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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1842 - A Rare Opportunity

Chapter 1842 A Rare Opportunity

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Eighty percent of Planet Eclipse was covered by clouds. The magnetic storms were constantly unstable, and they were always shining with volatile power. Tools were almost useless in those conditions, and satellites in orbit never wor^^ because they could not see what lay beneath those clouds.

That was one of the reasons Han Sen made the decision to come here. While it was hard for him to watch other Nobles and track their movements, it was also hard for others to watch him.

But Han Sen did not mind his inability to keep close watch over the Nobles, as he had never planned on keeping tabs on them anyway.

Not long before Han Sen left the base, one of the Viscounts decided to follow him. The Viscount’s name was Lake, and he was of the fairly small Inkcloud race. That race did not even have its own planet, and they were just a faction of creatures scattered across a number of different planets. It was extremely rare for them to have a Viscount.

But there was more to Lake than it seemed. When he became a Viscount, he was treated very well, and he received a lot of special training.

Lake came to Planet Eclipse with the sole purpose of assassinating Han Sen. Assassination in Narrow Moon was difficult, but Planet Eclipse would be his best chance.

Han Sen was only just a Baron, but still, Lake patiently followed after him. When he attacked, he needed to kill Han Sen in a single strike. He didn’t want to slip-up and give Han Sen the chance to resist or draw his King class weapon.

Han Sen could not use all the power of the weapon, but its presence in combat would still be annoying.

Han Sen brought Little Silver with him on his excursion into the mountains. The creatures around there were far too messed up, and he couldn’t be sure that the maps the Barons had drawn for him were entirely accurate.

Far away, Han Sen caught a glimpse of a few creatures near the mountain. They were the xenogeneics the Barons had described.

Upon closer inspection, Han Sen noticed that there were six of them. There were big ones and small ones. Some were as big as an elephant, whereas others were as small as a dog.

The bodies of the xenogeneics were all different as well. Some had four legs, whereas others stood up on two legs. Some were like creepy bugs with wings, while others had six arms.

Despite their variety, they all shared one physical attribute: there was a shell upon all their backs. The shells didn’t look too sturdy.

Han Sen heard the Barons tell him that when their weapons hit the shells, they did not deal much damage. And that was why the Barons’ attack on the creatures had completely failed.

Han Sen watched them for a while. He pulled his Ghost Teeth Knife from his backpack. The scabbard he had was broken, so he carried the knife drawn.

Ghost Teeth Knife possessed Ghost Teeth powers. Normal scabbards could not house it, and they’d usually break after a few days. Han Sen was fairly annoyed by that aspect of the blade.

He did have that spare scabbard he could use, but he didn’t dare to. If Yisha saw it, the jig would be up. Han Sen had hidden that scabbard in the sanctuary instead.

When Lake saw the mountain Han Sen was heading for, he frowned. There was nowhere to hide there, and if he followed Han Sen up there in plain sight, his presence would surely be discovered.

Han Sen had brought a silver beast. Lake thought Han Sen was being very arrogant, thinking he could take on six xenogeneics under those bare conditions.

But Lake could also use this opportunity to gauge the true extent of Han Sen’s power.

The strike Han Sen used to kill the Baron had drawn its strength from the weapon he used. It wasn’t an effective measure of his true strength.

“It’s fine with me if you want to get yourself killed by xenogeneics, so I don’t have to do it. If you don’t die, though, I’ll help you along.” Lake looked calm. He was taking his time, as there wasn’t any particular rush.

Han Sen’s presence was soon discovered by the xenogeneics up ahead. The six xenogeneics perked to a state of alertness and roared. They looked murderous, and they all ran straight for Han Sen like a pack of wolves.

Han Sen moved straight towards them with an unfaltering speed, knife raised and ready to strike. Little Silver was coming right behind him.

Quickly, Han Sen closed the distance to his first xenogeneic target. He swiped right past the beast, with his knife swinging as he went.

He did not stop moving. He swung Ghost Teeth Knife from all manners of different angles.

Within a second, Han Sen had made his way past all six of the xenogeneics. They had all attacked in a different manner, but none had managed to land a single hit on Han Sen.


Cracks formed in the six xenogeneic bodies, then widened as they began to seep blood. All of the beasts fell down, squealing and bleeding. Their lives would soon be over.

Lake, seeing what had just occurred, was shocked into horror. He thought to himself, “Powerful Teeth Knife! Powerful Ghost Teeth Knife! That power must stem entirely from his knife. Aside from the Rebate, I didn’t think any other race could learn Teeth powers.”

Lake was happy that he hadn’t blindly tried to attack Han Sen without seeing this first. Han Sen was a far stronger foe than Lake had initially believed him to be. He had Ghost Teeth Knife, which meant a face-to-face battle would be very difficult.

Not long after, the six xenogeneics were all dead. Han Sen dug out the xenogeneic materials. Even if he didn’t need them, the people back in the sanctuary could still use them.

“These xenogeneics are weaker than I thought. I should think about hunting down Viscount xenogeneics sometime. Otherwise, I won’t be able to improve at all.” Han Sen put away the xenogeneic genes and looked over his maps.

He looked for the locations where Viscount xenogeneics had been discovered. There were quite a few of them.

Han Sen selected a spot in which he could leave the mountain. He followed a path on the left because someone had spotted a Viscount xenogeneic that way. So, he was planning on going that way.

Lake, seeing Han Sen go that way, felt happy. Lake had made the report of a Viscount there.

There were actually Viscounts there, but there were two. He had only reported the presence of one. He was going to report it again to encourage Han Sen to go hunting, but Han Sen was arrogant enough to head there immediately with the hopes of fighting one.

“An opportunity. This is a rare opportunity.” Lake was so happy, and he quickly followed after Han Sen.

Lake had made his mind up now. He was going to kill Han Sen, even if the two Viscount xenogeneics couldn’t kill him on Lake’s behalf.

“I just need to hide in one of Han Sen’s escape routes. When he tries to run from the xenogeneics, he won’t escape my assassination. He is a dead man.” When they got close to the place the Viscount was said to reside, Lake hid himself on one of the paths.

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