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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2437 - Mirror Area

Chapter 2437 Mirror Area

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“My Lady is a princess of the Extreme King, and you are the king’s sister. You are the leader of Spring Rain. Are you really going to believe in the truthfulness of this ‘prophecy’? Tell me the real reason you want to kill her,” Han Sen said coolly as he eyed Miss Mirror.

Miss Mirror didn’t continue trying to attack him. She looked at Han Sen for a while before saying, “Prophecies can have very real power. Not many elites can actually predict the future, but there are some. Most notably, the Very High are very skilled at prophecy. They are able to predict events in a similar manner to how the pictures on that screen seem to function.”

“But that isn’t the real reason that you want to kill her,” Han Sen said, shaking his head.

Miss Mirror didn’t deny the accusation. “Right now, her body is weak, so weak that any noble could kill her. But the powers that she displayed earlier were very strong. Even Night Wind, a deified elite of the Extreme King, was brought down in a single blow. This strangely fluctuating power reminds me of someone from an old legend.”

“Who?” Han Sen raised his eyebrow.

“Sacred Leader,” Miss Mirror said slowly.

“How is that possible? Sacred Leader led so many powerful elites. If he had a weakness that was so obvious, I’m sure he would have died many times over,” Han Sen replied skeptically.

If Sacred Leader’s body was that weak, he would have had great difficulty keeping himself alive, let alone ruling an empire. He commanded a multitude of people with incredible power; such people would have discovered his weakness quite easily. There was no way Sacred Leader could have led Sacred for so long with such a blatant flaw.

“Of course, it is only a legend. Although Sacred Leader’s body was sometimes weak, he was always wearing a magical set of armor. Even those closest to Sacred Leader never saw his face. Plus, he was extremely skilled with the powers of time and space. Ambushing or trapping him would have been impossible. I don’t know exactly what it means, but this girl’s power is very abnormal. Maybe she is somehow connected with Sacred Leader. Even if they aren’t related, I must still take the precaution of killing her. I am not risking my life for her.” Miss Mirror looked at Han Sen and went on to say, “You should leave now, as this is your last chance. If you try to stop me, I will kill you. I won’t let you escape if you oppose me here.”

Han Sen had questions he needed to ask the girl, many of which he desperately wanted to know the answers to. He didn’t want her to die just yet.

“I am sorry, but I’d like for her to live,” Han Sen murmured quietly.

Miss Mirror said nothing. She merely slashed towards Han Sen, letting her actions speak for her. She had made a decision. And if Han Sen was going to stop her from killing the girl, she would no longer try to avoid injuring him.

Based on the power in Miss Mirror’s attack, it seemed that she was no longer playing around. And Han Sen knew it. He took this threat seriously. His Purple-Eye Butterfly kept spinning, analyzing Miss Mirror’s sword skill.

He could use his Dongxuan Area to stop Miss Mirror’s area and power, but that skill was part of his identity as Dollar. If Han Sen used it in this situation, then his identity would be exposed. He didn’t want to have to do that unless it was absolutely necessary.

Miss Mirror’s sword skills were strangely unpredictable. They were not Causal sword skills, but they were still hard to dodge. As he saw Miss Mirror coming, Han Sen moved again to avoid her blade.

Han Sen’s movement was fast. He was faster than Miss Mirror, but somehow, the broken sword still hit him and sliced into his arm.

Han Sen had the undying Original Water King Body, so even if his body was cut open, he could heal immediately. Normal injuries wouldn’t really hurt him. When he took a strike from that broken sword, however, his Original Water King Body wasn’t healing.

“It looks like this broken sword might have been quite the infamous weapon. Even the Original Water King Body cannot stand against it. You better think about how much you really want to stop me. The next hit won’t land on your arm,” Miss Mirror promised, and then, she swung her sword. The sword arced like a rainbow, seeming to disappear mid-swing, like usual.

“I understand your sword skills.” Han Sen moved, and Miss Mirror’s attack hit nothing.

Miss Mirror froze. She swung her sword at Han Sen again. Many sword rainbows came down, but Han Sen was like a butterfly. He fluttered back and forth, weaving between the sword rainbows. He was still holding the girl, though, and so he couldn’t fight back. But he dodged each and every one of Miss Mirror’s attacks.

“This must be a combination of your Mirror Area and your sword skills. Sword skills that go across the Mirror World can’t really be dodged. It flips the world, allowing an attack to travel through space that shouldn’t exist. That keeps your opponents from discerning where a sword is coming from because they can’t follow the blade along its path. It is a very powerful move, but it is useless against someone like me,” Han Sen said, continuing to speak calmly as he dodged Miss Mirror’s attacks.

Miss Mirror finally forced herself to accept that Han Sen could see through her Mirror sword skills. Continuing to attack would be pointless, so she lowered the sword.

“Can we actually talk now?” Han Sen didn’t want to fight with Miss Mirror. Doing that would lead them right into the prophesied scenario.

Miss Mirror gently laughed. “You think you have escaped my Mirror sword skills?”

“Have I not?” Han Sen asked.

“If you insist on getting in my way, I will let you see the real Mirror Area,” Miss Mirror said, before lifting the sword in her hand again.

Han Sen knew Miss Mirror was an annoyingly powerful woman, so he hadn’t let his guard down when she stopped attacking.

“I will use this sword to blind your left eye.” Miss Mirror swung with the broken sword, but this time, no sword rainbows appeared, twisting sinuously through space itself. This power, power slammed into Han Sen with no warning.

Pain shot through Han Sen’s left eye like it had been stabbed by a needle. Blood squirted from it, then the eyeball exploded. Han Sen didn’t even see how she had managed to get his eye.

“This attack will break your right eye,” Miss Mirror said simply, then she slashed again with her broken sword.

Han Sen focused, pushing his Purple-Eye Butterfly to the max. He still couldn’t identify the power that was pushing the broken sword.

A ripping sensation came from his right eye, as if it had been cut by a blade as well. It exploded like the left eye, and blood poured from the socket.

Because of the broken sword’s weird power, his eyes kept bleeding. The bleeding wasn’t going to stop, and his blood wouldn’t crystallize, either.

“Let go of that girl, or my next strike will kill you,” Miss Mirror said in a hard tone.

Han Sen was now blind, but that didn’t affect what he could feel. He still looked incredibly calm as he said, “I should have known this was the real Mirror Area. My eyes reflected you and your sword, so you could break my eyes using your mirror. Now that my eyes are destroyed, what else will reflect you and your sword? How are you going to kill me?”

Miss Mirror sighed. “You are too young. You think that’s all my Mirror Area can do?”

After that, Miss Mirror raised her hand, and an old mirror appeared next to her. It was as tall as she was. That old mirror was pointed at Han Sen, and it reflected Han Sen’s image.

Miss Mirror thrust her blade toward the mirror. The broken sword shoved through the mirror, but the mirror wasn’t broken. Han Sen felt a surge of pain in his chest, and a bloody hole appeared not far from his sternum.

“What a powerful Mirror Area! Thank you for not killing me, my Lady.” Han Sen knew this sword Miss Mirror wielded could have penetrated his heart or sliced his head off.

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