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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2456 - Different Version

Chapter 2456: Different Version

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“The Shocking World Record of the Extreme King. In the beginning of the Extreme King, the sky and ground welcomed this race…” the woman said, reading the prologue in a smooth voice. She broke off, and a scornful chuckle rolled out of her throat. “Very presumptuous. He was just a slave of Sacred Leader, so how dare he say that?”

“It seems as if this woman is connected to the Sacred Leader somehow. It also looks like the Extreme King’s alpha once belonged to Sacred, maybe as a low-level servant?” Han Sen thought in surprise.

The woman continued to read the Shocking World Record, and after a while, she started to look annoyed. “I thought this would be something special, but it’s just a half-*ssed version of Sacred Leader’s blood spirit body. And this guy has the nerve to call it a king body? Very funny.”

Han Sen’s eyes widened even further. “No way. The Extreme King’s king bodies were invented by the Sacred Leader?”

The woman looked at the book in her hands with distaste, but she continued to read it all the way through. As her eyes moved along the pages, Han Sen read the entirety of the Shocking World Record with her.

Although this manuscript wasn’t the original copy, it still had the exact same contents as the original Shocking World Record. It was a very powerful and multi-faceted geno art. It had everything a person could want in it. If a member of the Extreme King had a king body of their own, they could find a skill to learn within the Shocking World Record.

“This slave stole my Geno World Speech. He was kind of smart, honestly. He combined the Geno World Speech with a blood spirit body. But the Geno World Speech and the blood spirit body were each only half-finished. No matter how they are combined, they won’t reach the final stage.” The woman had lost her interest in the Shocking World Record of the Extreme King. She placed it back on the shelf.

Han Sen was frozen, and he thought, “This woman doesn’t look too old, but she speaks as if she was alive in Sacred Leader’s day. Is such a thing possible? How has she survived for such a long time?”

“Can’t blame the slave,” the woman said with a sigh. “He couldn’t bring himself up to the Super Gene level. Even the Sacred Leader and I failed continually, and he was just a slave with a slightly abnormal amount of intelligence. His achievements were respectable, all things considered.” She proceeded to sit down on a chair.

Han Sen’s heart shook. “What the hell? Is the ‘Super Gene’ she mentioned related to the sanctuaries somehow?”

The woman glanced through her notebook in boredom. She closed it and put it back. Then she sighed again. “There are no clues to follow. I can’t figure out why The Story of Genes can’t be practiced, but lowering the practice requirements will make it impossible to generate a Super Gene. What am I supposed to do?”

Han Sen’s throat had tightened into a knot, and he wanted to scream. “The Story of Genes! She’s researching The Story of Genes? Who is this woman…?”

“Maybe the Sacred leader was correct. It’s simply impossible to determine the faults in some geno arts. We need to find a way for creatures’ genes to evolve more quickly. If we can hasten the speed at which genes evolve… But in that case, why would we need The Story of Genes? That way won’t work.” The woman shook her head tiredly.

Han Sen’s heart was like a sea tossed by a violent storm. It was full of scary waves and rattling winds.

If what the woman said was true, she might have been the person who actually created The Story of Genes. She might have had a direct connection to the Sacred Leader, and maybe she even knew him personally.

Han Sen wanted to run far away from this terrifying woman, but… He wanted to find out her secrets even more.

But he couldn’t tell what level the woman might have been. If Han Sen could, he would have liked to tie the woman up and interrogate her until he had extracted every last bit of info she had to give.

But considering that the woman might have hailed from the same era as the Sacred Leader, he shoved that thought away before it led him into doing something rash. There were too many unknowns here, but the bits and pieces he was putting together told him that if he challenged this woman, he could be in grave danger.

If she had conducted research alongside Sacred Leader and considered the Extreme King as little more than servants, her power had to be substantial.

Perhaps she wasn’t as strong as Purple Fight, but there was a high chance of her being a top-class deified. Han Sen wasn’t confident that he could take on someone like that. If he revealed himself, he might be the one getting interrogated.

Han Sen had to be patient. If the woman continued to talk to herself, she might reveal more secrets out loud.

But she didn’t talk to herself every day. Sometimes, she wouldn’t say a single word, but whenever the demon spirit paid a visit, she seemed to blow a fuse. After screaming and cursing at the demon spirit until he left, she would talk to herself for the rest of the day while she cooled off.

But she didn’t voice any more secrets. The woman spent most of her time researching The Story of Genes. She used any geno art she was able to get her hands on to test and modify it.

She tried many different methods, but none of them seemed to stick.

As the woman worked in her notebook, Han Sen could see the complete The Story of Genes. After a brief examination, he confirmed that it was truly the same geno art that he possessed.

There were some differences, though. Because this woman’s The Story of Genes had some modifications, some parts of the geno art were more advanced than Han Sen’s version.

But there weren’t many differences. Clearly, The Story of Genes had been completed a long time ago. But since practicing The Story of Genes in its original form was simply unfeasible, modifications had been required.

In addition to the original version, the woman had experimented with hundreds of altered variants of the geno art. The woman had made each version unique in some way, hoping to find a new form of the geno art that was superior to the original. None of the attempts succeeded, though. All the variants were, at the end of the day, failed experiments.

Han Sen himself had practiced The Story of Genes. When he first started attempting to use the geno art, his fitness level had been far too low to actually practice the skill. But with the help of the black crystal armor, he was eventually able to perform The Story of Genes.

Han Sen had spoken to Professor Bai Yishan about the geno art. No ordinary being could practice with The Story of Genes because the fitness requirements were too dizzying to comprehend. The only way it could be learned, supposedly, was to have a body as perfect as a god’s. Normal people had flaws in their bodies, and even minuscule flaws would make the geno art unlearnable.

Han Sen watched the woman conduct research every day. Although she wasn’t making any progress, Han Sen started to gain a much deeper understanding of The Story of Genes.

There were many things he had never fully understood in the past, but now, they had become clear.

While Han Sen was enjoying his newfound knowledge, the woman walked out of the wooden house. She went to a pool in the garden. She crouched down, and it appeared as if she was going to take a sip of the water. But when she saw her reflection, she froze.

“Oh no!” Han Sen got a shock suddenly.

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