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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2468 - Shadow Ghost

Chapter 2468: Shadow Ghost

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While it might have taken some time to describe, in reality, the fight was over in moments. Han Sen managed to freeze two half-deifieds and three Kings in a few steps.

“Am I seeing this right? Thunder and Shadow, both of whom are half-deified, were frozen? Barr is still frozen, too. Are crystallizers really this strong?”

“This is too cool. One punch, one person. He beat two half-deified people and three Kings. No wonder he was able to murder a prince of the Extreme King.”

“Since when have the bodies of crystallizers evolved with such speed? Weren’t the crystallizers heavily reliant on technology?”

“It doesn’t seem like a pure, cold power, though. If it was so simple, Barr and Thunder wouldn’t be completely sealed in the way they are.”

The whole universe was shocked by what Han Sen had done. Sealing five powerful Kings in mere moments was an impressive feat. No one had seen that coming.

“This guy is getting stronger and stronger. I’ve got to get better myself,” Lin Feng said, upon seeing Han Sen’s fight on his phone. His eyes were sparkling as he walked toward a xenogeneic-infested mountain.

Wang Yuhang had a Gana woman in his arms at the time, and he was enjoying himself with scrumptious foods and fine wines. Back during the Geno Scroll fights, he had bet all his money on Dollar being victorious. That gamble had an enormous payoff, so now he was able to afford many of the things he wanted.

“That really p*sses me off. Out of all of us, why is Han Sen the only one who’s so famous? No… I need to do a live stream of myself. I want the rednecks of this geno universe to see how great I am by comparison,” Wang Yuhang said, as he watched Han Sen seal Barr and four other people. The girls around him were also watching Han Sen’s fight, screaming in glee with every new attack. It soured Wang Yuhang’s mood even further.

“Not bad. He’s almost entered my league. If he keeps on working hard, he might reach thirty percent of my power,” Xie Qing King said. He was wearing dark sunglasses, and he had a bottle of beer in his hand. He was focused on flying his expensive aircraft, but he also had a pen and paper next to him.

As he flew, a person’s image suddenly appeared on the ship’s monitor. It was a worker from the Thousand Treasures Alliance. After seeing Xie Qing King, he smiled and said, “Boss Xie Qing King, did you finish your third comic yet? The whole universe is waiting for the threequel to your Overbearing President Love Luv Looove saga.”

“Argh… hey… argh… what… what are you… oh… the signal is bad… argh… magnetic storm… oh no… oh no…” Xie Qing King said. Then he slammed his phone closed.

“What kind of artist would hit a deadline and hand their work in on time?” Xie Qing King took a sip of his drink and returned to watching Han Sen fight.

In the Extreme King, a ghost-like body was emerging from an empty mountain. It walked into the underworld, traveled through King’s Kingdom, and headed for the Tianxia System.

“I don’t care if you are Bai Yi or Han Sen. I’m going to beat you this time!” Bai Wuchang said to himself excitedly as he traversed the depths of space.

After Han Sen froze Barr and the other four, he intended to steal any good items they were carrying. A wave of unease washed through him, though. The smile left his face, and he hurled the Wanjie Rubix Cube away from him.

The moment Han Sen threw the Wanjie Rubix Cube, a needle-like blade materialized from the image display of the Wanjie Rubix Cube. The thin blade flew right past Han Sen’s cheek.

A black shadow followed that blade coming from the Wanjie Rubix Cube. A person grabbed the Wanjie Rubix Cube and gave Han Sen a toothy grin.

“Who are you?” Han Sen asked the weird creature that had emerged from the Wanjie Rubix Cube. A frown furrowed his brow.

The creature had the body of a human but the head of a sheep. Bat-like wings spread from his back. He had scales, and their black color glistened.

“I’m Shadow Ghost,” the weird creature said, playing with the Wanjie Rubix Cube as he spoke.

The Wanjie Rubix Cube was still active, and many of the viewers froze in their seats when they heard Shadow Ghost’s name.

Shadow Ghost came from the Pirates. Although he was only half-deified, his name struck fear into the hearts of many. Even many deified elites were wary of this being. Shadow Ghost came from a rare race, but his talents were deadly enough to strike fear into many people of the higher races.

As long as a video was being filmed in a real place, Shadow Ghost could enter that video and travel to wherever it was being filmed. That was what he did when he came out of the recording Wanjie Rubix Cube.

But that wasn’t the scariest thing about him. Once Shadow Ghost entered a video, he could reveal himself at any time without warning.

Imagine talking to your good friend or flirting with your lover, and then suddenly, a sword came out of the video chat and skewered you. Not many people could react to the threat swiftly enough to save themselves.

God only knew how many Kings or half-deifieds had been killed in such a way by Shadow Ghost. Many people were never even aware of how they died. It was pretty hard to prevent.

“Shadow Ghost is onto him. Han Sen is in danger!”

“No way. How did Han Sen react so quickly earlier? He was holding his Wanjie Rubix Cube close to his body, but he still somehow avoided Shadow Ghost’s sneak attack?”

“Yeah! Han Sen just froze five powerful enemies. After that, he should have been relaxed and off-guard. But he actually avoided the strike. Did he dodge out of instinct, or did he somehow know what was coming?”

“Either way, it’s pretty scary.”

Shadow Ghost spun the Wanjie Rubix Cube in his palm as he stared at Han Sen. He chuckled grimly. “There’s no grudge between us, and no one has directly hired me to kill you. However, the bounty being offered by the Extreme King is far too tempting. Today, I will have to trouble myself to kill you.”

Han Sen had never heard of Shadow Ghost, so he didn’t know who he was. But seeing him emerge from the video of the Wanjie Rubix Cube, Han Sen knew what sort of powers he had.

“You were unable to kill me earlier. What makes you think you can take me on now?” Han Sen asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You think that was all the power I have? Let me show you my real shadow area.” After that, Shadow Ghost pulled out another camera with his free hand. There was a loud clicking noise as the camera flashed.

Han Sen tried to dodge, but he didn’t know where the power was coming from, so he had no idea which direction to move in.

After the flash, Han Sen’s body simply disappeared. The Shadow Ghost camera displayed an image of Han Sen.

But in the picture, Han Sen was able to move and talk. It was like a laptop.

The flash had made Han Sen feel as if things were all dreamy, and that he was drifting in space. Everything around him was gray, and there was a shadow in front of him that he could barely see. That shadow was Shadow Ghost.

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