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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2426 - Big Sword

Chapter 2426 Big Sword

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Han Sen and Miss Mirror carefully followed Night Wind’s gaze. Nearby, there was a big sword sticking partially out of the rubble.

The sword’s handle was one foot wide and two feet tall. They couldn’t tell how long the blade was because the blade was plunged deep into the ground of the plaza. Only eighty centimeters of it could be seen.

The sword was fairly rusty, and it was covered by a layer of grey film. A grim expression passed over Han Sen’s face as he looked at the weapon. It gave off a powerful, murderous aura.

The handle was shaped like a bamboo branch, and there was no actual handguard protecting it. The handle connected straight to the blade of the sword itself. It was double-edged, and there were strange symbols engraved down the center of the blade. They looked like snakes or vines or something. With so little of the blade visible, it was difficult to tell exactly what they were.

Night Wind sensed something dangerous about this half-buried sword, which was why he had ceased digging. All he did was stare at it.

Han Sen could feel the power simmering from the sword. It was like there were a thousand angry spirits struggling, twisting, and screaming within its blade.

But when he looked closer, he couldn’t actually detect anything threatening about the weapon. It was huge, but other than that, it was ordinary and covered in rust.

Night Wind lifted his sword of darkness again and approached the big sword slowly. He was so careful that it looked like he was walking toward some sort of terrifying, deified elite rather than a rusty sword plunged into the earth.

Miss Mirror and Han Sen stood back. They were now King class. If Night Wind couldn’t handle this threat, there was nothing they could do to even the odds.

Night Wind had to force himself to take every step. This entire place was just too weird, and there was something ominous about the way the sword was plunged into the ground. It was entirely possible that the sword harbored some mysterious, frightening power, like the two statues they had encountered.

But thankfully, when Night Wind reached the sword, the weapon didn’t react to his presence.

Night Wind didn’t touch the sword. He used a night substance chain to remove the rocks behind the sword. He dug another path around the sword, and the sword remained in place. Nothing happened.

Miss Mirror frowned and studied the sword. She seemed to be considering their options.

“It looks like the sword isn’t going to attack. It might just be a weapon that they left behind.” Night Wind looked at the sword, his eyes flashing.

If it really was a weapon from the era of the gods, then perhaps it was some relic that exceeded the strength of a deified weapon.

“My Lady, should I try to pick it up?” Night Wind asked, looking at Miss Mirror. Although Miss Mirror was King class now, Night Wind still really respected her. He wasn’t going to speak disrespectfully to her or talk down to her because of her level.

“Whatever power drew us here, it isn’t this. Let’s not move it. Continue digging a way forward,” Miss Mirror said quietly.

Han Sen’s greedy personality usually drove him to take every piece of the treasure he could find, but in this place, not even he was willing to be careless. He agreed with what Miss Mirror said. It was best not to touch it for now. This place was cursed, so perhaps something fouler had yet to occur.

But Night Wind disagreed. He thought for a moment and said. “If this is a weapon that was left behind during the battle between gods, perhaps it will help us search this city.”

There was some truth in Night Wind’s words. If they could free the sword, they might be able to use it as a weapon.

The sword must have been extremely powerful back in the day. If they could control the weapon, perhaps it could sort out many of the issues they had yet to face.

For instance, the sword might be able to break the statue of a thousand hands and a thousand eyes. If they were able to do that, perhaps they could remove the red-eye powers.

If they could use the sword to remove their infection, then it wouldn’t be necessary for them to keep exploring the city. Instead, they could merrily wait until their reinforcements arrived.

Miss Mirror was still a little hesitant. Whether they took the sword or not, both options had pros and cons. It was a gamble either way. Winning the bet would have fantastic rewards, but if they lost, it would make their situation even worse.

“Let’s keep on going.” Miss Mirror didn’t allow Night Wind to touch the sword. If there was a gamble, they might be on the losing end. If they did not gamble, they would neither win nor lose.

If the choice had been up to Han Sen, not even he would have tried his luck with that sword. It was far too risky, he believed.

The most important reason he didn’t want anything to do with the sword, though, was because of what had happened with Ning Yue and the little green sword. The green sword had been much smaller, and it had turned Ning Yue into someone who was neither a man nor a woman.

If Han Sen grabbed that big sword, God only knew what might happen. Perhaps it would turn him into a eunuch. That was unthinkable.

Although Ning Yue was really girly, at least he still had a penis.

Night Wind didn’t insist, though. It seemed as if he still acknowledged Miss Mirror’s authority. Even though he held a different opinion, he didn’t go against Miss Mirror’s will.

The three of them proceeded around the sword as Night Wind continued to remove the rubble from a path in front of them. As they went, Night Wind’s excavation revealed many more gouges and deep slices that had been carved into the plaza.

A sword mark was carved meters deep into the hard ground paved with black stone. The black rock was amazingly sturdy, but it had been cut open like tofu. Pieces of the broken stone had flown everywhere, so it was scary to imagine how strong the wielder of that power must have been.

“These sword marks can’t have been made by the person who left behind the big sword, can they? I wonder who used it.” As Han Sen observed the sword marks, he couldn’t stop thinking about the buried sword.

The woman dug up by the Hell had only been deified like Night Wind.

But when Night Wind’s power struck the plaza, it barely left a scratch. Compared to the meters-deep clefts made by some ancient weapon, the difference was staggering. They were not on the same level.

Miss Mirror and Night Wind were thinking along the same line, but they had already decided not to touch the sword. There was no reversing that decision now.

Night Wind was leading them all forward when suddenly, a ding noise sounded. Night Wind’s dark substance chains looked as if they had struck something, and they shattered into darkness.

“What did we find this time?” Han Sen asked, moving to get a better view. The dark substance chains had broken against a stone wall, and despite hitting the wall with considerable force, the chains hadn’t damaged it.

The wall was covered with engravings, but since they could only see a small section of the wall, they couldn’t tell what the engravings represented.

Night Wind moved very fast as he cleared out the rubble around the wall. A short time later, the entire stone wall stood exposed before them.

The wall looked like a floral screen, but it was much bigger than the average floral screen. It was one hundred meters long and three meters high.

Han Sen looked carefully at the carvings on the screen, and when he did, his face changed.

Their eyes were drawn to the center of the screen. At first, they thought it was nothing, but when that section of the wall was viewed from the far left, the image resolved into something very strange.

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