Need Grenades or RPGs for Work2020-10-18
Chapter 466 It’s Showtime and Grenade 802020-10-18
Chapter 465 Infiltration2020-10-18
Chapter 464 The Call of the Chief: Surprise, Motherf*cker!2020-10-17
Chapter 463 Beautiful Island and Hot RPG2020-10-17
Chapter 462 Sneak Shot 20 and Roger’s Buff2020-10-17
Chapter 461 Crazy Martin and His Crazy Old Partner2020-10-16
Chapter 460 Too Reckless! Can’t They Be More Cautious?2020-10-16
Chapter 459 Night Run and Selina’s “Homecoming”2020-10-16
Chapter 458 Camping = Appreciating the Sights of Our Homeland?2020-10-16
Chapter 457 Enough, Time to Show You How It’s Done2020-10-16
Chapter 456 A Birthday Present That Will Never Go Out of Style2020-10-13
Chapter 455 A Relaxing Day and a Stupefied Selina2020-10-13
Chapter 454 Gifts For Everyone and Contract of Transfer2020-10-12
Chapter 453 Home Sweet Home2020-10-12
Chapter 452 Heartbreaking Surprise and Triumphant Homecoming2020-10-12
Chapter 451 Reluctant to Part With Bobby?2020-10-10
Chapter 450 Research, and Trust Science2020-10-10
Chapter 449 Professional Third Intruder, and I’ll Be Back2020-10-09
Chapter 448 Trash Talk Battle2020-10-09
Chapter 447 Monster, Release That Girl! I’ll Do It!2020-10-08
Chapter 446 Drowning In Blood and Making the Most Out of It2020-10-08
Chapter 445 One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You!2020-10-07
Chapter 444 Truth, Answer and Trap2020-10-07
Chapter 443 There Is Only One Truth2020-10-06
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