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Super Dimensional Wizard (Web Novel) - Chapter 204: Close Call

Chapter 204: Close Call

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Angor felt as if his limbs were made of stone. Every bone on him appeared to be bound by hard strings, so he could hardly move at all, let alone walking like normal.

When he tried to move his neck earlier, his head snapped back to an insane extent and almost exposing his face to the public.

Now, Angor kept his head lowered and tried to limp down the stage slowly.

Toby slowly landed on his shoulder and looked at Angor anxiously.

When Toby just reached Angor shoulder, Angor suddenly fell down on one knee, panting heavily.

Toby was not heavy. As usual, the bird put no pressure to Angor at all. At this moment though, Angor was trying his best to keep himself together. Any extra bit of burden meant the last straw.

Angor’s sudden reaction startled both Toby and the angry audience.

Was Baron Milk hurt so badly? But Parasite Queen never landed a finger on him!

More and more people began to think about this strange fight which involved one of the top fighters on the ranking list.

Everything was so weird. The tower never announced the fight in advance. Baron Milk spaced out in the fight, while Parasite Queen was somehow seriously wounded from the start. They already understood that it was Baron Milk’s familiar who did it. But… Baron Milk himself just stood there without doing anything either.

And the judges never ended the fight.

Also, they could not understand why Baron Milk fell to the floor out of no reason.

What was more, Baron Milk climbed up in a really weak way. Then he ordered his familiar to kill Parasite Queen. His twisted expression looked as if all the hate in the world had gathered on his face.

Whatever happened in the match? What made Baron Milk so furious against Parasite Queen?

Now, Baron Milk knelt on the ground. His painful look and panting did not seem fake. So… he was actually hurt? But how?

The wiser ones from the audience had stopped yelling at Baron Milk and began to question the whole display.

However, not everyone could think clearly. People had rushed off their seats and reached the arena while a great number of them declared that they were going to kill Baron Milk. Their rage intensified when they saw the bloody remains of Parasite Queen up close.

Soon enough, the arena was completely surrounded by people. If not for the magic array still protecting the area, they would have already climbed up the stage.

Most of the mobs were level-1 apprentices. They would never oppose Baron Milk like this when Baron Milk was fine. Right now though, Baron Milk looked dangerously wounded, and with someone taking the lead for them, it encouraged these weakest beings in the wizarding world to inflate themselves.

Angor was still kneeling on the ground. Blood came out from his mouth and nostrils, creating a bloody puddle beneath him.

Looking at their target in such a state, the low-leveled, frenzied apprentices around the arena roared louder.

Dave quickly ran toward the VIP seats while avoiding the crazy people.

“Master Prome! What should we do? An—Baron Milk is in danger,” said Dave. He no longer cared about Parasite Queen. He only wished to help Angor at this moment, but he could never do it by himself.

“Stay put. Let’s wait and see what happens next,” said Prome. He did not pay much attention to Dave. He frowned and tried to figure out what exactly happened during the fight. “There must be something wrong hidden behind the battle. Normally, your little friend wouldn’t kill Parasite Queen like that. Also, I already asked Parasite Queen to go easy on him before the match, and this still happened… There’s something else we don’t know about, so we’d better not get involved.”

As a dedicated researcher, Prome would avoid troubles at all cost. Of course, he could choose to save Angor. However, something told him that it would bring him a lot of nuisances, so he decided to stay out of it.

Dave quickly understood what Prome was planning to do. He glanced at Angor’s terrible condition again and clenched his fist.

“Sorry, Angor. I’m going to break our promise… I don’t have a choice.”

Making up his mind, Dave looked at Master Prome with a serious expression.

“Master, you’re looking for the enchantment alchemist, right?”

His words successfully caught Prome’s attention.

“What, you threatening me?” Prome frowned at Dave.


After acting cautiously around Prome all these years, Dave’s legs shivered with the great fear that built up in his mind. However, he managed to suppress his urge to quit and with his teeth chattering, he told Prome the truth.

“There’s no such ‘mysterious alchemist’. Those alchemy weapons are all made by… him.” Dave pointed toward Angor slowly. “He crafted them himself.”

“Do you have any idea what you just said? He, made those enchanted bolts all by himself?” Prome looked very doubtful. Angor was only a supernatural for half a year or so. It was already a miracle to learn how to use Thaw in such a short time, let alone studying enchantment!

“I’m serious. He already agreed to see you, but he said he has to wait until he reaches the top level of Sky Tower, so he asked me to keep the secret for now. But… I have to break my words now! Master, if you don’t do something now, those people will—”

Dave did not finish his words. It was obvious what would happen when all the insane fans of Parasite Queen managed to reach Angor in their current state.

“Are you certain? He knows enchantment?” Prome asked again.

Dave nodded quickly. “Yes! I went to his alchemy lab before. There’s no doubt about it!”

Prome did not notice any will to lie on Dave’s face and chose to trust his words.

If Angor was really the mysterious alchemist… saving him now also meant earning a favor. Thinking about this, Prome bolted from his seat and flew toward the stage on his overweighted body.

“Come! We should protect him quickly!”

Dave perked up and gladly followed behind Prome by running down the audience stand on foot.

“Director Melantha, the audience is in a riot now. Do we announce the result of the match?” A worker walked to Melantha.

Once they officially ended the match, the magic array on the stage would disappear which in turn, would allow the audiences to attack the fighters. This was against the regulations in Sky Tower, so they had not given the result yet even though Parasite Queen already had her head broken apart.

Melantha considered. “Let’s wait for now.”

She was disappointed at Bouy’s death. However, since Angor survived, she still had to follow the rules.

Baroque suddenly spoke. “No, end the match now.”

Melantha frowned. “Mister Baroque, we must obey the regulations of the tower and protect the participants. Maybe Angor is… I mean, we should still obey the rules.”

Melantha omitted Angor’s information because there were workers around.

Baroque chuckled. “Rules? I know them. They prevent a fighter from being pursued by his opponent after a match. But it only restricts fighters, not the spectators, so we’re not really breaking the rules.”

“But still…” Melantha glanced at the worker nearby and sent a message to Baroque using a spell. “You know Angor’s current condition. He’s not going to repel all the mobs.”

“He got that monster bird. Some scratches on the flesh, at best,” Baroque replied.


“Stop it. Killing Bouy doesn’t mean I have anything personal against him. I ask you to end the match just because I want to see if Sunders would show up here,” Baroque spoke.

Sunders’ reaction to this matter would help them determine Angor’s value in the gentleman’s eyes and to what extent they could interfere with the boy in the future.

Melantha thought it over and spoke to the worker, “Announce the result.”

Those around the stage already lost their sanity. Rather than getting revenge for Parasite Queen, they only wanted to vent out their discontent on Baron Milk.

“When the array gets lifted, let’s go together and deal with Baron Milk once and for all!”

“How dare he hurt my queen! I’ll tear him apart!”

“Kill him! Kill him!!”

Either intentionally or not, the atmosphere grew more intense by the second under the leadership of someone.

Such an emotion implanted an idea inside the minds of the weak apprentices which was that as long as they worked together, they could get rid of an elite fighter in the Three Levels of Death.

As the air around the arena grew more and more “flammable”, the screen suddenly showed something:

[Winner: Baron Milk!]

The magic array protecting the stage slowly vanished.

“It’s gone! Let’s go, people! Let’s fight for Parasite Queen! Kill Baron Milk, now!”

Someone took the lead, and he was followed by a human wave.

Angor already sensed the approaching danger, but he could not move a finger now. The green pollens inside his body all went crazy when they lost their commander. They triggered continuous agony inside Angor like a giant tornado on the sea which brought raging torrents into the air. The great pain only grew stronger and stronger, nullifying Angor’s attempt to move and think clearly.

Toby realized what those people around them wanted to do.

As the crowds rushed onto the stage, the bird began to repel them without hesitating.

Toby kept kicking people away, but there were too many people to deal with, and they came rushing from all directions. Without Angor’s order, Toby did not dare to slaughter people at its free will, so it could not attack the intruders fast enough.

A frenzied apprentice managed to sneak toward beside Angor. He aimed a foot at Angor’s head and stomped.

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