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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2444 - Universal APB

Chapter 2444 Universal APB

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Han Sen asked Miss Mirror to contact Yisha. He wouldn’t use his own phone because, if he decided to run, all of his conversations after this day would be thoroughly examined.

Han Sen explained his situation to Yisha completely, and Yisha listened intently. She didn’t say a word until Han Sen finished telling her the entire story. When Yisha spoke, all she said were four words. “Go to Sky Palace.”

Yisha then immediately hung up.

With that, Han Sen was able to make up his mind. He handed the phone back to Miss Mirror, smiled, and said, “Thank you for taking care of me all this time, my Lady. I hope we can meet again someday.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible, but if you die, I will light a candle in your honor,” Miss Mirror said emotionlessly.

“If my death earns a lit candle from you, I will consider myself eternally blessed,” Han Sen said. He looked at Miss Mirror and said, “I actually still have one more request to make. I was hoping that my Lady would take care of my blood kirin. If you are willing to, you can use it for yourself. I will remember the kindness you have done me.”

“That blood kirin is quite an angry beast. I don’t think it will follow the commands if another,” Miss Mirror said.

“Controlling it isn’t difficult. You just need to use this item to find him, and then he will listen to you.” Han Sen brought something out for Miss Mirror.

“I guess I won’t refuse the service of a half-deified.” Miss Mirror accepted the item, looked at Han Sen, and asked, “You really have made the decision to flee? You need to think about this carefully. Even if Sky Palace was willing to defy the Extreme King and take you in, your journey there would be a hellish one. You might not even get there alive.”

“This is my life. I could go to the holy temple and survive, but I would spend my life in a prison. For someone like me, that existence would be worse than death. I would rather take a gamble that still leaves me a small chance of freedom,” Han Sen said.

Although his words weren’t entirely honest, Han Sen was explaining one of his primary reasons for refusing to go to the holy temple.

“Then you should go. I hope you survive a few more days. If my guess is correct, reinforcements will arrive here in forty hours. And I will have to report your situation to my supervisor.” Miss Mirror didn’t pretend that she would support Han Sen more than she really would just because she was weaker than him now. That just wasn’t her personality.

“Goodbye, my Lady. Please report that I’m going to Sky Palace.” Han Sen bowed. He picked up the unconscious Wan’er and took Bao’er with him as he departed.

Seeing Han Sen flee the xenogeneic space with Bao’er, a strange expression crossed Falling Leaf’s face. “Miss Mirror, has he really chosen to depart the Extreme King?”

“It is very surprising, but it doesn’t surprise me that a brave man like him has made such a choice.” Despite Miss Mirror’s words, her face looked conflicted.

Falling Leaf hesitated for a moment, but ultimately asked, “Can he escape this?”

“No, he cannot,” Miss Mirror answered with certainty, for that was what she believed.

Han Sen was smart, but no matter how smart he was, he was just a first-tier King. Even if he was deified, the furious hordes of Extreme King would still bring him down. It was only a matter of time.

Yisha wanted Han Sen to go to Sky Palace because the Sky had the backing of the Very High. If they were willing to protect Han Sen, then the Extreme King wouldn’t simply be able to enter Sky Palace and kill whomever they pleased.

But Sky Palace might not protect Han Sen. And even if they agreed to take him in, the trip to get to Sky Palace would be very dangerous for him.

After an hour, Miss Mirror called King Bai’s phone. “Brother, I have confirmed that he is indeed Han Sen. He has fled the xenogeneic space, and he is headed for Sky Palace.”

After he left the xenogeneic space, Han Sen waved his hand and sent a white crystal flying out in front of him. It expanded until it became a giant white whale.

It was a technological marvel of the ancient crystallizers. It was as powerful as a deified treasure, and it was Han Sen’s primary hope of escaping his predicament. With the white whale, he would be able to travel through space for a long time without needing to stop on any other planets along the way.

“Han Sen, are we really going to escape? We should go and reason with them. Perhaps they will forgive us.” Ning Yue was going to cry.

“A man never looks back.” Han Sen drove the white whale forward. He looked excited and wholly unafraid.

“A man never looks back,” Bao’er repeated in excitement, pumping her fists.

“I’m not a big man; I’m a small woman! Let me out… I will beg them for their forgiveness! They will forgive me—they will forgive me because I am a pitiful woman!” Ning Yue sobbed as she banged on the hatch. Then, she sat with her back to the door. She started to cry hopelessly. Her little green sword remained silently at her waist.

Han Sen and Bao’er ignored him. Ning Yue had been affected by that little green sword way too much. He had become a woman with remarkably fragile emotions.

Han Sen didn’t dare to get too close to Ning Yue or his little green sword. Han Sen was afraid of being affected by the little green sword and turning into what Ning Yue had become. He would rather die before that happened.

“Bao’er, my first officer, you take over the wheel.” Han Sen stood up and allowed Bao’er to take the command chair

“Yes, Daddy Captain.” Bao’er gladly sat down and accepted control of the white whale.

Once he didn’t have to pilot the whale, Han Sen turned his attention to a map of the galaxy. Going to Sky Palace would be very difficult. If they took the normal route to Sky Palace, their chances of arriving safely were practically zero.

“It looks like the Tianxia System is the only way we can go. If we do that, we can then head through the systems of chaos to get to Sky Palace,” Han Sen muttered to himself as he stared intently at the galactic map. The route he proposed was the most dangerous path they could take, which also made it the safest, as far as the threat of the Extreme King was concerned.

That was the only route the Extreme King didn’t have total control over, but the systems of chaos were even dangerous for deified elites.

When Han Sen first followed the Ice Blue Knights through the systems of chaos, he was a first-hand witness to how frighteningly scary that place could be.

The Tianxia System was a very dangerous system, as well. It was a giant xenogeneic space, but it was different from ordinary xenogeneic spaces. There were no stars, no seas, and no land. It was just an endless, foggy space that was choked by clouds. All sorts of tools were rendered useless there due to the magnetic storms that existed within the vapor. Ordinary ships were unable to travel through the Tianxia System.

Plus, that endless space of clouds was known to host many terrifying xenogeneics. Many deified creatures lived all throughout Tianxia System. For an ordinary deified, making the trip would be very difficult.

But this was the reason Han Sen had chosen to journey through the Tianxia System. The Extreme King wouldn’t expect him to go that way.

Overnight, Han Sen’s name spread across the entire geno universe.

Before that day, not many creatures of the universe knew who Han Sen was. But when the Extreme King put out a universal APB for Han Sen, races all across the universe learned or remembered his name.

Of course, what they remembered more than anything was the very high bounty on him. The reward being offered for Han Sen was enough to tempt any deified.

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