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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2471 - Murder Name

Chapter 2471: Murder Name

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“Two more hits!” Lando said, plumes of icy air flowing over his lips. He behaved as if nothing had happened at all.

“This guy is really scary, but I have only unlocked the first tier of Jadeskin. If I was also half-deified, he wouldn’t be acting so cocky.” Han Sen took two steps back and frowned.

After pausing, Han Sen had an idea. He gathered up power in his fist once more.

But this time, he didn’t punch Lando once. He cast a continuous punch, but the power was unleashed at an extremely slow speed. It was as if it was crawling like a snail.

All of a sudden, Han Sen cast countless punches. The power of each punch was like a wave, and as they swept forward, they gathered together to become a terrifying force.

As Han Sen kept attacking, the waves built up. The scary powers were multiplied. It was like a tsunami was now headed for Lando.

The sea of clouds all around was shoved out of the way by Han Sen’s waves. They created a large vacuum zone. The scary power coming for Lando was like the wind blowing through the galaxy.

Lando’s muscles tightened up. The muscles in his body were moaning with the groans of the Dragon. He didn’t attempt to avoid it. He simply endured the power unleashed by Han Sen—power that had been multiplied several times.


Han Sen’s power came down on Lando’s body, annihilating his armor. That multiplied force of the attack was mind-blowing. Lando’s King class armor was turned to dust, and the remaining fragments were scattered everywhere. They glittered around him like a cloud of tiny stars.

But when the scary power came crashing against Lando’s muscles, the blood vessels were highlighted so well that they looked like tattoos. The shockwave-like attack struck Lando’s muscles, and the attack crumbled. Lando’s body remained uninjured.

“What a powerful body.” Han Sen looked at Lando in shock. Although Han Sen hadn’t expected to defeat Lando with that hit, he expected it to send the man staggering back. He didn’t even twitch, though. That made Han Sen feel afraid.

“You only have one strike remaining.” Lando’s body was completely naked. His strong chest was emblazoned with a tattoo of a dragon. His face was impassive as he spoke.

Han Sen went silent for a bit, and then he pulled out his Thunder God Spike. “In that case, it’s time to bring out the big guns. I hope you don’t blame me later for what’s about to happen.”

The Thunder God Spike wasn’t a very destructive tool, but its paralytic power was difficult to withstand. Even a deified being would feel a blow from this weapon. No matter how strong Lando was, he couldn’t be any stronger than a deified.

Thinking of all this, Han Sen placed his power into the Thunder God Spike. Power crackled across the Thunder God Spike, bursting into waving colors like the northern lights.

“You really aren’t going to dodge this thing?” Han Sen asked, lifting the Thunder God Spike and looking at Lando.

Lando didn’t respond, but there was an obvious, albeit unspoken desire for Han Sen to just hurry up and get on with things.

Han Sen was fine with that. He lifted his Thunder God Spike, aiming it to strike Lando in the head. He knew he would be unable to crack the man’s head open, but the sheer amount of power that the spike could deliver should be enough to make Lando move.


The lightning crackling all around the Thunder God Spike connected with the side of Lando’s head, and the streaks of silver power went straight into his skull.

Lando’s head jerked back. Han Sen was so happy about this, and he thought this was sure to be the one. But Lando only moved his head. His entire body didn’t move.

Silver light streaked over Lando’s head, and white smoke streamed from his hair, but he didn’t seem to react to the hit. He straightened his neck out, and while lightning still flashed across the Thunder God Spike, it didn’t seem to bother him.

Han Sen was frozen. He couldn’t summon words to speak. His body was strong too, but even he couldn’t have endured the hit he had just dished out. Lando’s complete lack of reaction was stunning.

Lando used his fingers to touch the Thunder God Spike. He pushed it aside and said, “My body is already destroyed. There is no sensation within me. Pain, numbness, and dizziness don’t exist in my body. The numbing effect brought on by lightning is ineffective against someone like me. All that did was give me a tiny buzz of electricity.”

“I see. No wonder the Thunder God Spike didn’t work on you,” Han Sen said with a wry smile.

“Let’s go.” Lando turned around to leave.

Han Sen hesitated a moment, but he did follow. He had no plans to escape.

“You planned to keep your promise.” Lando looked at Han Sen.

“Not really. But I knew trying to escape from you would be futile.” Han Sen shrugged his shoulders.

“You are an honest man,” Lando said with surprise.

Han Sen didn’t say anything, but inside, he thought to himself, “I can’t even tell which direction we are headed. I don’t even know where Bao’er is. Running around the Tianxia System won’t solve anything. There must be many people like Lando after me. It’s best to follow him now. If I run into any trouble up ahead, he will protect me. This isn’t a bad idea for the time being.”

Han Sen followed Lando. Since the Dragon noticed that Han Sen didn’t seem likely to run off, he didn’t tie Han Sen up. They flew through the clouds in a direction that Han Sen decided to call “up,” and after a while, they saw a group of people in front of them.

“Lando!” the people screamed upon seeing Lando.

And when they saw Han Sen, they were even more shocked.

“Lando, why are you with Han Sen?” the King class leader asked Lando.

Lando ignored him and kept flying.

The King’s face reddened with the snub, but he didn’t complain to Lando.

The people that were in Lando’s way all backed off. They formed a path for him, with not one person trying to stand in his way. They knew better than that.

But Han Sen wasn’t so lucky. He tried to follow Lando, but the people circled around him, blocking his way forward. They clearly intended to take Han Sen down together.

“Lando, why are you going so fast? Come and deal with these guys. They’re starting to annoy me,” Han Sen said with disdain.

The people had been preparing to beat Han Sen up, but when they heard him say this, they seemed shocked. They glanced between Han Sen and Lando.

Han Sen had just spoken as if Lando was his subordinate.

“Don’t get in his way!” Lando commanded without even turning his head.

For the first time, Han Sen started to realize how much fear Lando inspired in the people of the geno universe. The moment he spoke, all the others backed away from Han Sen.

Han Sen just flew by one hundred Kings. They all just watched him go, not doing anything to him.

“What should we do? Why is Han Sen with Lando?” one of the Kings asked their leader with confusion.

“Huh! No matter how strong Lando is, is he stronger than a true deified? With all the people that have come to the Tianxia System, there must be someone who is stronger than Lando. If we release this nugget of news, we might be able to take advantage of the ruckus.” The leader laughed darkly.

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