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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2451 - First-Person Perspective

Chapter 2451 First-Person Perspective

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Taking out the Wanjie Rubix Cube, he used it in accordance with the instructions given to him by Fang Qing Yu. He made contact with Fang Qing Yu’s step-father and streamed the video over to him.

“Treasure Identifier Elder, Mister Qing Yu’s signal is off. What do we do? The video we have is about to run out, and every station is waiting for more. If there is no more content, we won’t earn a penny. Our money will be gone, and we will have to pay fines for breaking the contract.” Cold sweat was gathering on Kevin’s forehead. Looking like an ant being held over boiling water, he looked over to the Treasure Identifier Elder.

This plan was secret. They couldn’t reveal the content. They signed a contract with different media platforms of the various high races, purchasing air time for their video footage.

Those media sources had rigid requirements for the content they put out, however. If the Thousand Treasures group couldn’t put out the content in time, they were going to lose money.

The Treasure Identifier Elder’s phone was ringing constantly. There was no need for him to look at it, because he already knew that it was his business partners that were calling.

The plan had failed. He would lose his savings, which was an acceptable loss, but there were many other people that were going to go bankrupt with him. And that wasn’t even what he was worried about the most.

“Qing Yu must know how important it is to keep the video running, but the communication has come to an end. Is he…” The Treasure Identifier Elder’s face was shifting through a variety of emotions.

Suddenly, the Wanjie Rubix Cube lit up. A new video was being streamed from Fang Qing Yu’s Rubix cube.

“There he is, and there’s the fight! Quick! Record all of this footage and get it processed immediately…” Kevin was so excited that he was screaming the instructions.

“This video is… How is he filming from that perspective?” The Treasure Identifier Elder stared at the video with wide eyes.

The video showed the fight with the demon spirit, but it seemed to be filmed from a first-person perspective. It was like the person filming was the same person who was fighting the demon spirit. Every detail was crystal clear.

Normal people couldn’t have made any sense of the raw footage; to them, it would only have looked like blurring shapes and blinding flashes of light.

The video stream of the Wanjie Rubix Cube was recorded by special equipment, and the Thousand Treasures team edited it carefully before releasing it through their media sources. They slowed it down by an order of magnitude; otherwise, most people wouldn’t have had any idea what was going on. Only someone like the Treasure Identifier Elder himself could watch the raw footage and understand what was actually happening.

“That Han Sen has bad luck! He hid inside the Tianxia System and kidnapped a few people to pull his boat. Then, he met a guy with a Wanjie Rubix Cube. Now, the Extreme King know where he is, and he won’t be able to escape.”

“Huh, they ran into a group of cloud beasts… Why did the video shut off?”

“It’s back now! What the hell? The Extreme King are fighting the cloud beasts… Holy sh*t! That’s the Sea Demon Car! The Sea Demon Car is opening…”

“Oh, d*mn… Why is it gone?”

All the media channels were playing the videos the Treasure Identifier Elder was producing, all at the same time. The display drew the attention of many viewers.

Because equipment inside the Tianxia System was usually affected by the magnetic storms, most films that came from the system were basically unwatchable. Capturing the Sea Demon Car on film would be even more difficult. Every race was drawn by this new showcase, and viewership figures skyrocketed.

Many different races populated the geno universe, and most races had at least a billion members. Some of the bigger races had tens of billions. The viewership figures ascended to a frightening sum in a very short amount of time.

But the moment that the Sea Demon Car opened, the video went dark. All of the viewers watching became furious at the tease, and it made them want to smash their viewing devices.

Because the video had been cut-off before, though, they hoped it would come back and they could continue to watch.

But then, some words appeared on the blank screen. “This content is now only accessible on a paid channel. Please enter the paid channel to view the secrets of the Sea Demon Car and the fate of the Extreme King. This is being streamed live from a massive battle in the Tianxia System. And this program is brought to you by the Hammer… Use the xenogeneic treasures of the Hammer to live a good life.”

“Motherf*cking Hammer!”

“Those money-hungry b*stards…”

Everyone across the geno universe was upset about being baited into purchasing a paid channel, but still, many nobles accepted it. They paid to watch the video and immediately switched to the new channel. They didn’t want to miss a single second of the action.

This was the first time the Sea Demon Car had been shown in such clarity and detail. Many people would have spent vast amounts of money for any scrap of information they could find on the elusive xenogeneic, but now they only had to spend a small amount for an entire video focused on the creature.

It was worth it. It was way too worth it. Real elites couldn’t care less about the cost of a single inexpensive video.

Even ordinary people could afford to watch. The paid channel cost about as much as a pack of cigarettes.

When they entered the paid mode, they saw the demon spirit exit the Sea Demon Car. Then the creature blew up the black beetle ship and engaged Bao Qin directly.

“Holy sh*t! The demon spirit is strong.”

“Overwhelming. It is scary!”

“So that’s what the creature inside the Sea Demon Car looks like. It isn’t very physically large, but it’s still quite scary to watch.”

“Huh? What’s going on? This perspective makes it look like someone is filming and fighting the demon spirit at the same time. Is Bao Qin filming this?”

“It must be Bao Qin. Who else could film from such a perspective?”

“Are the Extreme King in some sort of economic crisis? He is a deified elite of the Extreme King, and he needs to earn money by streaming? And he added some motherf*cking sponsor and advert. How desperately do they want to earn money?”

“Don’t say that! It isn’t easy to become a deified elite. While they are strong, they still require resources.”

Conversations about the video raged everywhere, and most people seemed to be complaining about Bao Qin’s behavior. The Extreme King themselves were quite shocked, and they weren’t sure about what was going on, either. They didn’t know why Bao Qin would stream this video of a battle and allow the media of all the different races to broadcast it.

A first-person perspective fight was incredibly exciting for viewers. Their blood boiled as they watched. This was a deified fight, which wasn’t something that usually allowed spectators.

If they had been anywhere near this fight in real life, they would have run away. They wouldn’t have the guts to stay and watch two godly beings fight. And even if they were ballsy enough to stay and watch, they wouldn’t have been able to see much anyway.

These videos had been edited by professionals, allowing ordinary people to understand what was going on. It also let them see just how powerful deified beings could be.

Han Sen was watching the fight through Bao Qin’s eyes. And to him, it looked even crazier.

The demon spirit was like dust on the wind. Its body was very light, and even Bao Qin’s eyes and speed could barely keep track of the xenogeneic.

Bao Qin struck repeatedly, but he only hit the places where the demon spirit had just been.

If not for the harp in Bao Qin’s hand, he would have already been killed by the demon spirit’s fist. Luckily for him, his harp was able to weaken the demon spirit’s speed and power.

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