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Super Dimensional Wizard (Web Novel) - Chapter 199: A Unseen Battlefield

Chapter 199: A Unseen Battlefield

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After battling Fox Master, Angor had to go against Parasite Queen soon.

Until yesterday, Angor still had no idea who she was. Well, he knew that Dave really admired this woman. When Dave came to find him in the morning, he learned something else.

Parasite Queen, real name unknown. A really strong apprentice. She was only a level-2 now, but she had overthrown level-3 apprentices many times. She was now the number one in Level 13 who owned 197 match points.

Dave did not tell Angor how Parasite Queen usually defeated her opponents because he did not know much either. All matches she fought before all ended in strange ways. It was either her opponents who gave up first, or they just stood there doing nothing and got knocked out by Parasite Queen easily.

Dave’s assumption was that her opponents all fell for Parasite Queen’s great beauty. They chose to surrender rather than hurting her.

Many people also shared this idea. Although no one knew for sure. Angor did not really believe that wizards could be seduced by women so fast unless Parasite Queen was some otherworldly creature such as an Abyss Succubus.

That… was not impossible. Maybe Parasite Queen did implant the bloodline of a succubus into her body?

Still, these were all assumptions. Angor needed to confront her first.

Angor did not exclude the possibility of meeting a real succubus, so he whispered to Toby before the match, “If you ever see me spacing out or not moving at all, don’t wait for my order. Just go get her.”

He could not believe that a bird like Toby would get attracted by human beauty.

His match against Parasite Queen was the fourth match for today.

There were three arenas at Level 13. When his battle with Fox Master ended, the other two matches quickly drew to an end as well. The workers were already cleaning the stages, so Angor was positive that his next battle would be within half an hour.

And he looked forward to it.

The number one on the ranking list! She was basically one of the strongest apprentices of the same class! Angor really wanted to know how far he was from these elites.

As he expected, he was allowed to join the stage soon.

When walking into everyone’s view, Angor felt tension greater than that in any match he fought before.

When he glanced around the audience seats, he saw level-3 apprentices, as well several elite fighters who came down from Levels 14 and 15.

Unlike Fox Master’s fans, the genders of audience this time were even. However, similar to the previous time, they were all looking at the opposite direction of Angor.

When someone covered under a white robe slowly emerged from the other fighter passage, the already tensed atmosphere among the audience was instantly lit up like oil. Men, women, the old, and the young… everyone expressed their… love, toward the white-robed figure.

Someone even threw roses into the arena while completely ignoring the regulations of the tower.

Parasite Queen paid no mind to the flowers scattered on the ground, which were soon ground to pieces under her high-heeled leather boots.

She was still too far for Angor to see her face.

When they got into their positions and waited for the countdown timer, Angor finally had a good look at Parasite Queen.

He had seen many beautiful women in different styles before such as Aleen, an innocent yet adorable young girl; Flora, the strangely seductive lady; and Nausica who had a natural sexiness without having to express herself. All of them could be considered top-class in the views of ordinary people.

When compared to Parasite Queen though, they somehow missed by a score.

Parasite Queen’s level of beauty deserved the fanatical enthusiasm from her fans. She looked… breathtaking. Even maddening, in a good way.

No words could describe such a divine wonder.

Even Angor, an immature kid who did not know how to comprehend women, blushed a little when looking at her beauty.

Now he understood why Dave appeared so… possessed, when he was talking about Parasite Queen.

Angor did not hide his look of appreciation. He always knew how to admire great beauty. However, the woman in front of him was not someone that could force him to surrender merely by her pretty face.

That meant… Parasite Queen had other tricks for winning.

“So, you’re Baron Milk?” Parasite Queen’s voice sounded clear and pleasant. Her tone carried an emotion as if she was disappointed at something.

Angor did not reply. The woman sounded like she knew his true identity, and Angor wondered how.

“What? You’d hide your face in front of my absolute beauty? Because your own face is miserable?” Parasite Queen spoke in a complete taunting and narcissistic way. “Only worms that struggle in dirty underground pits conceal their faces behind masks and do not show themselves in front of people.” Her voice contained a strange frequency. “So, are you a worm?”

It was natural for people to taunt in the waiting phase. Angor got a question though.

Why did everyone love this foul talker so much? Are they all masochists?

“Hey, worm. Why don’t you stay in your pit? That’s your best place to be.”

Under her constant provoking, even Angor could not help frowning.

He spoke in Baron Milk’s low and indifferent voice, “One of your admirers asked me to go easy on you. Looks like he’ll be disappointed.”

Parasite Queen sneered, “My good master asked me to fight you, and maybe avoid killing you while doing it. I thought you were someone good. Turns out… you’re just a worm, huh? I’ll still listen to my master, but you probably will say goodbye to your limbs.”

This was the first time when someone showed so much enmity to him before a match. Angor had no idea who Parasite Queen’s “master” was. Whoever that was, it had to be one of the reasons why Parasite Queen was being so hostile.

The match had begun.

Instead of taking his first move, Angor suddenly froze up in place.

In the eyes of audiences, Angor appeared just like another individual who fell for Parasite Queen’s charm.

Parasite Queen stepped toward Angor while wiggling her body. She held up a dagger high in the air.

Angor’s eyes were not focused at all. Parasite Queen’s dagger would soon land on his unmoving figure.

But Toby moved.

The bird left Angor’s shoulder, gained speed by diving down, and threw itself at Parasite Queen’s shoulder with the help of shifting gravity.

A huge explosion decorated with splattering blood shocked everyone into a dead silence.

What Toby displayed to them looked like a giant boulder which fell from hundreds of meters high. No level-2 apprentice could survive from something like that.

Toby’s attack came and ended in an instant. No one had the chance to register what just happened by the time Toby returned to Angor’s shoulder.

“What-what was that?”

“Just like Selena’s fight!”

“Oh no, my princess. My liege! Is she alright? Should she receive a tiny scratch on her skin, I WILL kill Baron Milk personally!”

“Chill off! Parasite Queen is the top in the ranks! How can a level-1 apprentice beat her?”

There were only two level-3 apprentices among the audience who saw the action just now; Prome and Prome’s partner. They did not really see what happened, but they still saw a small shadow lashing out from Angor, which fully explained their question.

The giant explosion is caused by that small bird?

Prome already saw Toby’s speed before. Now he also witnessed Toby’s burst power and tried to compare his own strength to it. As a level-3 apprentice, Prome could barely see Toby moving in the air. He probably had no chance of avoiding an attack like that if he was there.

Which meant… if he would ever oppose Toby, he would lose instantly.

“Alas… If I’ve known that Dave’s little friend brought such a powerful familiar, I’d not tell Parasite Queen to show mercy.” Prome shook his head and sighed.

When the dust cloud settled, everyone lifted their heads to see whether their “princess” was hurt.

They feared that what happened to Selena would happen again.

And their fear was right.

The situation on the stage slowly grew clearer. A bleeding puncture which shattered her entire clavicle and shoulder blade had appeared on Parasite Queen.

“Parasite Queen!”

“My Queen!!”

“It really happened again! Damn it all! Why didn’t Selena tell us anything about it? Or Parasite Queen can be more prepared!”

“Baron Milk, must, DIE!”

“He wounded my Parasite Queen! I’ll fu*king destroy him!”

The onlookers only expressed their grief at Parasite Queen’s situation for several seconds before they all turned to condemn Baron Milk.

It appeared that Parasite Queen had lost.

But later, they were surprised to realize that no one announced the end of the match even though Parasite Queen had lost consciousness.

“So Parasite Queen must surrender by herself? The judges are so cruel!”

“Baron Milk was charmed, he should’ve been the loser.”

“If so, how did Parasite Queen got injured?”

They were frenzied pursuers of Parasite Queen, but they were not stupid. When they saw Baron Milk still standing there with a blank expression while Parasite Queen was out cold on the floor, they quickly understood that there had to be something protecting Baron Milk.

It could be an active-defense alchemy item, or a familiar pet that lurked in the shadows… Wait, the bird on his shoulder!

They did not know which answer was correct. However, when Toby displayed a proud look which attracted a lot of hate, the scales in their minds tipped a little.

A minute later, even the other workers waiting outside the arena began to wonder.

Why isn’t the screen showing anything?

According to rules, Baron Milk should be declared as the winner now.

One of the workers came to Baroque and asked him what to do.

Baroque smiled. “Winner? Not yet. The battle is just approaching its climax. Somewhere we can’t see…”

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