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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2454 - Small Island in the Clouds

Chapter 2454: Small Island in the Clouds

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“You’re saying that I should use the Wanjie Rubix Cube to leak my location?” Han Sen immediately understood what the Treasure Identifier Elder was implying.

The Treasure Identifier Elder nodded and said, “Yes. The Extreme King have come looking for you, not your companions. If you keep letting them know where you are, they won’t have any reason to conduct a general search that might endanger Qing Yu and the others.”

“I’ll think about it.” Han Sen turned off the Wanjie Rubix Cube.

What would be the point of using the Rubix cube now? He was inside the eyes of the spirit demon. If he began streaming video, people would only see the interior of the stone carriage. That wouldn’t be very helpful for anyone.

Han Sen needed to wait for a moment when a video stream would tell the Extreme King exactly where he was. Only then would it be worth turning the Rubix cube back on.

“I really, really hope that the demon spirit is planning to leave the Sea Demon Car soon. If he decides to stay in here for a few hundred years, that will be bad,” Han Sen thought morosely.

Luckily, Han Sen’s worries didn’t jinx his situation. Despite the time he spent envisioning the worst-case scenario, it didn’t come to pass. After another half-day of travel, the Sea Demon Car came to a stop.

The spirit demon finally turned its eyes away from the wall of the carriage. The creature pushed the door open and slid out.

“He’s finally out!” Han Sen was filled with happiness, but when he saw what was outside the carriage, he froze.

Before he entered the Tianxia System, Han Sen had done a lot of research about the place. He had learned that the system was filled with clouds and fog, but no planets were known to exist within it.

But as the demon spirit moved out of the carriage, Han Sen saw a giant island hanging in the clouds. The clouds surrounding them were pure white now, unlike the blue clouds that Han Sen had seen last. These fluffy white clouds looked like they belonged in an ordinary sky.

The demon spirit dropped onto the grass of the island. The fresh green grass turned to dust the moment that the demon spirit touched it. The dust rose and danced around the feet of the spirit demon, like ashes rising from a disturbed grave.

When he fought, the demon spirit moved so quickly that it looked like he was teleporting. In this place, though, he walked forward as slowly as a normal person would, heading for a mountain at the center of the island.

The small mountain wasn’t high, probably only reaching four hundred meters at its peak. Han Sen could have jumped over such a small mountain in a single leap. The demon spirit could probably have done the same with only a thought.

But instead, the demon spirit was walking up the mountain, step by step. He moved patiently, almost methodically.

“What is he trying to do?” Han Sen wondered curiously.

Although he wanted to flee, there were no creatures whose eyes he could jump into. The island was covered in grass and dotted with strange flowers, but there were no creatures to be seen.

The demon spirit left the Sea Demon Car behind without so much as a backward glance at the cloud dragons. Because of that, Han Sen couldn’t even escape by jumping into the eyes of a cloud dragon.

Since he couldn’t run, Han Sen spent his time trying to guess what the demon spirit would do on the mountain. He had too little information to come up with any truly plausible theories, though.

When the demon spirit reached the mountain’s peak, Han Sen realized that the mountaintop was flat. It was about the size of a basketball court, and there was a building standing at its center. The building had two floors, and it appeared to have been constructed out of a beautiful variety of wood.

The building was surrounded by ornately fenced gardens. The gardens were full of greenery, but they weren’t beautiful or well-kept. They were quite ugly, and only the walls that enclosed them were nice.

A wooden gate provided an opening in the fence. As they approached the gate, Han Sen saw a plank of wood stuck in the earth. Three words were written down on it: “No Love House.”

“No Love House? What does that mean?” Han Sen wondered.

The demon spirit drifted to a stop just outside the fence. The wooden door wasn’t locked, but he seemed to have decided against going into the yard. He stood outside the fence, looking toward the window on the second floor.

Han Sen thought the demon spirit might do something interesting, but he just stood there for about an hour. He didn’t move an inch.

“Purple Fight, what are you doing here? I don’t want to see you!” said a woman’s voice from the second floor. Her tone was hard and distant.

The demon spirit stayed where he was. He didn’t move, and his eyes remained locked on the second-floor window.

The woman inside the wooden house pushed open the window and looked at the demon spirit angrily. She gnashed her teeth and said, “Get lost! I don’t want to see you again; either grant me that wish or just kill me.”

Han Sen, hearing the name Purple Fight, thought it sounded very familiar. After he searched his memory, he placed the name. His eyes and mouth opened wide in shock. “This name is like a clap of thunder in my ear. One of the ten generals of Sacred was the invincible General Purple Fight.”

Han Sen had spent a lot of time researching Sacred. After his fight with the Purple-Eye Butterfly, he carefully researched each of the ten generals. Ultimately, however, he wasn’t able to learn much about them. But from the little information he had gathered, this General Purple Fight had struck him as being quite impressive.

He was invincible even when fighting alone, which earned him the nickname “the Invincible Solo.” The name perfectly captured how frightening General Purple Fight was.

There was a legend that said before Purple Fight became a general, he was an enemy of Sacred Leader. At one point, Sacred Leader himself lost in a one-on-one fight against Purple Fight. That was why Purple Fight earned the title Invincible Solo.

After that, Sacred Leader used some sort of trick to beat Purple Fight and claim ownership over him. Purple Fight became the strongest of Sacred’s ten generals.

“Is this demon spirit General Purple Fight?” Han Sen found it hard to believe.

Out of the ten generals, General Ghost Bone was the best when it came to leading armies, and Purple-Eye Butterfly was the leader of intelligence-gathering. But when it came to fighting alone, Purple Fight was the greatest.

In a one-on-one deathmatch, the leaders of the three highest races of the universe couldn’t defeat him.

The demon spirit saw the woman looking down on him, but he didn’t say a word. He merely returned her gaze.

Han Sen hesitated. He didn’t know if he should stay in the demon spirit’s eyes or make the jump into the woman’s eyes.

The woman continued to send a string of blistering invectives and insults toward Purple Fight. But the demon spirit merely looked at her without moving. He didn’t react to her words, and it was almost as if he wasn’t getting scolded at all. That made Han Sen wonder if the demon spirit wasn’t actually the Purple Fight the woman mentioned.

When that woman grew tired of yelling, the demon spirit brought out an item. It appeared in the demon spirit’s shadowy hand out of nowhere, and he carried it to the gate. He didn’t touch the wood or the fence.

When Han Sen saw the item that the demon spirit had set on the ground, his eyes brightened. It was a book. The book was made of stone, and there were seven words written upon the cover: “Shocking World Record of the Extreme King.”

“Holy sh*t! That is the Extreme King’s exclusive geno art. How did the demon spirit get ahold of it? Right, he must have gotten it from Bao Qin. Bao Qin must have had it somewhere on his person when he fought the demon spirit,” Han Sen thought.

When the woman saw the Shocking World Record of the Extreme King, she looked even more distraught. She screamed, “Purple Fight, what is the point of you bringing me all the geno arts in the world? They are meaningless to me. Either kill me or let me go!

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