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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2464 - Gold Soldier King Body

Chapter 2464: Gold Soldier King Body

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The small print broke the world shocking king print. And after that, it continued on its course towards Meng Lie. The print didn’t become any bigger, but it did seem like the world was becoming smaller instead, shrinking under the twisted power of the print. The influence of the print seemed to spread over everything around them.

Meng Lie’s jaw tightened. Several gold substance chains flew from his body, assembling themselves into a big hand that was poised to strike back against the little print. But the big hand broke when it came into contact with that print. All the substance chains snapped, too. It was impossible to repel the power of that small print.

Seeing that the little print was about to suppress him, Meng Lie shouted. Golden light burst from him. His body turned gold as his muscles expanded, and his armor buckled and broke as his body grew too large for it to contain.

In the next second, Meng Lie’s hand gripped the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon’s head. The gold of his body affected the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon, and the dragon began turning gold as well.

Meng Lie roared. He was holding the Extreme Purple Demon Dragon up. He lifted it, like a dancing ant holding up an elephant.

Meng Lie heaved the dragon toward the small World Print that was headed his way, and when the dragon left his hands, it became a draconic lance. It struck the small World Print, and it managed to knock the small World Print away.

Han Sen was shocked by this, and he wondered, “What kind of power is this? A deified xenogeneic turned into a lance?”

The woman looked at Meng Lie in surprise. “The weapon part of Geno World Speech used in conjunction with Bloodline Spirit Body metal element. They can be combined? It looks like these slaves have something decent in them, after all.”

“What are you talking about? This is my Extreme King’s Golden Soldier King Body. Geno World Speech? You are full of crap…” Meng Lie snarled. Then he swung the gold dragon lance at the woman.

The gold dragon lance was burning with purple dragon fire. The dragon lance’s metal slid forward, ripping the fabric of space as it appeared in front of the woman.

The woman looked at the gold dragon lance with interest. She summoned a small World Print in front of her to block the gold dragon lance.

The print was small, but as far as the lance was concerned, the print might as well have been as big as a planet. No matter how scary the lance’s dragon fire was, it was drawn magnetically to the print. The attack couldn’t go past the woman’s shield.

Meng Lie kept his grip on the heart of the gold dragon. He continued to roar and sprint forward with the gold dragon lance, thrusting it into the little World Print. The lance’s dragon firepower kept being driven into the small print spell.

“Get lost!” When Meng Lie roared, the gold dragon lance finally pierced through the small print. It exploded, and then space cracked.

The gold dragon lance roared with Meng Lie, and it shot forward toward the woman’s eyebrow.

The woman looked shocked, and she didn’t move. The raging dragon fire of the gold lance punched a hole straight through her skull.

But her body simply exploded. And then, the body of another woman appeared behind Meng Lie.

“Moon doppelganger and teleportation?” Han Sen was frozen by the sight. This was the first time he had seen another person fight like this. The woman’s moon doppelganger was a little different from Han Sen’s, but it was based on the same concept. However, the woman’s moon doppelganger was clearer, and her teleportation didn’t cause a ripple in space. It wasn’t like when Han Sen used his dragon wings and gathered up power. The woman’s enemies would have no warning that she was about to teleport. Not until she appeared behind them, at least.

“What a scary woman. If I could teleport like that, I would have a much higher chance of success when fighting strong enemies.” It had been a long time since Han Sen had made use of Break Space Flash with his dragon wings. It was still teleportation, but its range was too short and it took too long to cast. It wasn’t suitable for King class fights.

After all, the dragon wings were a mutant Marquise xenogeneic gene. It couldn’t keep up with the needs of a King class battle.

Meng Lie reacted quickly. He flipped the gold dragon lance, and the lance fire was like a roaring gold dragon as it headed for the woman behind him.


The woman’s body broke again, but she appeared next to Meng Lie, muttering to herself, “I underestimated this race of slaves. This Gold Soldier King Body is quite interesting.”

Meng Lie’s eyes were on fire. He couldn’t bear listening to her. He looked like some deranged demon god as he swung the gold dragon lance. Anything the lance touched was incinerated by the fire it carried.

The sea of clouds was vaporized, and substance chains of gold dragon fire roared across the sky.

“These deified elites are too strong. Meng Lie is forcing another deified creature to be his weapon. He’s wielding it like any other weapon. And the woman is practically fighting two deified elites.” Han Sen felt lust rise inside him as he watched the display of power. If he could gain that power and a group of deified creatures at his disposal, no one could defeat him.

Against the rampaging gold dragon lance, the woman could only use clones and her ability of teleportation to fight.

But Han Sen could still tell that the woman had some extra tricks up her sleeve. She wasn’t trying to escape; more than anything, it looked as if she was admiring his Gold Soldier King Body.

Meng Lie noticed this, too. In his fury, he sped up his attacks even more. The substance chains were like dragon fire chewing up the sky and the daytime. He wanted to grind the woman into dust.

But his efforts were futile. The woman’s teleportation capabilities were so good, it was like she had a frameshift drive installed. She shifted position so fast that it seemed like she was everywhere at once. It didn’t matter how strong Meng Lie was because he couldn’t touch a single hair upon her head.

Meng Lie was unable to touch the woman. His eyes opened wide, and he began thrusting the gold dragon lance toward the island. The lance fire became a roaring gold dragon that came for the island. It looked like one bite was all it would take to devour the entire island.

The lantern was still on the island, and it was glowing red. It protected the island, but the red light couldn’t withstand the lance’s power forever. The lance’s fire broke the red light, and the dragon fire covered the sky and the earth.

Han Sen suddenly felt very anxious. This was the power of two deified beings doing battle. Perhaps the island could withstand it, but Han Sen and the wooden house wouldn’t be able to. The wooden house held many geno arts, too, and they were at risk of being destroyed.

Han Sen wasn’t overly concerned about them, though. Having a bunch of great geno arts would be useless if he died. He turned around and started to leave the house, but the dragon fire suddenly disappeared.

He raised his head. The gold dragon lance had stopped moving. It was hanging over the island, and the woman’s bare, pale feet rested lightly atop the weapon.

“Nice timing.” Meng Lie had been unable to hit the woman, and so he had decided to strike the island instead. Now that the woman was where he wished her to be, the gold substance chains danced. The gold dragon lance was imbued with gold fire. It roared like a giant dragon, and it prepared to lash out at her.

“Gold Soldier King Body, huh? Now I understand.” The woman still stood upon the lance. She smiled faintly.

As the lance’s gold dragon fire exploded, a white light surrounded her feet. The light was contagious, and it infected the gold dragon lance. The gold dragon lance changed color, transforming into a white metal dragon lance.


The woman’s bare feet stood firmly upon the lance, and then, the white dragon lance exploded with a dragon light. It blasted Meng Lie, and he let go of the weapon.

The white dragon lance flew away from him, then spun and landed in the woman’s hands.

“Impossible! How do you have the Gold Soldier King Body?” Meng Lie stared at the woman who was holding the dragon lance. It was like he had seen a ghost.

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