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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2449 - Demon Spirit

Chapter 2449 Demon Spirit

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The giant black beetle flew at high speed toward the last location shown in the video. When they arrived, they found many cloud beasts in the midst of battle. But because they were surrounded by so many clouds, they could only catch occasional glimpses of the battleground.

Bao Qin ordered the black beetle to be brought to a stop, then turned back to the old butler. “Let’s not get too close to the battleground. Before we enter, we should send someone in to scout.”

Before the old butler could agree, a huge white whale appeared out of the clouds and headed straight toward them.

Following the white whale was a group of cloud beasts. They seemed very angry.

“Ready yourselves to fight!” Bao Qin shouted, frowning as the white whale approached.

The black beetle’s Extreme King knights quickly assembled into battle formations. The big white whale approached at high speed, but instead of ramming the black beetle as they expected, the whale dove and went right under their ship.

Bao Qin and the Extreme King knights wondered why the white whale had decided to simply pass them by, but they didn’t have much time to think about it. The cloud beasts that had been chasing the whale surged over them in a wave.

A King class group of giant cloud dragons were flying behind the cloud beasts, but even they seemed weak and unthreatening compared to what followed.

The giant cloud dragons were hitched to a rainbow-colored carriage made of cloud stone. Despite their incredible power and ferocity, the cloud dragons were being used as mere beasts of burden.

“D*mn it! It’s the sea demon’s carriage! We have to get out of here!” Bao Qin’s face paled slightly, and his words were rushed.

But it was already too late. The sea beasts were upon them, and the giant cloud dragons dragging the stone carriage arrived before the black beetle.

The white whale had vanished at some point, and the giant black beetle was now surrounded by monsters of the clouds. The Extreme King knights engaged the cloud beasts in combat.

“Good job, everyone!” Han Sen said to Fang Qing Yu and the others as he admired the Extreme King, who were now fighting the cloud beasts.

“It is our honor to work for the captain and the little captain,” one of the pirates said, bowing deeply. An ingratiating smile covered his face.

“The captain and the little captain are the smartest people in the whole universe. Those Extreme King aren’t even fit to lick your boots.”

“The captain is so handsome. The little captain is so beautiful. You both hold the universe in your hands, and every decision you make is a turning point in history.”

“Long live the big captain and small captain! Long live the big captain and small captain!”

Han Sen looked at all the pirates who were gushing praises for him and Bao’er, and he couldn’t help but admit that it felt pretty good. Bao’er was loving it.

“No wonder everyone wants to become a tyrant with an evil right-hand man. This is great,” Han Sen thought happily.

Luckily, Han Sen hadn’t deluded himself into thinking that this was actually his idea. Fang Qing Yu had come up with the plan, and Han Sen was only reaping the advantages of its employment.

It was just as Fang Qing Yu had said. The Tianxia System was way too dangerous, and getting through it safely might have been little more than wishful thinking. They hadn’t been planning to encounter the scary cloud dragons, after all.

Han Sen didn’t dare to fight the cloud dragons. He piloted the white whale away from them as he tried to escape. Then, he allowed Fang Qing Yu to create a scenario that would draw in the Extreme King search party. Once the Extreme King arrived, they had earned the ire of the monsters within minutes.

The cloud dragons weren’t happy to have intruders in their territory.

Han Sen didn’t know what the stone carriage behind the cloud dragons was, but after Fang Qing Yu used the Wanjie Rubix Cube to contact his Thousand Treasures step-father, they learned that it was the legendary Sea Demon Carriage. If not for the Thousand Treasures, Han Sen might not have fled from the carriage in time. It would have certainly been a nasty fight.

That Thousand Treasures elder used the Rubix cube to tell Han Sen that the Sea Demon Carriage was the most mysterious and scary xenogeneics in the Tianxia System. The legends said that the giant cloud dragons pulled the Tianxia System’s leader in that carriage.

Not many people had ever glimpsed what was inside that carriage, though. When the Sea Demon Carriage opened, anyone who saw it usually died shortly thereafter.

The white whale hovered some distance from the battlefield. They hid amidst the clouds, and Fang Qing Yu looked very excited. He filmed the fight between the Extreme King and the cloud beasts intently, streaming the video to his Thousand Treasures step-father.

Fang Qing Yu took special care to capture the Sea Demon Carriage on video. He would never miss an opportunity to film that.

He wanted the chance to film the being inside the Sea Demon Car. He wanted a first-hand account of this fight. That information might be the most valuable thing he had ever possessed.

Of course, it wasn’t just the information that would fetch a high price. The video itself would be worth a lot. Fang Qing Yu’s step-father had already started working on it. The Thousand Treasures was the best organization in the universe when it came to making money, and a video like that would be a money-making machine.

The video would require some editing before it was released, though.

Han Sen really admired the business acumen of the Thousand Treasures. Plus, with Fang Qing Yu remaining in constant contact with his step-father, the Thousand Treasures could give them information about any creatures they encountered in the Tianxia System. Han Sen could avoid many potential dangers and pitfalls, and they wouldn’t have to go up against a creature that might be too much for them. They could even detour around areas with a particularly high death toll.

“It’s out!” Fang Qing Yu shouted very excitedly.

Han Sen looked back to the battleground. The cloud dragons were cringing away from the open door of the carriage, and after a few long seconds, something stepped through the open door.

All eyes were drawn to the newly-emerged monster. Han Sen had never seen a living creature like it before. Its body was like a black cloud, with a black demonic form standing somewhere in the middle. It was impossible to see exactly what the creature looked like, but it possessed a dark humanoid shape.

But the being seemed to have a shadowy tail, and its hair was like fire. A pair of eyes could be seen through the dark cloud, burning with a red and purple flame. Only its disturbing eyes could be seen clearly, as everything else about its form was murky and indistinct.

Bao Qin stood atop the castle, watching the scary creature emerge from the stone carriage.

“Demon Spirit, we of the Extreme King have never offended you. We were pursuing someone else along this path…”

But that scary creature didn’t answer. Its eyes glowed evilly, and it threw a punch toward Bao Qin.


Han Sen and the others didn’t see the punch land, but they could see the enormous black beetle explode under the force of the shockwave. Blood rained everywhere, dyeing the blue clouds scarlet around it.

Some Extreme King knights hadn’t been able to get clear of the black beetle, and so the hit destroyed their King knight bodies. They disintegrated, becoming a part of that red mist.

Bao Qin hung in the air, and the ghostly Demon Spirit teleported directly in front of him.

“It has started.” Han Sen’s eyes brightened with anticipation. There was going to be a deified fight. If the two fighters ended up badly injured, he could take advantage of the situation and claim them both.

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