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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2450 - Blood Eye Evil God Beast Soul

Chapter 2450 Blood Eye Evil God Beast Soul

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Han Sen watched the battle in the hopes of finding an opportunity to score some easy kills, but something soon happened that made him rethink his plans.

Music wafted into Han Sen’s ears. Upon hearing the first note, Han Sen’s mind seemed to buzz, like the vibration that would be left behind if someone struck him on the head with a hammer.

Han Sen only found the sensation to be slightly uncomfortable, but the Duke class pirates began to fall over, coughing up blood as they curled into fetal position. They clawed at their ears, screaming in agony. They were bleeding from all seven of their holes.

“Oh, no! A deified Extreme King has used a sonic attack. The white whale is tough, but it is weak against sonic attacks. We have to go!” Han Sen turned the white whale and piloted it far away.

The white whale was just a piece of technology, so it couldn’t adapt to everything that was thrown at it.

Fang Qing Yu was the weakest person on board, and so he was doing far worse than all the others. Luckily, Han Sen released a King area that subdued most of the acoustic effect. If he hadn’t done that, the sonic powers would have liquified Fang Qing Yu’s brain.

The white whale traveled through the clouds at full speed. After tens of thousands of miles, the effectiveness of the sonic powers started to subside. But Han Sen’s crew still suffered from the scary shockwaves of the battle.

After what had just happened, Han Sen was no longer interested in trying to kill the fighters once they were injured. He just wanted to leave the area, and that was that.

“Don’t go! If you leave now, we won’t film the fight. And if we don’t film the fight, everything we’ve invested will be wasted. I have to go back and keep filming!” Fang Qing Yu shouted at Han Sen, as soon as he was feeling better.

“You’re crazier than I am. You’re willing to die for money?” Han Sen looked at Fang Qing Yu with utter shock. This man really did care about money above all else.

“The Thousand Treasures Alliance cannot invest in a venture that loses money. I have to go back,” Fang Qing Yu said with obvious difficulty.

Seeing that Fang Qing Yu wasn’t kidding, Gu Qingcheng said, “It won’t matter how much money you make if you’re dead, will it?”

Fang Qing Yu shook his head with a wry smile. “You guys don’t understand. This isn’t only about me. My team invested a lot into this. If you don’t follow the plan we made, I won’t be the only one getting screwed—my whole team will be! They invested all their money into this. That means they will all go bankrupt, and that might result in them all committing suicide.”

“Give me your Wanjie Rubix Code, and I will film it for you,” Han Sen said after a moment.

Han Sen hadn’t wanted to leave so abruptly, either, but Bao’er, Ning Yue, and Gu Qingcheng were all on board the ship. He didn’t want to put their lives at risk.

If he went back there alone, there wouldn’t be as much to worry about.

“I don’t know if—” Fang Qing Yu was shocked.

“It’ll be fine.” Han Sen took the Wanjie Rubix Cube out of Fang Qing Yu’s hands. Then, he spoke to Bao’er. “Bao’er, take them farther away. I will catch up.”

After that, he took the Wanjie Rubix Cube and exited the white whale. He headed straight back for the battlefield.

With Bao’er guiding them away and the little red bird protecting them, they should be able to survive an encounter with even a deified xenogeneic. Han Sen wasn’t too worried about their safety.

And in regards to Han Sen himself, he knew he would be able to survive. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone back alone.

The clouds were rumbling. The music sounded eerie and demonic. Under the force of the sonic power, a big blue cloud was roiling and rolling away like an ocean wave. Many xenogeneics and cloud beasts, which commonly lived inside such clouds, were all scrambling away as they fled desperately for their lives.

But some of the smaller cloud beasts and xenogeneics didn’t have enough time to escape. They were killed by the sonic sounds. They died before they could leave the clouds, and their corpses were tossed along with the rolling clouds like flotsam caught by the tide.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Area and Jadeskin. He summoned all of his strength to fight back that sonic power. But even still, he could barely withstand it as he drew near to the battlefield. He felt like his head was going to get ripped open by that sole piano note.

Han Sen’s heart leaped in his chest, and he summoned a beast soul. It was an eyeball-shaped beast soul with a red pupil. It was the deified-class Blood Eye Evil God beast soul Han Sen had managed to retrieve from Du God City.

The Blood Eye Evil God’s body was the eyeball Han Sen had managed to kill as it tried to escape. The statue of a thousand hands and a thousand eyes had merely some sort of host or shell that the creature inhabited.

Mutant Deified Class Beast Soul Blood Eye Evil God: Eye-type

The beast soul flew into Han Sen’s left eye. In grew incredibly thin and formed itself into a half-sphere, then it fitted itself onto Han Sen’s left eyeball like a contact lens.

Han Sen’s left eye was veiled in red. His entire eyeball gleamed crimson, and a bloody light seemed to swirl within the orb.

The Purple-Eye Butterfly’s power lay in its ability to analyze and rewind the history of an object. The power of the Blood Eye Evil God beast soul was different.

As the bloody color deepened within Han Sen’s left eye, the red light of his pupil seemed to swirl restlessly. Suddenly, the red light poured out of Han Sen’s eye.

The blood light wrapped around Han Sen’s entire body, turning him into a bloody shadow. His face was no longer visible, and he seemed more like an unsettling absence than anything tangible. But his entire body, or what could be seen of it, was blood red.

When Han Sen became this blood shadow, everything in his vision changed.

Han Sen saw a giant cloud dragon flying far away. He could see the creature’s eyes, and he saw himself reflected in those eyes. The next second, Han Sen’s heart jumped. He leaped into those eyes.

Han Sen found himself hiding somewhere within the creature’s vision, as if he had slipped behind the reflective surface of the cloud dragon’s eyes.

Han Sen would be safe and invisible inside that space unless the eye’s reflective surface was broken. That was the only way someone could hurt him now.

Han Sen hid within the giant cloud dragon’s eye, and he turned, realizing that he could see what the dragon saw, as well.

When this giant cloud dragon’s eyes met those of another dragon, Han Sen moved. He traveled into the eyes of the second dragon.

This movement was similar to jumping from mirror to mirror. He didn’t have teleportation abilities, but he couldn’t be attacked. And furthermore, no one could see his body.

It was like Han Sen could look into a mirror, then trade places with his own reflection.

Han Sen’s entire body could teleport into the eyes of whoever he saw; rather than just assuming their vision, he was actually physically transporting himself.

But when Han Sen moved into the eyes of another being, the creature’s pupils would turn blood red. It was an obvious indicator of his presence, and it would be easy for others to spot where he was.

After doing a few more jumps, a giant cloud dragon’s eyes turned to meet Bao Qin’s eyes. Han Sen immediately teleported into the deified Extreme King’s eyes.

Han Sen’s vision became Bao Qin’s vision. Being in the man’s eyes allowed Han Sen to see what he saw.

“I jumped straight into a deified elite’s eyes?” Han Sen was ecstatic. Not even a deified elite could stop the powers of the Blood Eye Evil God beast soul. This surprised him quite a bit.

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