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Super Dimensional Wizard (Web Novel) - Chapter 203: Doubts

Chapter 203: Doubts

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Dave quickly perked up in joy. “Thank god. I knew Angor will be fine!”

He did not realize that he had completely forgotten about his “princess”, Parasite Queen.

Melantha also watched intensely when “Angor” slowly climbed up from the ground on his trembling arms.

She sighed in relief. “Looks like Bouy did it.”

Baroque nodded, causing his small braid to flip behind his head. “Good. I didn’t think her host infestation would work so perfectly. The soul looks like it has completely merged with the body. At least I can’t find a single flaw in it yet.”

Melantha looked further relieved now. “You can’t? So… maybe Sunders won’t notice that Angor’s consciousness has been replaced?”

Baroque did not answer this time. “I’m not sure. And it doesn’t really matter. More importantly, I want to know why Sunders accepted that boy as a pupil in the first place.”

“We can ask Bouy later. She should have already gained Angor’s memory.”

“Bouy, huh?” Baroque snickered at Melantha.

“Oh, oops… I forgot. She’s no longer ‘Parasite Queen’ Bouy. She is now Baron Milk, Angor.”

Angor already regained balance while the two were chatting. His entire body was trembling very hard, like someone who was not used to his limbs after lying in a sickbed for years.

Baroque smiled bigger when looking at the clumsiness of “Angor”. Since this was the first time Bouy used a male body, this was completely expected.

All the audience was staring at Baron Milk’s shivering body as well.

Everyone was wondering what he would do next.

They saw Baron Milk slowly looking up…

He would never do that in his matches before because when he lifted his head, the hood would not hide his face fully.

Now, however, it looked like Baron Milk could not control his movement properly as if his neck had a problem.

The light went past the rims of his hood, casting shadows on his face.

Baron Milk finally revealed his face in front of everyone. Well, only half of it, if one were to be precise.

People could see below his nose, while the rest of his facial features were still in the shadows cast by the hood. However, the glimmer in his eyes was still clear—a glimmer filled with negative emotions.

White, smooth jaws; perfect-sized lips; and a high, healthy nose bridge.

Combined with a pair of eyes shining with hatred, pain, and violence.

From what was shown, people could tell that Baron Milk had a decent look—better than the average handsome men they saw in daily life.

“I thought Baron Milk hide his face because of his miserable looks, but he looks… pretty good,” muttered a witch apprentice.

“No beard, and that skin and his body… I don’t think he’s a man. Well, maybe a really young boy. Hey you, stop it. You wanna rob the cradle?” Someone besides the witch complained.

“I’m not that old! And this is becoming popular, you know? To raise up young boys. My sisters all found themselves many good-looking mortal boys. You’ll never understand.”

People were talking about Baron Milk’s appearance, his moves or his possible plans next. Dave, on the other hand, was more concerned about Angor’s expression.

“What happened? That’s… Angor alright. But why does he look so angry?” Dave thought to himself. The Angor he knew was always a gentle young man. Well, maybe this “gentle young man” tended to get mischievous sometimes, but his eyes usually looked clear and brimming with intelligence, not… so full of hatred.

His posture just made it worse. Angor was now standing on stiff and trembling limbs. His jaw lifted high, and his violent-looking eyes were looking down.

That was completely someone else!

As people discussed, Baron Milk lowered his head, hiding his face behind the hood once more.

He mumbled something in a small voice. Those close enough heard the name “Toby”.

When they wondered what that meant, a black shadow suddenly descended from the air and moved toward Parasite Queen who had been lying in the crater in the ground.

Her angel-like beauty became a pile of broken bones under the assault of the shadow. Pale-white brain fluid covered the floor around her. Even Baron Milk’s wizard robe was tainted.

When the black shadow slowed down its momentum, the spectators finally noticed that it was the bird which always accompanied Baron Milk, who just killed Parasite Queen.

And everyone was shocked into a dead silence.

A small bird just killed someone?! Not just “someone”, but THE Parasite Queen!

They quickly realized that Baron Milk muttered the name of the bird to give it orders!

Baron Milk killed Parasite Queen! When reaching this conclusion, the audience all bellowed in rage.

Judging from how the bird destroyed Parasite Queen, they also understood how Selena lost yesterday.

No wonder this level-1 apprentice had so much confidence to challenge Sky Tower. He possessed a monster bird who could wield such deadly speed and power!

It was completely normal for someone to die in the tower. However, it would be a big problem if the victim was the charming princess of thousands of people.

Curses and hateful glares were directed at Baron Milk. People were not sure about what happened during the match. However, they no longer cared about anything else since their beloved star just died in front of them. From what could be seen, Parasite Queen already lost consciousness on the ground, but Baron Milk did not hesitate to go for the kill! This was murder!

Baron Milk stood in the center of the stage and remained motionless under people’s cursing words. He only sneered. When Toby finally obliterated Parasite Queen’s previous shell, he was satisfied at getting the final revenge.

The raging fire in Angor’s eyes died down. He felt good and refreshed even though people were still swearing at him.

At least he was alive.

Seeing what “Angor” just did, Baroque’s expression changed drastically.

“Something’s not right!”

“What is it, Mister Baroque?” Melantha gave him a puzzled look.

“This can’t be… No!” Baroque kept shaking his head in denial. “It shouldn’t be like this. Bouy would never destroy her old host because it contained the spores of Green Velvet. Besides… Bouy never used that kind of expression in front of everyone before.”

Melantha also revealed a frightened look. She pointed at the center of hate in the middle of the arena with a trembling hand. “Do you mean—that’s—”

“He’s Angor. The original Angor! Not Bouy!” Baroque could not believe his own words but the truth already proved so. Even with Angor’s memory, Bouy could never mimic the boy’s character. Also, the familiar bird would not trust Bouy’s order so easily.

The answer was obvious.

Bouy lost the battle which no one could see. Angor survived!

Baroque stared at Angor with squinted eyes. “Well well… I underestimated you. A fresh-new apprentice who knew how to defend his soul? He can even retaliate. Sunders must have put a lot of effort into his student. This Angor kid must have something really interesting on him.”

“Sunders implanted something in Angor’s soul. This is the only explanation. Otherwise, there’s no way Bouy would fail.” Melantha grimaced at the situation. If what they thought was right, Angor was much more valuable to Sunders than they expected.

“Now I REALLY want to know the reason behind Sunders’ decision, and why he put such a powerful defense inside Angor’s soul.”

Bouy’s death more or less surprised Baroque, but the surprise did not last long. To Baroque, this spy from Floating Mech City was not much different from the other apprentices.

If Bouy did succeed, he would be glad to make further plans. On the other hand, he would not mind her failure at all. A mere spy was nothing important.

Baroque remained calm as always. Even if Angor would question why Bouy came to steal his body, the boy had nothing to drag the old man into this.

As Baroque believed, those two could not possibly communicate as souls. Even if they could, Bouy would never reveal his name to Angor.

All in all, what happened during the match was only Parasite Queen’s personal decision. It had nothing to do with Floating Mech City.

At this moment, Baroque still did not know that he could no longer keep himself out of the matter.

Maybe he did not explicitly ask Bouy to do anything. Yet he did not know anything about Angor’s special soul talent which allowed him to read clues from Parasite Queen’s emotions.

“Since Sunders placed a defense mechanism in the soul of his student, he should have already learned about what happened here. Don’t worry though. What Bouy did has nothing to do with us,” Baroque spoke in a careless tone.

Melantha still looked troubled, but she understood what Baroque said. At least, with Bouy’s death, she could not expose anything else.

“I see. Bouy is only another common fighter in Sky Tower,” Melantha replied in an emotionless voice.

Sunders did not put anything in Angor’s soul. Melantha and Baroque’s assumption was incorrect from start to end.

And of course, Sunders did not know what just happened to Angor. Yet.

Inside Phantom Island, Sunders abruptly looked up from his desk and toward the direction of the underground market.

“Huh… I sense something familiar,” muttered Sunders as he revealed a determined look. In the next second, his body vanished from his study.

On the arena, Angor was using all his will to keep himself upright.

He did not know how he won the battle against Parasite Queen, but he only managed to save his soul, not his body. Now that Parasite Queen’s soul had disappeared, he had regained control of his body. However, the Green Velvet spores still remained in him.

Standing up was the best thing he could do right now.

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