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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2453 - The Words Engraved in the Car

Chapter 2453: The Words Engraved in the Car

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Han Sen was happy. He assumed it was some high-class geno art, but it was written in the common language of the universe. Since it was written in a language he knew, it would be easy for him to remember.

But when he looked a little closer, he realized the words weren’t a geno art. In fact, their content was confusing, almost nonsensical.

Han Sen couldn’t see where the writing began. The writing seemed to run across multiple walls of the carriage, but because the demon spirit was turning his head, Han Sen could only see the wall that was directly in front of him.

“Getting my wish by using your love. I’m so sorry. I could then make the wish again, to bring love back to life, but I would accept grand suffering. That is the reason I turned into a demon, and I was unable to continue with the relationship. I want to end this life, but it is very difficult…”

Han Sen read it all out, stopping when he reached the end of what he could see.

“Did the person who wrote this down make a wish to a god, then regret that wish? Who is the person making wishes? I cannot believe he tried to make a wish twice. Normal people only make one wish and suffer as a result, but this guy made two wishes. A wish to become a demon… Is the demon spirit the one who wrote this?” Han Sen was confused.

It was almost unthinkable, but based on what Han Sen knew, it seemed most likely that the demon spirit had been the one who wrote on the walls. Who else could have written something on the interior of the Sea Demon Car?

“It’s a shame I cannot see the full contents. If I could, I would be able to understand the cause and the consequences. If this demon spirit really is the person that the text mentions, then he must have been someone awesome before he became the demon that he is today.” As Han Sen kept thinking to himself, the demon spirit’s vision moved.

The demon spirit glanced to his left, and Han Sen followed its gaze. There was something carved on that wall as well, but the demon spirit’s vision didn’t linger on the words. It looked away quickly, and Han Sen didn’t have time to read the words.

When the demon spirit turned in a different direction, though, Han Sen made out the image of a woman.

The picture was very simple. It was only a few lines, but it was enough to draw out the figure of a long-haired woman. There was no face, but the figure alone was enough to let Han Sen know that she had been beautiful.

The demon spirit looked upon the image of the woman carved into the stone. He slowly reached out and touched the stone, but his hands were like dust. When he touched the stone, his fingers spread out like smoke.

The demon spirit continued to reach for the woman’s image, but every time he touched it, his hand disappeared in a puff of dust. And when he pulled his hands away from the stone tablet, his dust-scattered hands coalesced again.

For some reason, Han Sen felt a knot form in his throat. The scene moved him more than he had expected.

The demon spirit reached out many times, trying in vain to brush his fingers over the picture, but he eventually gave up. Instead, he just stared at the picture of the woman on the stone wall. He spaced out looking at it.

Han Sen could see there were a few small words next to that picture of a woman. When he focused, he could read what was written. “I will not age for three hundred million years, but even so, I will never be able to touch your face again.”

As Han Sen read that line of words, the sickening feeling sank deeper and deeper in his stomach. He wasn’t a fan of tragedies. But just seeing those words allowed him to understand what sort of tragedy he was looking at.

The demon spirit tipped his head to the side so he could just stare at the woman’s picture. He didn’t move, and time flowed by unnoticed. At least an hour passed in this motionless state, and the Sea Demon Car continued to more steadily forward the whole time, pulled by the giant cloud dragons that the demon spirit had summoned from the clouds.

Even if Han Sen wanted to escape, there was no way he could right now. He had no choice but to wait.

“Fortunately, I sent the little red bird with Bao’er. If the little red bird was trapped here with me, Bao’er would be in danger,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Han Sen didn’t know when the demon spirit would exit the Sea Demon Car again. Han Sen noticed that nothing he did in the demon spirit’s eyes seemed to draw its attention. So, he summoned Wan’er, who he had placed inside Destiny’s Tower.

Wan’er had been in a coma all this time, and she hadn’t woken up. Han Sen couldn’t hold her in his arms all day every day, and so, he had placed her inside Destiny’s Tower. Han Sen’s Sea of Soul hosted Destiny’s Tower, and Wan’er hadn’t turned blonde the entire time she was inside.

“If I cannot find a chance to escape, I might need Wan’er’s power.” Han Sen checked her status, and he noticed that she had recovered somewhat. Although her body was still rather weak, it wasn’t abhorrently faint like it had been. There was no chance of her suddenly giving up the ghost.

“It really was the blonde hair mode that brought her so close to death. She recovers as long as her hair stays black, but she’s healing so slowly. If this keeps going, who knows how long it might take for her to return to normal again.” Han Sen tried to send his power into her, but it didn’t seem to work. He could put his power into Wan’er’s body, but her body didn’t absorb the energy.

It was like pouring water into a cup full of holes. No matter how much power he put in, it would just leak out.

There was nothing he could do, so he put Wan’er back inside Destiny’s Tower. He used the Wanjie Rubix Cube to contact the Treasure Identifier Elder.

When the video transmission stopped for the final time, it hadn’t affected the Treasure Identifier Elder too much. They had already earned the money they needed to. Their profits might not have been maximized, but their earnings were still substantial.

Many creatures had wanted the video to keep going, but the Treasure Identifier Elder had no more footage, so they had stopped the stream.

When Han Sen contacted the Treasure Identifier Elder again, the Treasure Identifier Elder was alone in his room.

When the old man saw that it wasn’t Fang Qing Yu contacting him via the Wanjie Rubix Cube, he frowned and asked, “Where is Qing Yu?”

“Don’t worry, Treasure Identifier Elder. Qing Yu is fine, but I was separated from him. Is there a way for me to contact him and the others?” This was why Han Sen was contacting the Treasure Identifier Elder.

“The Wanjie Rubix Cube is an important possession of the Thousand Treasures. Only elder members are allowed to have them. Qing Yu’s Wanjie Rubix Cube is mine, and he only has one. If you have the Wanjie Robix Cube, there is no way to contact them while they remain in the Tianxia System.” The Treasure Identifier Elder paused and asked, “Do you know where they are? I can send people to the Tianxia System to extract them.”

Han Sen didn’t say anything. If he had been with Fang Qing Yu, he would have given their location to the Treasure Identifier Elder. But Bao’er and the others were with him, and Han Sen didn’t trust this man with their safety.

The Treasure Identifier Elder was smart. He knew what Han Sen was worried about. After a moment of thought, he said, “Actually, even if we went out to find them, I doubt that we could. The Extreme King elites and many others wish to capture you and haul you back to the Extreme King. They should be in the Tianxia System already. It is too late for a traditional search and rescue party. If you want your friends and Qing Yu to be saved, there is one other way.”

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