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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2463 - World Print

Chapter 2463: World Print

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“This is really the place.” The dragon was too big to land on the island, so it circled overhead. The Extreme King man stood atop the head of the dragon, peering down at the island.

Han Sen was shocked, and he thought to himself, “The Extreme King have gotten here so quickly?”

Han Sen didn’t recognize this Extreme King man, but he immediately identified the giant dragon beneath the man’s feet. Han Sen had never seen it before, but he knew its name. It was the famous Extreme Purple Demon Dragon. It was deified, and it was a mount for the king’s brother Meng Lie.

Meng Lie was King Bai’s biological brother, and he had become deified a long time ago. He was one of the top ten elites of the Extreme King.

If even the likes of Meng Lie had come to the Tianxia System to hunt down Han Sen, that showed just how much they wanted him dead.

But Han Sen couldn’t blame the Extreme King. The king’s son had been murdered. If Han Sen didn’t pay for what he had done, then the dignity and pride of the Extreme King and King Bai would be forever tarnished.

“Han Sen! I know you are here. Do you want to come out by your own volition, or do you want me to come down there and drag you out?” Meng Lie boomed from the air, staring down at the wooden house.

Han Sen’s heart began to pound. He knew the Extreme King would come after he sent the video, but he hadn’t thought they would arrive so quickly.

Han Sen had expected the demon spirit to be nearby when the Extreme King arrived, so they would have to deal with him before they could focus on Han Sen. But in a surprising turn of events, the demon spirit had yet to appear.

“Two deifieds have come looking for you. It seems as if you’re in over your head.” The woman looked at Han Sen with interest.

Before Han Sen could answer, the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon beneath Meng Lie gathered up a sphere of dragon power. It turned itself into a being of purple fire. It was going to smite the island and turn it to ash.

The woman’s face hardened, and the light of the red lantern she was holding grew brighter. The red light covered the whole island, intercepting the purple fireball. The dragon’s attack was unable to penetrate the light.

The purple fire burned fiercely and the red light wavered, but it still managed to shield the island from the power of the fire. The purple fire was incredibly wild, but it couldn’t make it past the shield.

The Extreme Purple Demon Dragon became incredibly angry. It spat out more of that purple fire, but try as it might, it couldn’t displace the red light.

The woman was unshaken. She raised her lantern and put her hand inside it. When she pulled her hand back out of it, Han Sen saw there was a little flame flickering atop her fingers.

The woman flicked it at the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon that hovered in the sky. That small flame shot upward, rising until it hit the dragon.


Han Sen watched what looked like a nuclear bomb going off. The giant body of the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon was engulfed by a bright red sea of fire. The monster was transformed into a big, burning fireball. It squealed in pain, and its wings flapped madly as it tried to put out the fire that was ravaging it.

But the more it flapped, the more the fire burned.

Han Sen was frozen. As a fire-aligned deified xenogeneic, the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon should have been able to eat fire for breakfast. Instead, it was burning in intense pain. It was difficult to imagine how terrifying that tiny flame must have been.

The woman stood as calmly as if nothing spectacular had happened. She continued to hold the big red lantern, and she stood in front of the window, looking up at the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon and Meng Lie.

Suddenly, Han Sen saw Meng Lie roll up his sleeves. Then it was like the man turned into a black hole. The red fire on the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon was sucked into that black hole, and it all disappeared. There wasn’t even a whiff of smoke remaining.

“Meng Lie is very powerful,” Han Sen thought to himself.

“Who are you? Why are you protecting a fugitive like Han Sen?” Meng Lie stood atop the head of the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon’s head, looking down at the woman near the window. He frowned.

“This is my house,” the woman said simply. “You cannot just come here and attempt to burn it down, killing as you please.”

Meng Lie looked at the woman in the same way. “Han Sen has a deep grudge with the Extreme King. The Extreme King will make him pay with his blood. If you would grant me access to your abode, we will greatly appreciate it.”

“And what if I don’t?” The woman wasn’t pleased by Meng Lie’s tone.

Meng Lie had asked her to stay out of the way, but it had sounded more like a command. There was no room for maneuvering or negotiation.

“Then I will forge my own path. The Extreme King are here now, and no one can stop me,” Meng Lie said imperiously.

Hearing Meng Lie say that, Han Sen almost burst out laughing.

The Extreme King had enough power to suppress many races. And all of the top ten deifieds of the Extreme King were a serious threat.

But Meng Lie had just condescended to the wrong person. This woman had come from the era of the Sacred Leader. The Extreme King’s alpha had been merely a servant to a woman like this, once upon a time. And now, an heir of the Extreme King was talking down to her in such a manner. Han Sen knew what she was going to do, just judging from the man’s disrespectful tone of voice.

“The Extreme King must be really powerful. I am keen to see how you, a scion of the Extreme King, will build a path that cuts right through me,” the woman said, her voice dripping with contempt.

Meng Lie frowned. The Extreme King were one of the most famous races in the universe, and they had been for a very long time. Furthermore, Meng Lie was the brother of the king. Aside from those of the Very High or the Ancient God, no one ever dared to speak to them in such a way.

“Hmph.” Meng Lie flipped his hands out and started to push toward the island.

The hand became a big print that suddenly covered the whole shield. A hellish godlight burned from the print. It turned into an old word that read “king,” and it was infused with powers for crushing the sky and the ground.

The clouds of the Tianxia System shook because of that word. The clouds nearby were all rolling, and space was tearing and coming undone under the force of the large print. The whole area had become a dangerous maelstrom of destructive power.

In Han Sen’s eyes, it was like the whole world was being flattened by that unstoppable word. The island was going to get crushed like an egg.

“You stole the World Print, and now you have the gall to show it off here?” The woman looked up with disdain. She raised her hands, and a small print appeared on her fingers. She threw it at the big print that was coming down toward the island.

The small print and the big print collided. Weird symbols flashed across the smaller print. Han Sen couldn’t tell what the symbols meant, but the sight of them was disconcerting. It was like the universe’s destiny now resided in that little print.


The small print hit the big print. Then, the scary big print shattered. It couldn’t repel the small print.

“How is that possible?” Meng Lie’s face changed. His king print could suppress the sky and earth, and no race should have been able to stop it. But now, a much smaller print had been able to crush it. It was a sight that beggared belief.

Han Sen had used his Purple-Eye Butterfly to observe the conflict. The woman’s small print had a similar structure to the big print, but the smaller variant’s power was much denser.

They looked roughly the same, but when they ran into each other, but it was like refined steel going up against baked clay. The world shocking king print shattered. It couldn’t compare to the woman’s World Print.

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