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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1843 - Killing a Viscount Xenogeneic

Chapter 1843: Killing a Viscount Xenogeneic

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Han Sen saw the gully up ahead, which had been correctly marked on the map. With Little Silver by his side, the two snuck into it.

Han Sen saw a sleeping xenogeneic there. It looked like a tyrannosaurus rex with a ridge of exposed bones on its back. It looked like a mix between a tyrannosaurus rex and a hedgehog.

The sight of it was rather frightening; upon seeing it, Han Sen could immediately tell that it was not a Baron.

When Han Sen saw the xenogeneic, he didn’t take action straight away. He looked around the gully and frowned.

Lake saw Han Sen not moving an inch, and with shock, he thought to himself, “Has he detected the presence of a second xenogeneic? He shouldn’t have been able to. The second one is hidden. If I hadn’t attacked the first creature, I would never have discovered the second one.”

As Lake remained in a state of shock, Han Sen walked further and further into the gully. It made Lake sigh. “It looks like I may have gotten ahead of myself. He hasn’t been able to find the second one.”

Han Sen let Little Silver wait outside as he went in alone. He clenched his Ghost Teeth Knife tightly as he ghosted towards the xenogeneic. Little Silver had evolved a second time, but he was still just a Baron. A fight like this wouldn’t really suit him.

The xenogeneic was sleeping like a log, and Han Sen was able to inch his way right next to it. Still, it showed no sign of waking up.

Han Sen held his knife tight and raised it up to the creature’s neck. The xenogeneic was far too big to be killed with one hit.

Teeth power wouldn’t be as effective against a creature that was a tier higher than Han Sen, but going for a weak spot was still better than striking anywhere else.

Han Sen slowly approached the beast’s neck, moving lightly and slowly.

Behind Han Sen, a snake-looking creature appeared. It delicately rose out of the soil. It opened its mouth like a flower and approached Han Sen.

When the monster was a mere two feet away, the mouth widened and lashed forward. It was ready to lunge and swallow Han Sen up.

But Han Sen looked as if he had eyes in the back of his head. He moved both feet, and then the xenogeneic ended up biting the tyrannosaurus rex that was directly in front of Han Sen. The tyrannosaurus rex was roused out of its slumber by the teeth suddenly sinking into it.

And as this occurred, Han Sen leaped forward and unleashed a strike against the xenogeneic snake. Its metal-looking body was delivered a hefty cut that drew blood.

Han Sen was shocked. He had used a lot of strength with his Ghost Teeth Knife, but he had been unable to slice through its body. All he could deliver was a wound that was about half a foot deep. The bodies of these xenogeneics were tougher than he had expected.

Roar! The startled tyrannosaurus rex roared and shot a geyser of flame out of its mouth. The snake’s face was incinerated, and its jaws relaxed and let go of the beast it had accidentally bitten.

While it squealed, Han Sen continued to slash and slash against the wound he had already dealt the creature. And after a few more sturdy hits, he was able to cut clean through and slice the beast in half.

The snake was not dead yet, but its face had been burned pretty badly. Its eyes had been seared out of their sockets, rendering the snake blind. It rolled around on the ground, bleeding profusely. It was only a matter of time before it died.

The spiky tyrannosaurus rex was extremely angry, in the meantime. It spat out fire towards Han Sen. So, Han Sen summoned his Taurus Shield and hit behind it, using it to block the stream of fire. The flames were unable to penetrate the shield. It was a Viscount beast soul, after all. It was on equal footing with the tyrannosaurus rex’s attack.

The spiky tyrannosaurus rex seemed angry, and it unleashed barrage after barrage of fire. The Taurus continued to block the flame, but after a while, the shield became too hot to hold onto. Han Sen had to let go of it.

Blisters rose all over Han Sen’s hand from the heat.

Lake heard movement down in the gully, and it made him extremely happy. He stayed alert, so if Han Sen came running out trying to escape, he could lunge forward and kill him right there.

But Han Sen did not escape. He had dug his shield into the earth, so he was still managing to hide behind it.

The spiky tyrannosaurus rex continued to spit fire without rest, but no matter what it did, it could not destroy the Taurus shield. It roared to the sky and rolled its body into a ball. It looked like a giant sea urchin as it then came rolling forward towards the shield.

Han Sen quickly evaded its roll, but the shield was knocked into the air. It took a while for it to fall back down, and when it did, it came slamming down into a rock and became half-embedded in it.

The spiky tyrannosaurus rex came rolling towards Han Sen again. It was so big and fast, and it had spikes. Han Sen was slower than the creature was, and he couldn’t take advantage of his strength. If he was hit, the creature’s spikes would punch holes right through him.

Fortunately, Han Sen was prepared for a situation like this. If he hadn’t come prepared, he wouldn’t have risked the fight in the first place.

fight in the first place.

“Come out, my shoes!” Han Sen shouted, as fluffy rabbit-fur shoes appeared on his feet. Han Sen’s feet acted as if they had been imbued with the power of the wind, and they gained a great boost of speed. With them on, he managed to evade the tyrannosaurus rex.

The shoes were the Teeth Rabbit beast soul Han Sen had earned from killing Rocks Fall Duke. They were a Duke class beast soul, and they gave Han Sen the speed of a Duke.

Speed was their only benefit, though.

But that was enough for Han Sen. Han Sen ran around the tyrannosaurus like the wind, and the tyrannosaurus rex was unable to catch up.

Katcha! Katcha! Katcha!

While Han Sen ran, he kept slashing the tyrannosaurus’ back. And as the beast screamed in agony, it spat out more flames. But Han Sen was too fast, and whenever a flame was headed his way, he was on the beast’s other side. The flames couldn’t catch him.


Han Sen struck the creature on the other side, drawing out more blood from the creature’s wounds.

The spiky tyrannosaurus rex was so angry, it kept rolling around, spewing fire. But there was nothing it could do to Han Sen, who was now like the wind. It couldn’t even rustle Han Sen’s clothes. All it could do was catch his dust.

“Xenogeneic Viscount hunted; xenogeneic gene found: King Earthworm”

An announcement played in Han Sen’s head. It was the snake-like xenogeneic that had just died.

Han Sen ignored it. He kept spinning around the spiky tyrannosaurus rex, slashing it. He wanted to make the felon bleed more and more.

Although the Teeth power was not very effective on the Viscount, unhealable wounds could be deadly even if they were small.

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