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Super Dimensional Wizard (Web Novel)


The status of a wizard is transcendent in all continents and in the universal plane.

Mysterious, wise, cruel and bloodthirsty are synonymous with wizards. But what does a real wizard look like?

After coming into contact with the world of wizards, Angel came to the conclusion:

Wizards are a group of people who illuminate themselves with intellect-driven ideas, but are in a dialectical world with a materialistic attitude.

In other words, this is a group of alternative scientists who walk alone in a rigorous manner in the pursuit of understanding reality.


Multiple worlds, boundless overlap. Under the guidance of intelligent creatures, they have walked out of their respective paths of civilization.

Among them, the wizard world, with its unique cultivation of civilization, runs through the endless plane.

Even if the wizard world is so strong, the reality of the universe, is that the mysteries of the dimension are still unbreakable.

Until, a multiverse traveler, visited this side of the world. (The traveler is not the protagonist, the traveler is not the protagonist , the traveler is not the protagonist, things that are important are said three times!)

2053 • 2019-08-19 13:52:20


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 847: Broken Sword2020-09-27
Chapter 846: Royal Army2020-09-26
Chapter 845: Slow Progress2020-09-26
Chapter 844: Housing Refugees2020-09-25
Chapter 843: Weaving Dreams2020-09-25
Chapter 842: Tasty Tree2020-09-24
Chapter 841: Rain and Bless2020-09-24
Chapter 840: A Gift From the Moon2020-09-23
Chapter 839: Nano’s Product2020-09-23
Chapter 838: Music and Wine2020-09-22
Chapter 837: Refugees2020-09-22
Chapter 836: The State of the Town2020-09-21
Chapter 835: Procedure2020-09-21
Chapter 834: Jon’s Condition2020-09-20
Chapter 833: Ice Chamber2020-09-20
Chapter 832: Family Banquet2020-09-19
Chapter 831: Red-Haired Kins2020-09-19
Chapter 830: The Bloodied Stabber2020-09-18
Chapter 829: The Watcher2020-09-18
Chapter 828: Sealed Off2020-09-17
Chapter 827: Gloomy Aura2020-09-17
Chapter 826: Shannon2020-09-16
Chapter 825: Fallen Lands2020-09-16
Chapter 824: Destroyed Village and Lady in Distress2020-09-15
Chapter 823: Homesickness and Anxiety2020-09-15
Chapter 822: Follower’s Oath2020-09-14
Chapter 821: Freud’s Future2020-09-14
Chapter 820: Worsened Relationship2020-09-13
Chapter 819: Lie Detection2020-09-13
Chapter 818: Questioned2020-09-12
Chapter 817: A “Useless” Treasure2020-09-12
Chapter 816: Mystery Energy2020-09-11
Chapter 815: Saint Sem2020-09-11
Chapter 814: A Small Game2020-09-10
Chapter 813: Amended Agreement2020-09-10
Chapter 812: A Lingering Soul2020-09-09
Chapter 811: A Boy’s Soul2020-09-09
Chapter 810: Nightmare Orphanage2020-09-08
Chapter 809: Illusions and Dreams2020-09-08
Chapter 808: Land of Revelation2020-09-07
Chapter 807: Improved Affinity2020-09-07
Chapter 806: Ocean Tuner2020-09-06
Chapter 805: Reaching a New Level2020-09-06
Chapter 804: Lament of Goddess2020-09-05
Chapter 803: Omen Illusion2020-09-05
Chapter 802: Goddess of Sea2020-09-04
Chapter 801: Another Music Box2020-09-04
Chapter 800: Beatific Revelation2020-09-03
Chapter 799: Mermaid Children2020-09-03
Chapter 798: The Traveling Restaurant of Rose2020-09-02
Chapter 797: Rising Anxiety2020-09-02
Chapter 796: Embarking2020-09-01
Chapter 795: Accomplished Wishes2020-09-01
Chapter 794: Glowing Skull2020-08-31
Chapter 793: Fragments of Memory2020-08-31
Chapter 792: Questions2020-08-30
Chapter 791: Awaken2020-08-30
Chapter 790: Consequence2020-08-29
Chapter 789: Rescuing2020-08-29
Chapter 788: Fishing Village2020-08-28
Chapter 787: More Crisis2020-08-28
Chapter 786: Friendly Gift2020-08-27
Chapter 785: Jebra’s Invitation2020-08-27
Chapter 784: Suspicion?2020-08-26
Chapter 783: Disappeared Target2020-08-26
Chapter 782: Close Call2020-08-25
Chapter 781: Treasure2020-08-25
Chapter 780: An Eye behind the Door2020-08-24
Chapter 779: Open the Door2020-08-24
Chapter 778: The Lord of the Whorl2020-08-23
Chapter 777: A Sword in the Wheel2020-08-23
Chapter 776: Hidden Space?2020-08-22
Chapter 775: Torras2020-08-22
Chapter 774: The Shadowy Killer2020-08-21
Chapter 773:2020-08-21
Chapter 772: The Ship’s Grave2020-08-20
Chapter 771: Sunken Ship2020-08-20
Chapter 770: A Dead Island2020-08-19
Chapter 769: Secret under the Well2020-08-19
Chapter 768: Sherry Patio2020-08-18
Chapter 767: Crimson Aegis2020-08-18
Chapter 766: Extra Effect2020-08-17
Chapter 765: Time Thief2020-08-17
Chapter 764: Wheel of Fortune2020-08-16
Chapter 763: Omen on the Mountain2020-08-16
Chapter 762: Two Conditions2020-08-15
Chapter 761: Wells and Lies2020-08-15
Chapter 760: The Great Treachery2020-08-14
Chapter 759: Wells2020-08-14
Chapter 758: The Tree of Blessing2020-08-13
Chapter 757: Moyah’s Journal2020-08-13
Chapter 756: Lost Paradise City2020-08-12
Chapter 755: Summerdew2020-08-12
Chapter 754: Helen’s Ambition2020-08-11
Chapter 753: Swan and Helen2020-08-11
Chapter 752: Re-encounter with Jebra2020-08-10
Chapter 751: Basket Witch2020-08-10
Chapter 750: Disappointing Result2020-08-09
Chapter 749: Liar2020-08-09
Chapter 748: Legends and Facts2020-08-08
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