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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2467 - Punch Seal King

Chapter 2467: Punch Seal King

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Although Barr was a hybrid of the Destroyed, his talents were scarier than most of the full-blooded Destroyed. On top of that, he was practically immortal. As long as his cells were not completely eradicated, he could be reborn through his remaining genes. And each time his body was obliterated, he came back stronger. He was sort of like a cockroach that never died.

Barr had already killed many half-deified people who were stronger than him on paper. Han Sen had battled him once before, but he was unable to finish the maniac off.

After the Treasure Identifier Elder received the video, the stream was distributed across all media stations. He played the video for all to see.

It wasn’t a livestream, though. It had been modified by Treasure Identifier Elder and his team before it was played across all the broadcasting networks. There was a bit of a delay so it could be processed, but most people considered it a livestream anyway.

Considering the content that the Thousand Treasures had delivered with their two most recent broadcasts, most of the broadcasting networks gave the Treasure Identifier Elder air time immediately.

There had been amazing viewership numbers for the past two broadcasts, so this video didn’t need to go through the normal approval process. In moments, the broadcast was playing on screens throughout the geno universe.

“Tago Geno Fluid—it makes you strong like the Tago! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first broadcasting station in the Tianxia System. Here is the video of Han Sen’s capture.”

The show that was on air suddenly stopped. Many people were angry, but when they saw what was playing now, their eyes widened and locked on the screen.

“Isn’t that Barr from the Destroyed? And Shadow from the Storm? And look, there is Thunder from Thundersnake. They’ve surrounded Han Sen.”

“He deserves it. He was streaming with the Wanjie Rubix Cube when he fled. He deserves to die.”

“Barr is going up to him… so powerful. No wonder Barr is so famous. The power in his strikes can destroy small planets.”

“What do you know? That’s called the ‘Destroyed godlight.’ If you get caught in a beam of that light, you or any other creature would just die.”

“You guys don’t know sh*t. The Destroyed godlight isn’t Barr’s strongest move. The amazing thing about Barr is his immortal body. He can’t be killed. Even if Han Sen does defeat Barr, Barr won’t stop coming. Plus, other elites are there as well. Han Sen won’t get away today.”

Everyone was watching and discussing the content. Barr was the most famous member of the hunting party, but the other Kings were very good too.

Especially Shadow and Thunder. They belonged to some of the less famous higher races. Still, as individuals, they weren’t weak. They could easily compete with the best geniuses of most races.

Plus, Shadow and Thunder were half-deified. That was one step greater than Barr, so in terms of power, they exceeded him.

While everyone watched this, Barr’s bone knife suddenly lunged towards Han Sen’s head. A scary Destroyed knifelight shot forward to strike Han Sen.

Han Sen jerked to the side, dodging the thrust of the bone knife and throwing a punch into Barr’s chest.

“Good hit!” Barr shouted. He then threw his left fist collide with Han Sen’s.


Two fists struck each other, releasing a powerful shockwave. The clouds rose and washed away, as if they had transformed into a tsunami.

Han Sen didn’t budge, but Barr was sent flying. When he came to a stop ten meters away, his face changed. Some sort of ice was spreading over his fist, and it moved up his arms to cover his entire body.

Barr opened his mouth to shout, but his body became a block of ice before he had the chance. Inside the ice, Barr was in that angry, roaring position. He could make no noise, though.

Han Sen shot past Barr, not even sparing a glance at his frozen opponents. He went after the other Kings.

Shadow, who was of the Storm race, came at Han Sen first. Her body was like a typhoon as she surged toward Han Sen. He couldn’t even make out her body within the chaos.

A scary storm was coming for Han Sen’s body. The wind of that storm was like a flurry of sharp weapons that could shred the fabric of space.

Han Sen’s body was cut to pieces within seconds.

“Is that all it took to bring Han Sen down?” Shadow emerged from her artificial typhoon, and after seeing Han Sen’s body in bloody bits, she laughed darkly.

The next second, though, Shadow froze. Han Sen’s shattered body disappeared into thin air. Shadow knew that was bad, but the realization came too late. Han Sen’s face appeared in front of her, and he threw a punch into her belly.


The punch that slammed into Shadow’s stomach sent her soaring through the air. Although she had the protection of wind, she was still frozen solid by Han Sen’s ice. Before her descent was complete, she was an ice sculpture.

Thunder’s jaw went slack when he saw what had happened, but he didn’t slow his approach. When he got close enough to Han Sen, he used his King area.

Thunder and lightning boomed and struck in the immediate proximity, covering all corners of the area. Han Sen was suddenly surrounded by a furious storm, and his body was drowning amidst the thunder.

Pure attacking areas were the easiest to deal with, but they were also the hardest to deal with.

Pure physical attacks were easy enough if you could block them, but if they were used against someone who was weak to their element, they could be extremely deadly. There was no middle ground against something like this. Inside the radius of that area, there was nowhere to run. Han Sen could only use his own body to fight back what came his way.

“That thunder area isn’t the strongest I’ve seen, but Thunder himself is half-deified. Han Sen, on the other hand, has only just become a King. He can’t have moved beyond the first or second tiers. Han Sen won’t last long within an area that powerful,” a King said, as he watched the video.

After he said that, though, a hole was torn straight through the thunder area. Han Sen came out from that ocean of electricity with lightning snapping and crackling all around him. It didn’t touch his body.

Han Sen was holding a spike of lightning. He ran in front of Thunder and tried to stab him with the spike.

Thunder was holding a spiral of electricity. He lifted the bolt of pure lightning to collide with Han Sen. But when the lightning touched Han Sen, it looked as if the lightning itself had actually been electrified. He almost dropped the lightning spiral.


Han Sen’s left hand punched Thunder in the chest. Thunder was immediately sent flying. His body quickly became another icy statue like the others.

In minutes, Barr, Shadow, and Thunder—three King elites—had been frozen stiff by Han Sen. They were all shocked.

The two other Kings who had come after Han Sen were shocked, as well. They were eighth or ninth-tier Kings. They weren’t as talented as Barr, or half-deified like Shadow and Thunder. If those three powerful people had already been frozen by Han Sen, they wouldn’t dare compound their mistake by trying to fight Han Sen themselves.

They turned around to run, but it was too late. Han Sen flashed by them. Both of the areas emitted by those Kings were broken, and they were turned into ice statues just like Barr and the others.

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