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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1839 - Two Chances

Chapter 1839 Two Chances

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“What are you doing?” Han Sen looked at the Baron expressionlessly.

Seeing how many people had gathered, the Baron let go of the woman’s arms. He stood up, smiled, and said, “Master, I just want to have some fun with this slave. I have been here for a few days, and I think I’m going to get sick if I don’t.”

“Get on your knees and apologize. Beg for her forgiveness.” Han Sen looked at him without emotion.

The Baron didn’t do anything. He just laughed it off. “Master, she is just a cheap civilian. Things don’t have to be like that.”

There were many people gathering. There were mothers, kids, other Barons, and Viscounts. They all turned to look at Han Sen.

“How is he going to deal with that Baron? If he punishes him, it’ll scare off many of the other Barons. If the Barons are expected to lay down their lives for Han Sen on this planet, and they aren’t even allowed to touch a woman, I doubt many will want to hang around. But at the same time, if he doesn’t punish him, his reputation and standing will most certainly be lowered. This is a bad situation, no matter which way you look at it.” Inside the room, a Viscount looked at Han Sen and the Baron, measuring it all. He looked interested in what would happen.

Other people were waiting to hear Han Sen’s solution to this problem. With a situation like this on his hands, his way of solving it would tell them a lot about the sort of person he was.

The men and women were conflicted. They were very scared about what was going on, and they were afraid they’d all end up like the mother. They didn’t think they could protect themselves, and neither could they protect their kids.

Now, all they could do was rely on Han Sen. If Han Sen let this Baron go, then that would put them in a very bad situation.

Han Sen looked at the Baron and did not say anything. He pulled out Ghost Teeth Knife. Killing a Baron would not require this knife, but this situation was more complicated than it seemed. And so, Han Sen held it.

Han Sen had gotten it back from Yisha a few days ago. So, this was his first time drawing it out.

“I can give you one chance. Use your power to block my strike. If you do, I will pretend nothing happened.” Han Sen looked coldly at the Baron.

The Baron looked shocked, and he said, “Master! It is just a commoner woman. If you want, I can give you a hundred extra.”

Han Sen smiled, holding his knife. He approached him. Without emotion, he responded by saying, “It does not matter how many there are. They are my property and no one touches my stuff without my explicit permission. I will kill whoever does. I gave you the opportunity to live, but you brushed it off. Now, I am giving you a second chance. Again, block my strike, and you can go free. You will become the first one who has ever touched something of mine and lived to tell the tale.”

Seeing Han Sen approach, they all noted how angry and murderous he looked. So, the man summoned his geno armament. It was a shield.

The Baron was thinking, “You are just a Baron, too. You can’t use the power that weapon possesses. You might be stronger than me, but do you really think I cannot block a single one of your attacks?”

Many of the other Barons and Viscounts thought Han Sen was being rather cruel. But at the same time, he was giving the man a chance to live.

They were both Baron class, and that man had a shield geno armament. If Han Sen sought to kill him, it’d be very difficult to do so in a single hit.

“If Master insists, I will just block a strike then,” the Baron shouted, propping up the shield in front of him.

Han Sen was in front of that Baron now, and he looked at him coldly. Han Sen swung his blade. Because Han Sen was not a Viscount, the Ghost Teeth Knife did not possess an aura. This was to be a raw, plain hit.

The Baron roared and used his shield.


Ghost Teeth Knife broke through the shield as if it was cutting up a plank of tofu. The Baron fell back. His geno armament had broken, and he coughed up a vat of blood.

He didn’t look too injured. It was just the tip of his forehead that had been cut. There was a red dot there.

“Thank you for sparing my life.” The Baron bowed before Han Sen and looked cocky.

Many of the Barons and Viscounts looked on in disdain, telling themselves, “He really needs us to develop this planet. I knew he couldn’t kill a Baron like that. It was all just for show.”

Han Sen did not say anything. He just put the knife back and stared at the Baron.

The Baron tried wiping the blood from his brow, but he couldn’t clear it. His wound kept bleeding, and the look on his face slowly changed.

Quickly, the wound spread from his forehead. His skin began to crack and split on his forehead like a spiderweb. It spread down to his neck, and from there, it ravaged the rest of his body. The wounds were cracks that slowly separated, exposing his fat and muscle.

“Aargh!” The Baron fell to the ground, screaming in agony. The feeling of his skin being slowly tom apart was worse than anything a single cut could deliver.

“Please forgive me!” The Baron was screaming and squealing, trying to beg for his life. The pain overtook his vocal cords, distorting his words.

“I gave you a chance,” Han Sen said quietly. He did not even blink, and then he returned to his chamber.

This was not a night one could easily sleep through. The skin of the Baron was ripping itself to shreds. Chunks of flesh fell off, bit-by-bit, with the man calling out for aid all night. He only stopped breathing when the next morning rolled

When others went to see him, the flesh was spread everywhere. All that was left were his bones. The skeleton was still breaking apart, though. The bones were cracking, and a few days later, they were nothing but firm bits on the ground.

Everyone was scared. Dying like that was a far worse fate than a simple, quick death.

“Nice kill,” Gu Qingcheng said. If she had been the one to kill him, his fate would have been even worse.

After that, the Barons and Viscounts were all scared. The mothers and the kids really appreciated what Han Sen had done. But they now understood that their lives were entirely dependent on Han Sen. If Han Sen objected to them being played with, no one could do anything to hurt them.

But if Han Sen wanted them dead, they wouldn’t be living. They’d be killed pretty badly.

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